Wedding Day Memories: 6 ideas to capture

Wedding Day Memories: 6 ideas to capture

Would you like to create tangible memories of your wedding?

Weddings – big or small, traditional or wacky, lavishly extravagant or cosy & intimate – it is a day to be remembered. However you choose to celebrate, your wedding day should be filled with Impressive Memories.

With months (possibly years) of planning, and an enormous amount of work and effort you think you have covered every possible idea to make your day absolutely perfect. No doubt you’ve spent evenings knee deep in Pinterest boards, dreaming of your perfect day.

Because let’s face it…none of us want our day to be bland or predictable. Nobody wants peach silk bridesmaids, do they? Everyone wants to have the wow factor and for their day to be remembered as being spectacular.

Fear not!! I can help you create 6 ideas that absolutely nobody else can replicate. Guaranteed to be as unique as the couple who are tying the knot…

Here are 6 personalised memories for you to incorporate into your wedding day celebrations.

#1 Bride & Groom Hand Cast

To have and to hold 

Why not create a completely personal work of art with a 3d hand cast incorporating those all-important wedding rings? You can organise this yourself or why not suggest that friends and family contribute to buy you this as a totally unique wedding gift?

Hand casting for couples starts from £135. A little bit more if you’d like to include ornate rings with stone settings.

This beautiful example was created by a couple who were first married in Serbia (the grooms home), then had a second wedding here in Fife (the brides home). The newlyweds visited my studio (between weddings) and the plan was for the cast to be hand delivered, by the father of the bride, on his next journey to Serbia.

#2 Wedding Cufflinks for the Groom

From this day forward

What more could a Groom ask for on his wedding day than to wear personalised cufflinks created from his very own son or daughter? 

Travis made these for his Daddy as a surprise gift on the morning of his mummy and daddy’s wedding day. It was quick, clean and simple for Travis to pop to my studio and have his prints taken, but means the absolute world to his parents to have their son at their wedding. Now his little hand and footprints are captured for a lifetime at the moment of such an impressive event.

Linzi Moffat

I decided to get my husband a gift for our wedding day, personalised cufflinks with my son’s hand and footprint, however, I had left it a bit late for timing but Jen made sure they would be ready on time! Her studio is beautiful! I almost cried each time I received my items from her. I cannot thank her enough and urge people to have a look on her site! She is amazing at what she does, I can’t wait to be back in her studio again one day!

#3 Your Wedding Dress on a Silver Pandora Charm

For better, for worse

Would you like to wear your wedding dress every day? Well, you can’t…because you’d look like an idiot. Imagine going on the school run wearing your wedding dress? Nipping around the supermarket? It’s not gonna happen is it?

But you could have a silver charm made with an impression of your wedding dress. You could wear it on your Pandora bracelet, on a pendant or maybe a ring? Then you COULD wear it everyday…impressive!

These aren’t in my online shop at the moment, drop me a message and I’ll help you order this charm today.

#4 Your Wedding Bouquet in a handmade silver charm

For richer, for poorer

Flowers make your wedding day bloom…ing lovely! I adore fresh flowers and, for me, they are a hugely important part any special occasion. Sadly though, flowers don’t last long – but jewellery can last a lifetime.

Do you have a favourite flower? My personal favourite flower is a lily, which is why I adore making silver fingerprint lilies.

Created from a love heart of silver and gently rolled into a lily, they have the fingerprint impression of a loved one tucked inside. It could be a guest who lived too far away and was unable to attend your wedding. Or a loved one no longer with us. Whoever you choose.

I recently made a pair of fingerprint lily earrings for a lovely lady. She was delighted with them and I think they will be a popular choice for everyone.

Maggie Gray

A truly professional job by a very caring lady. I can’t thank her enough for all her help during a very difficult time for me. I am absolutely delighted with my gorgeous items, they are unique and stunning. I definitely recommend entrusting Jen with your priceless memories. She will give you all the help and advice you want.

#5 Wedding Guest Fingerprint Plate

In sickness and in health

When you’re planning a wedding you also have to plan who will share your special day.

It might be that some guests are ill and don’t manage to spend the day with you as they’d planned. They could still be part of capturing a memory by having them create a fingerprint tree of family and friends.

They will love being part of your wedding family tree!

