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Gold Fingerprint Jewellery

Would you like fingerprint jewellery created in gold? Would you also like it not to come with a huge price tag?
Find out how…

How should your baby’s hand & foot casts be framed?

What is the best way to have your baby’s hand and foot casts framed? Are box frames safer? Find out here…

Baby Lifecasting Part 1

All you need to know about baby lifecasting. Is it safe? Cost? Options?Grab your FREE Ebook too!

Baby Hand & Foot Casting

Are you a new parent thinking about creating hand and foot casts for your baby? Find out all you need to know here.

Christmas Cast Competition

Would you like to win £100 towards a life cast of your choice this Christmas?

Back to School…

Is this their first day at school? This milestone needs to be remembered! It’s time to hold on to these memories.

Cremation Ash Jewellery

Have you considered jewellery made from cremation ashes? They can make beautiful and truly unique memories to wear and bring a lot of comfort too. Keep reading to find out more…

Family Hand Casting

Have you thought about creating a family hand cast? Read the story of David and his family making memories as he faced a terminal illness…

Making Jewellery with Locks of Hair

Do you have a precious lock of hair that you’d like to turn into a beautiful piece of unique jewellery? Find out how…

Photographing your baby

If you decide to include a photograph alongside your lifecasts – How do you choose whats best? Let these local photography experts help you…

What is a Hallmark?

I am very proud to announce that Impressive Memories now has its own officially registered Hallmark with the Edinburgh Assay Office. Read all about it here…

12 ways to clean your silver keepsake jewellery

Wouldn’t it be great if your jewellery stayed as shiny and clean as the day you bought it?
Trouble is…you also want to wear and enjoy your jewellery – and that means it’s gonna get grubby!

Here are 3 ways I recommend (and 9 that I don’t!!) to look after your keepsake jewellery – to keep it as clean and as shiny as the day you bought it.

Be your own boss

What’s it like to be your own boss? I was asked this recently by an S3 pupil learning about being an entrepreneur.

4 Reasons Not to Buy My Keepsake Jewellery

What? Really? Sounds a bit odd doesn’t it? Usually, a business would try to convince you that you simply HAD to buy their product…bombard you with adverts and reasons why you should BUY NOW…
And here’s me telling you reasons why NOT to buy from me…

Wedding Day Memories: 6 ideas to capture

I can help you create these 6 ideas that absolutely nobody else can replicate, because they are made from YOUR memories. Guaranteed to be as unique as the couple who are tying the knot.

Reframing Baby Hand & Foot Casts

Why not give your baby casts a new lease of life by reframing them? Maybe you fancy a change or your original frame has become accidentally damaged? Has your decor changed? Did baby no.2 arrive and you’d like them to match? Or you just fancy a change? Take a look here at all the options you have…

Online Shop: What’s changed and why?

A quick video guide to the changes Iv made to my online shop. A well overdue spring clean!

Mothers Day: Gift Guide

Are you looking for a gift that’s as unique and impressive as your mum? Take a look here at my Mother’s Day Gift Guide…

Customer Reviews of Memorial Jewellery

How do families feel about their memorial jewellery made at Impressive Memories? Find out here…

8 Creative and Meaningful Ways to Remember Your Loved Ones

8 Creative Ideas to capture and hold on to final memories. Could memorial jewellery, memorabilia and personalised keepsakes bring you comfort at a time of loss?

Losing My Mum

A personal blog about losing my mum and how my business helps me, and others, to cope better with bereavement.

Have you bought Impressive keepsake jewellery?

Have you ordered impressive jewellery? Could you spare five minutes to help me become even more impressive?

Giving birth in the car – Impressive!

Giving birth – In the car! Find out how baby Arianna made a dramatic entrance into the world!

Feedback: How was it for you?

Have you had 3D casts created by me? Could you spare me 5 minutes to give me some feedback?

Remembering Jak Trueman

Today I attended a fundraising event to raise awareness and money for Team Jak, remembering Jak Trueman…read about it here…

What should you consider when buying miniaturised cast jewellery?

Miniaturised Life Cast Jewellery – A Comparison Review between Artu, Wrightson & Platt and Me!

Rosy Golden Moments: Fingerprint Jewellery

Do you love Rose Gold? Be the first to find out about this new fingerprint & jewellery product…

Baby Handprint & Footprint Imprint Kits: Are they a good idea?

Are DIY baby impression cast kits a good idea or a waste of money?

Buying the Best Fingerprint & Miniprint Jewellery: What Questions Should I ask?

What Questions Should I ask before buying fingerprint and miniprint jewellery? find out here…

Fingerprint & Miniprint Jewellery FAQs

Would you like to order handmade jewellery? Grab this Ebook of FAQ’s to learn what’s best for YOU.

Motherhood and Memories: A day to celebrate.

Becoming a mum, without a doubt, is my greatest achievement. Find out why these 5 mums are Impressive…

How to take a Doggy Nose Impression

How to take an impression of your dog’s nose. If you would like jewellery made, this video will help you get the results we need.