Pets play an important role in our lives, and create many Impressive Memories for us too.  Capturing your furry friends is fun, and easy to do – I offer 3D life casting, jewellery & ceramics.

At Impressive Memories I can advise you on the suitability of creating memories with your furry family of pets.  I offer a range of products to suit every breed & budget.  Feel free to get in touch and find out what we can create for you, and your four legged friend.

3D life casting

A single 3D pet paw cast, mounted on marble base £65

A 3D life cast with you and your furry friend holding paws together – from £105

Bespoke orders welcome.

*If your pet has passed away, I might still be able to help…please see my Terms & Conditions for more info.

Silver Dog Noses

Did you know thasilver dog nose print charmt your dogs nose is as unique as our fingerprints?
I can gently, quickly and easily capture your dogs nose print, for you to enjoy in pure silver – for a lifetime.  I can also post a kit for you to take the prints yourself…

Make a statement piece of bespoke jewellery from your furry best friend.

All charms are fully soldered as standard. Personalised with details of your choice at no extra cost.

Small Dog Nose £65 (miniature breeds & small terriers)
Medium Dog Nose £75 (spaniels, beagles & collies)
Large Dog Nose £85 (labradors, retrievers & big doggies!!)

Order your Silver Dog Nose NOW – click HERE.

Need a necklace? No problem…I have a range of sterling silver chains from £12.


Silver Pet Charms – Paw prints

Created uniquely by hand, a pure silver charm I will capture your dogs paw print or nose print.
Beautiful worn on a necklace, bracelet or bangle, a key ring, cuff links, dog tags…proudly showing your impressive pet prints.
For truly impressive pups, you could treat them to their own silver name tag for their collar! I have even created a tiny paw print from our dwarf hamster, Dave – pic below! Sadly Dave is no longer with us, but we have his silver paw print charm to remember him x
All charms are fully soldered as standard. Engraved with details of your choice at no extra cost.

Prices start from £44.50

Available HERE.





Clay Imprints

Beautifully hand crafted, ceramic clay paw imprints.  From £25.

ceramic hand and paw imprint ceramic clay imprint paws








Ceramic Painting with DOGS!ceramic dog paw painting

Yes, you read correctly!! Your dog can explore their artistic talents too!!  Here’s my cockapoo, Farrah, pondering with her paintbrush.

Ceramic MUGS painted by your DOG!

Your pooches are always welcome to come to visit me at Impressive Memories.  Who wouldn’t want a mug painted by their pet?  I designed and painted this mug, then Farrah “helped” by painting her paw prints around the mug too…I love it!!  You can decide how much “painting” your woof does, and how much I do.

Standard mugs £15 each or two for £25

Fancy Handle mugs £17 each or two for £29

Doggy mugs £15 each


Why not commission a self portrait of your pooch, with the option of having their paw print on your mug too…instead of muddy ones on your furniture and carpets!!  I can incorporate any markings, and their features…perfect present for doggy daft drinkers x

Ceramic Clocks and Plates with DOGS!

Clocks – medium £35

Plates from £19

ceramic dog paw clock









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