Each guest can add a leaf with their fingerprint and even leave a signature or a message for you both.

#6 Honouring a deceased loved one at your wedding

Until death do us part.

Your wedding day is a celebration surrounded by loved ones, sadly we may have relatives and friends who’ve passed away and can’t be there for your big day. That doesn’t mean they can’t still be part of your celebration – there are a few ways you can incorporate them into your special occasion.

I offer a range of jewellery that incorporates locks of hair, cremation ashes, fingerprints and handwriting and signatures. You can find out more about Memorial memories in a blog that I wrote here.


These are just 6 ideas to let you see how to make your wedding as unique as you are.

If you have a question about any of the items shown here or you’re left wondering…

Who can help bring my ideas to reality?

The answer is…

“I do”

And you don’t even need to get down on one knee to ask me.

Best Wishes

Jen x

Baby & Children Hand & Foot Casts: Reframing

Baby & Children Hand & Foot Casts: Reframing

Can I have my baby lifecasts reframed?

When you have casts taken and you choose a frame, it doesn’t have to stay like that forever.

  • Maybe you’ve moved house

  • Your decor has changed

  • You just fancy a change

  • Have you had a new baby and would like to update your original casts to match your new addition? No problem at all.

Another reason for reframing might be because your original frame has been damaged, or the glass may have got broken – accidents happen. (If your casts also get damaged I can help repair these too…scroll down for more information)


Fletcher had his casts taken four years ago. His frame no longer matched the decor and his little sister had now arrived so it made sense to give Fletcher an upgrade too.

This little brother (bottom right) came to have casts created just as his big brother (top right) had. Now the brothers have new matching, luxury white frames.

triple luxury white

When this little brother arrived he too wanted his casts taken, but mum didn’t want too many frames on the wall. So we reframed both into one triple aperture frame.

Standard Reframing

Offering an affordable frame that complements your casts.

Standard Single Aperture Reframing £28

Choose to reframe your casts in a standard single aperture black frame with an engraved name plaque.  £28

Can my casts be repainted?

If they are damaged I can repair the damage and repaint so it is virtually invisible. I cannot change the finish without losing the original detail.

Do I have to have the same size as original frame?

Nope.  You can change the size, style, layout…you choose x

I'd like to chat to you first, can I do that?

Of course.  Get in touch HERE or text or call 07837800353 Happy to have a chat and explain all the options available.

“Nothing’s ever quite as sweet as little tiny baby feet”

If you originally chose a single aperture frame, maybe now you’d like to upgrade to a triple aperture.

Luxury Reframing

Do you prefer a touch of luxury in life?

These frames are handmade to order by a local framer, they are of a superior quality material, and the finish sets off your very impressive casts perfectly.

The glass is stronger and more durable than the standard option – built to last.

You can choose from – Oak effect, Silver, Black, Flat White, Bevelled White and Distressed Gold. Each option can come in a Single, Double or Triple Aperture.

Luxury Single Aperture Reframing £35-£39

Luxury Oak Effect

luxury oak baby casts

Luxury Black Finish

luxury black baby casts

Luxury Silver Finish

Luxury Silver single

Luxury Flat White Finish

flat white casts framed

Upgrading or reframing to a luxury single aperture frame?

Choose from:

  • Single Silver £39
  • Single Oak Effect £35
  • Single Washed or Flat White £35
  • Single Distressed Gold £35
  • Single Black £35

Can I supply my own frame?

No sorry.  Not all frames and glass are suitable for life casts.  If you don’t see a style you like, please ask, I may be able to source what you are looking for.

Why is Silver dearer than the rest?

It costs more to make.

I'd like a style that I don't see here - can you help?

Probably yes.  Always welcome to get in touch and I’m happy to help create a bespoke frame for you.

Luxury Double Aperture Reframing £40-£45

Upgrading or reframing to a luxury double aperture frame?

Choose from:

  • Double Silver £45
  • Double Oak Effect £40
  • Double Flat or Bevelled White £40
  • Double Distressed Gold £40
  • Double Black £40

Distressed Gold

luxury double baby casts

Oak Effect

Bevelled White


Luxury Triple Aperture Reframing £49-£55

Upgrading or reframing to a luxury triple aperture frame?

Choose from:

  • Triple Silver £55
  • Triple Oak Effect £49
  • Triple White £49
  • Triple Distressed Gold £49


Oh Dear!! Accidents can happen…

If your casts become damaged I can usually fix it. PLEASE DON’T PANIC…

If any part is broken or chipped off, keep it safe.  Make a booking with me and return your casts to me and I will do what I can to repair them.  Depending on the amount of work & time involved will determine what charge there is.  Please do not attempt to fix them yourself as this can often result in making it more difficult for me to then properly fix.  Ask first…send me photos…I’m happy to advise and help.

If broken glass is involved please remove the casts from any broken glass before bringing them to me.  Talk to me before you attempt to do this.

Hope that Helps

There are loads of options for you to choose from when it comes to reframing your casts, whether through choice or necessity…I’m happy to create any of the options you see here or equally happy to discuss something unique just for you.

Use the buttons below to contact me directly, find more answers or head back to my home page.

Look forward to speaking to you again soon, have an impressive day!

Jen x

Recent Posts

Online Shop: What’s changed and why?

Online Shop: What’s changed and why?

Online Shop: What's changed and why?

I’ve been having a spring clean! I’d had so many people asking where to find this, that and the other and my answer was ‘that’s in my online shop’… the only problem was…finding it!

I have spent this week dusting and hoovering all the categories, polishing the photos and making everything much brighter, cheerier and easier to use – I hope you agree.

Here’s a quick video to show you what I’ve been up to…

Shop Categories

I’ve now arranged the items into categories that are customer friendly…

  • Fingerprint Jewellery
  • Hand & Footprint Jewellery
  • Memorial Jewellery
  • Pet Inspired Jewellery

These are the four most visited categories.

Then I’ve added new sections for ‘Locks of Hair‘ jewellery and Gift Ideas for mums and one for dads too.

If you’d like a necklace or bracelet to go with your impressive jewellery they’re all there, as well as spare kits and gift vouchers too.

What if you don’t know what you’re looking for?

Maybe you need some inspiration to find a gift, or just enjoy browsing lots of new ideas? You can do that too…all the items are listed as well as being in their categories…

How do I get back to the main shop page?

The easiest method is to go back to the original ‘Online Shop’ button at the top of the page.

What’s New?

I’ve added two new locket designs – one encapsulates your elements on the outside and the other has then tucked safely inside. A new engraving option has also been added.

There’s a new range of pendant charms. More sizes will be added soon but this dinky charm is so easy to wear. Very impressive.

A new item for the Dads is the tie pin. Great for special occasions where maybe a lost one can’t be with you on a special day, but their memory can.

All can hold locks of hair, cremation ashes or a maybe a piece of pet fur.

Signature & Handwritten Charms

Finally added my Signature and Handwriting charms online too. These charms are a great choice to capture a memory of a loved one…their very own message written just for you.

Coming Soon!

There’s more to come…Keep an eye out for two new earring designs…I can’t wait to add these to the shop too…so pretty.

fingerprint lily

Would you like to know more about ordering jewellery?

This handy ebook will help you understand what’s best for you and what to avoid when buying handmade, personalised keepsake jewellery.


Do You Use Online Shopping?

  • Do you like to buy online or do you prefer to buy from a shop?
  • What worries you most about online shopping?
  • Who do you trust? The BIG online companies or the small independent businesses?

Drop a comment below and let me know.

Have an Impressive week,

Best Wishes

Jen x

Mothers Day: Gift Guide

Mothers Day: Gift Guide

What do you buy your mum on Mother’s Day?

Flowers? Always a favourite, but they are expensive and last only a few days…Chocolates? They are always welcome, but somehow just don’t feel ‘enough’. Wine is also welcomed, but it lasts even less time than the chocolates, let alone the flowers!!

Would you like a gift that is totally unique, handmade for mum, inspired by the very person (or persons) who made her a mum in the first place?

Maybe you are a mum yourself and you’d like to ‘help’ someone choose the right gift for you – share this with them and start hinting!

 You’re in the right place!

Every mum is different and she deserves a present as unique as she is. Mums aren’t mass produced, and the gift that she’s given on the 11th March 2018 shouldn’t be either.

There is something for everyone.  Well, everyone that’s Impressive enough!

1. Gifts Under £25

Want to make an impression but not burst the bank?

Book an appointment to come along and get creative! Bring along some little hands and feet and create a gift for Mum, Gran, Aunty…YOURSELF.  No mess and stress of visiting a busy ceramic cafe. I’m here to help, guide, inspire you to create something that’s simply beautiful. I can give as much or as little to help as you wish.

Please book before Friday 2nd of March to guarantee your item is ready to collect in time for Mother’s Day.

2. Handmade Jewellery

Handmade jewellery can be made for Impressive Mums.  Distance is not a problem…all jewellery can be made by posting out a kit for you to take the prints for me. If you live nearby you can book an appointment and I can take them for you.

Please book an appointment before 25th February to guarantee your item is ready to collect in time for Mother’s Day.

Online/web orders must be placed prior to this, and all elements returned to me by the 25th February to guarantee your item is ready to be posted/collected in time for Mother’s Day.

3. Gift Vouchers

Choose a Gift Voucher and let mum be part of the creative fun!

If you’re quick you might still manage to grab an appointment as near to Mother’s Day as possible…capture a memory to treasure for a lifetime.

Vouchers can also be used for jewellery and ceramic orders. Online and at appointments too.

4. Golden Fingerprint Jewellery

If Mum prefers a golden charm to silver, this could be perfect!

  • Costs almost the same as silver.
  • Golden Moments are not a precious metal
  • Charms do not need Hallmarked.
  • They are a solid golden metal alloy NOT PLATED and will not wear off
  • All metals will tarnish – this will too – but a cleaning cloth and a gentle wipe will bring it back to its shining glory.
  • I’ll give you a free cleaning cloth!
  • It is a very robust and strong metal – it will not scratch or damage easily.
  • Golden Moments are better suited to more defined fingerprints – so toddlers through to adults, and pets too! Miniprints will suit better for babies.
Golden Star

5. Miniaturised Charms of YOUR child

Are you looking for a truly Impressive gift?

These solid Sterling Silver charms are miniaturised from your child’s hand and foot!! How awesome is that?

The price might look high, but if you investigate this style of jewellery you will find that only a handful of people in the UK can offer these, and nobody (that I am aware of) is doing them for as good a price!

These charms are made entirely by myself – I have developed my own technique that is different to the rest of the UK market.

This doesn’t mean they are only limited to my local clients because I am building a network of lifecasters who will be on hand to help create the initial lifecasts. (I need the lifecast as the first stage in creating these).

Find out more about these Impressive ‘Tiny Treasures’…with split payments, they are much more affordable than you may think, and such a talking point!

Got a question?

I’m sure you have lots of questions. Here are a few I’ve been asked recently…(click on the question to see the answer). If you’d like to know anything – just ask!

I live too far away - can I order anything?

Yes, all jewellery can be made by posting out a kit for you to take the initial prints.  You may even have hand/footprints already that I can use…best to get in touch and ask.  Call me on 07837800353 or email [email protected] 

My budget is under £25 can you help?

Yes, I have lots of ceramic options for you to create in this budget.  Take a look…

I am a mum of many...can jewellery combine more than one child?

Yes, I have lots of jewellery designs that can show off your impressive children no matter how many you have!

Do you have any gift ideas for 'mum-to-be'?

Gift Vouchers are a perfect idea! They are valid for one year, but if baby isn’t due for a while, I will add longer onto the voucher.

I've left it too late - HELP?

It’s never too late!! Why not order an item and have the print kit ready to take the impressions on Mother’s Day, then have your piece made. You waited 9 months for a baby, you can wait a fortnight for your jewellery 😉

I'm a mum to an angel, can I have anything made?

If you have ink prints or hand/footprints I can turn these into jewellery for you. The originals will come to no harm.  I also make memorial keepsakes from locks of hair and cremation ashes too.

Drop me an email if you’d like me to help [email protected]  or call for a chat on 07837800353.

My mum has passed away, could I remember her on Mother's Day?

Take a look at HERE and see if you’d like to remember your mum with any of these ideas. Drop me an email if you’d like me to help [email protected]  or call for a chat on 07837800353.

Mother's Day - 11th March 2018

If you’re a mum, a step-mum, a foster mum, an adopted mum…If you’ve been a mum, you’ll be a mum soon, or you had an awesome mum who’s now passed…

If you’re able to go and hug your mum and tell her how amazing she is on the 11th of March – do it!!

And not just on this one day, because mums never stop being mums…

Be sure to make their day Impressive and filled with Memories.

Happy Mother’s Day from me,

Jen xxx

Customer Reviews of Memorial Jewellery

Customer Reviews of Memorial Jewellery

Memorial Jewellery: Customer Reviews

I asked a selection of customers to share their memorial jewellery experience.
  • What did you hope memorial jewellery would bring you?
  • Has your jewellery fulfilled this for you?
  • Would they recommend memorial jewellery to others?
Here’s what they said…
Made in memory of Pamela’s Mum…

“I wanted something personal of my mum I could wear and it holds a very precious print. It brings me comfort knowing I have a little piece of mum with me always”

“I always, very tactfully, recommend this when I hear someone has passed away. Jen has a lovely kind nature and she was so nice that I always recommend her”

“The full process was very easy. It was dealt with very professionally but Jen showed compassion and understanding”


Made in memory of Louise’s Nanny (also my mum)…

How does your jewellery make you feel?

“Safe, grounded, weirdly happy.”

Would you recommend memorial jewellery? What advice would you offer someone in the same situation that you were?

“Do it, you never know when you need some reassurance, or during a panic attack if you feel you need them, they can be there in a way.”

“I wear mine every day without fail, and I can’t imagine not wearing it now. It keeps me sane a lot of days and it helps more than I thought a little locket ever could ❤️”


Made in memory of Hollie…

What did you hope memorial jewellery would bring you?

“Just what it says .. memories. I feel very happy to remember my pet each time I see it

What advice would you offer someone in the same situation that you were?

“I definitely recommend. My advice… ask Jen !!!”


Made in memory of my Mum, for my sister…

How does your jewellery make you feel?

“Happy and closer to Mum”

Would you recommend memorial jewellery? What advice would you offer someone in the same situation that you were?

“To definitely have jewellery made. The comfort it brings is amazing.”


hand writing signature in silver
Made in memory of Miquela’s Dad…

“There are no words to describe how my jewellery makes me feel, all I know is when I feel down or lost I hold onto it knowing that it’s a part of my Dad. I’d say it gives me a lot of comfort on the days I struggle without him to be able to see his own handwriting with the words ‘lots of love dad’ knowing how much he did love me makes me smile xx”

“I’d definitely recommend memorial jewellery. I’d say go for it you will be surprised how much comfort one small bit jewellery can help with the grieving process of losing a loved one. And to know you can carry them with you where ever you go in life while you’re making new impressive memories they will be with you always x”

“I’d like to thank Jen for her amazing work. Without her I wouldn’t have a part of my dad with me each day I’ll be forever grateful for what you have managed to do for me thank you soooo much xx”


Made in memory of Michelle’s sister…

“I wanted to bring a lost loved one near, From start to completion, everything went fine Jen is absolutely lovely which helps”

What advice would you offer someone in the same situation that you were?

“Just go and get it done”


Which memorial jewellery is most popular?

This graph shows that fingerprint jewellery is still by far the most popular choice, followed by making jewellery to remember our pets…

Which would you choose?

Made in memory of Lara…
“I wasn’t aware that memorial jewellery for pets was a possibility until I found impressive memories.”

“I had hoped that my memorial jewellery would bring me comfort and a lasting memory of my girl. Having my memorial jewellery has brought me the comfort that I had hoped for. I now have a tangible lasting memory of my girl that I can keep forever.

“Yes, I would recommend getting memorial jewellery. I only wish that I had found out about this service before my other girl passed away. This is by far one of the best things that you could ever do to preserve your pet’s memory. I love being able to hold and touch my girl’s nose. I am now left with a beautiful lasting memory.”


Made in memory of James…

“I feel as if part of him is still with me. I would highly recommend memorial jewellery and always ask the funeral director if they have a leaflet for the service. Jen gave our funeral director leaflets just a few days before we asked.”

“I think Jen showed so much compassion and passion for her work. I felt I was with a friend, not just someone who makes jewellery. We shared tears and laughter the day I collected our pendants. As difficult as it was at the time I’m truly grateful to Jen, I spend so much time feeling my son’s actual fingerprint that I’m surprised it hasn’t worn off. It’s still as good as new though. Thanks Jen x”


memorial miniprint silver jewellery
Made in memory of Danielle’s brother’s baby, born sleeping…
“A precious keepsake – I would recommend memorial jewellery as it is a way of remembering someone and being able to carry them with you, something to always look upon”
dog memorial engraved jewellery
Made in memory of Zeus…

How does your jewellery make you feel?

“DO IT, but do it when the time is not of the essence so you have time to think about what you would like and time to make them happen too.”

“The two purchases so far have made the grieving process easier for sure. I’m fairly certain he has no clue, as I do believe once we die we are dead, but it gives me such comfort to know parts of him are still near and not only is he in my thoughts but I can ‘prove’ my enduring love by the items I own/wear. Never forgotten. Always in my head & heart.”


cancer ribbon with fingerprints
Made in memory of Jak…

How does your jewellery make you feel?

“Close to my son and daughter”

Would you recommend memorial jewellery? What advice would you offer someone in the same situation that you were?

“Yes and definitely go for it”

“Jen, you are very special to us I love my Fingerprint necklaces and charms thanku xxx”


Made in memory of Vicky’s Mum…

“It makes me feel bittersweet, it’s so personal and I feel like she’s always with me, yet I’ll never see her again. This necklace is so very precious to me and always will be”

“I absolutely would recommend memorial jewellery, it’s a unique piece of jewellery and so personal to the wearer, it’s a constant part of a lost loved one that can be taken everywhere easily and discreetly if so wanted. Many people have commented on mine and I feel privileged to have something so special”

“At such a difficult time it’s easy to get lost in all the grief and emotion, you can hear what people around you are saying but it gives you no comfort. In a heartbeat, your world has been turned upside down. I always knew I wanted something to make me feel close to my mum when she died. Jen’s work was highly recommended to me by the funeral director – and for good cause. The craftsmanship is excellent. But for me, it’s more than that. Jen took the time to find out what I wanted, was patient and caring when she took my mums fingerprints. She listened and advised, not just on the jewellery, but also what I was going through, having recently been through the same experience of losing her mum suddenly. I truly am grateful for my necklace but also to have found someone so caring like Jen has been an added bonus”


Interested to know more?

I’m sure you still have questions about having jewellery made…you’ll find lots of answers here in this FREE EBook. If you’d like to ask me directly…

Contact me HERE

8 Creative and Meaningful Ways to Remember Your Loved Ones

8 Creative and Meaningful Ways to Remember Your Loved Ones

8 Creative and Meaningful Ways to Remember Your Loved Ones

A memory is never more precious than when we face losing a loved one.

Bereavement, whether it’s been an expected or untimely departure, is a difficult process. One of our biggest fears might be that we forget them. What if I forget what they looked like? The sound of their voice? The smell of their clothes? Their laugh?

We have to accept that they’ve gone, but that doesn’t mean they will ever be forgotten.

Creating personalised memorabilia can help bring comfort and remember the legacy of the person they commemorate.

How Can I help?

  • Would you like to know how I can help you capture and hold on to final memories?
  • Do you want to know what can be captured?
  • Have you lost someone in the past and thought it was now too late?

If you answered ‘Yes’ to any of those questions – keep reading.

8 Creative Memorial Ideas

  1. Lifecasting
  2. Miniaturised Casts
  3. Fingerprint Jewellery
  4. Hand & Footprint Jewellery
  5. Locks of Hair Memorabilia
  6. Cremation Ash Memorabilia
  7. Signature & Handwriting Jewellery
  8. Tattoos
angel feet cast
couple hand clasp


You probably knew I did lifecasting, but you maybe didn’t know I regularly help families who have suffered a loss.

3D lifecasting is the art of moulding an exact replica of ourselves – usually our hands.  I capture and create a stunning piece of unique artwork, and let you cherish and hold onto a loved one’s hand after they have left us.

The name may suggest that life is needed but this art can still be done under certain circumstances after people pass away. Timing is vital for this to happen – early arrangements must be made to enable this option to be viable.

If circumstances allow you may be able to hold hands with your loved one or have them cast individually.

  • Can this be done prior to a person passing away? Yes.
  • How much will it cost? Approx £200+
  • Are there time limitations for this to be feasible? Yes, please speak to me before the person passes away, or within hours of them passing.
  • Are there location limitations – Yes. This requires me to meet with the deceased in person.  
  • Can this be offered for pets? Yes.
miniaturised hand and foot charm
Miniaturised Casts
miniature 3d lifecast charms

Miniaturised Casts

Once you’ve had a 3D cast created you then have the option to miniaturise this into a sterling silver piece of unique jewellery. Handmade by me. (Can also be done for pets that pass away)

  • Can this be done prior to a person passing away? Yes.
  • How much will it cost? From £300+
  • Are there time limitations for this to be feasible? No, not if the casts are already taken. Yes, if the casts still need to be taken.
  • Are there location limitations? If you need me to take the casts, yes. If you have casts made already by another lifecaster, No.
  • Can this be offered for pets? Yes.
fingerprint teardrops

Fingerprint Jewellery

When we lose a loved one, we long to keep a hold of them forever.  By creating a fingerprint charm you can keep a cherished imprint from them and wear them with you forever.

I wrote a blog recently on my own experience with capturing fingerprints after we lose a loved one, you can read it here.

Fingerprint jewellery is a subtle and unique way to remember a person that we’ve lost. It can be done after a person dies, it is a non-invasive, gentle and quick process. The prints can be used now and repeatedly in the future with my methods of capturing them.

There is more information here if you’d like to create fingerprint jewellery. (Can also be done for pets that pass away – a paw pad or nose impression can be done)

  • Can this be done prior to a person passing away? Yes.
  • How much will it cost? From £45+
  • Are there time limitations for this to be feasible? Possibly. Each case is unique but most people (and pets) are able to have impressions taken prior to the funeral.
  • Are there location limitations? No. A kit can be posted with all you need to capture the fingerprint impression.
  • Can this be offered for pets? An impression of the nose can be taken.
miniprint rings
Silver plated standard key ring
heart bead multi 5

Hand & Footprint Jewellery (Paws too)

This style of jewellery lets you take a print from the hand or foot and shrink it down in size and imprint it onto jewellery. It can be done using a simple ink pad and paper but this is messy and leaves the hands and feet stained. There are much better options available that give a high definition print of the person you’re remembering which are clean and easy to do.

Having these images lets you create a range of jewellery ideas, imprinting into the silver or engraving metals.(Can also be done for pets that pass away)

  • Can this be done prior to a person passing away? Yes.
  • How much will it cost? From £55+
  • Are there time limitations for this to be feasible? Possibly. Each case is unique but most people (and pets) are able to have prints taken prior to the funeral.
  • Are there location limitations? No. A kit can be posted with all you need to capture the hand/foot/paw print.
  • Can this be offered for pets? Yes.
Capture a lock of precious hair, first curl or memorial piece and hold onto it for a lifetime of memories.
locket of hair
lock of hair tiepin

Locks of Hair Memorabilia

Hair collecting is not a new idea, it began with the Victorians. Hair was a symbol of femininity and seen as a precious memento. It was popular before photography was widely available and more intimate than a memento of handwriting, a lock of hair was the ultimate connection with its owner.

Keeping a lock of hair in a locket or charm is a subtle way to hold onto a memory. I will be updating my website very soon with many new ideas – watch this space!

  • Can this be done prior to a person passing away? Yes.
  • How much will it cost? From £45+
  • Are there time limitations for this to be feasible? No, so long as you have a lock of hair.
  • Are there location limitations? No.
  • Can this be offered for pets? Yes.
cremation ash in locket
cremation ash ring
cremation ash locket

Cremation Ash Memorabilia

Incorporating cremation ashes into charms is becoming a popular jewellery option. It can create a beautiful lasting tribute after we’ve lost a loved one. The ashes can be encapsulated within glass or resin to create a unique piece of jewellery.

As with hair I offer a varied range of items and will also be adding these to my website shop too.

  • Can this be done prior to a person passing away? No.
  • How much will it cost? From £45+
  • Are there time limitations for this to be feasible? No, so long as you have the ashes.
  • Are there location limitations? No.
  • Can this be offered for pets? Yes.

Did you know YOU could become a Diamond?

Hair and cremation ash can also be used to create a manmade diamond…this isn’t something I can do, but it is possible…this video shows you how.

hand writing signature in silver
signature for charm

Signature and Handwriting Jewellery (Drawings too)

Sometimes circumstances just don’t allow for any of the previous options to be created. Did you know I can take a persons signature or handwriting and create you a charm with their writing?

It’s like wearing a message from the person, for a lifetime. A handwritten letter, birthday card or note. This can also be done with drawings or doodles. The original won’t be damaged in any way. Such a lovely way to add a personal touch to a charm.

  • Can this be done prior to a person passing away? Yes.
  • How much will it cost? From £55+
  • Are there time limitations for this to be feasible? No.
  • Are there location limitations? No.
  • Can this be offered for pets? If your dog can sign his name…Yes!


No, before you ask, I am not a tattooist! But I can help you create the image you need to take to a tattooist if this is something you’d like to do. The process is the same as I use for creating the hand/foot/paw prints for jewellery, and I’m happy to help you capture these. (Please note these images are not mine. To find the image source/artist/photographer please click the image)

  • Can this be done prior to a person passing away? Yes.
  • How much will it cost? The kit costs £10
  • Are there time limitations for this to be feasible? Possibly. Each case is unique but most people (and pets) are able to have prints taken prior to the funeral.
  • Are there location limitations? No.
  • Can this be offered for pets? Yes.


Memories don’t have to fade and they don’t need to live in dusty boxes of old photographs stuffed in a cupboard. Losing a loved one certainly doesn’t mean we forget about them…on the contrary.

These 8 ideas are to inspire you to hold on to what is so Impressive about those that mean the most to us. To remember them, keep them near to us in our thoughts and touch & hold on to our memories today, and every day.

If you’d like to get in touch I’m happy to chat through any questions or queries you might have. My contact details are at the bottom of my website.

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Losing My Mum

Losing My Mum

Losing My Mum

At the end of July, my life changed, and not for the better…I lost my mum very suddenly.

No warnings. No health scares. No hospitals. Just gone – leaving behind a lifetime of memories.

Today is day 171. Some days it still feels like yesterday, I’ll tell someone “I just lost my mum”, the next minute it feels like an eternity since I could lift the phone and ask her a simple question. Grief is hard. It’s suddenly becoming part of a club you never asked to join. Similar to giving birth – nobody ever tells you the real truth about that either, and grief is very similar. At least when you give birth they offer drugs, and when the pain goes you have a beautiful baby. There’s nothing very beautiful about grief.


My passion (obsession) is capturing memories. Recognising the tiniest of moments and holding on to an emotion and memory…it’s my tagline after all – I make memories tangible! I see people celebrate the happiest moments and I also capture some of their saddest. Now it was my turn. I’ve no idea why I hadn’t even contemplated the thought of losing a parent, but I hadn’t. Having spent many years helping families capture their final memories, now it was time to switch roles…the teacher just became the student.

Every snowflake that has ever fallen and ever will is unique, one of a kind and our fingerprints are too. They form while we’re in the womb and are one of the few parts of ourselves that never change throughout our lives. Some people believe your fingerprints can even reveal your personality. Impressive right?


But these weren’t just fingerprints. These hands had held me since I was born, picked me up when I fell, gripped me tightly to cross over roads. They’d waved me off to school, and hugged me when I got home. They’d taught me to bake, sew, knit, decorate, draw, cook and write. I’m sure they were clenched as I drove off in my first car, and I recollect them skelping me for being cheeky once in a while too. They’d clapped for me as I graduated, and they always pushed me forward in whatever I chose to do. Without those hands, I couldn’t and wouldn’t be the mum I am today. Those same hands that taught me, were there for my daughter too, every step of the way. All too suddenly our snowflake was gone.

I didn’t want it to feel like work…

I worried that I would treat this like work, and I didn’t want this to feel like I was ‘working’…this was my mum. These were MY memories. I knew exactly what I needed to do. I’d done it many times before for others, but now it was time to do this for me.

What Would I Make?

I knew I wanted to make myself fingerprint jewellery. I’ve made fingerprint memorial jewellery for many people over the years and they always told me it brought them comfort…I sure as hell needed some of that! I have lots of favourite pieces I make, but I wanted this to be different.

I am very lucky to still have my Nana. My mums mum, now 96 (very nearly 97) and an absolute inspiration and gem of a human being. It does feel totally wrong that nature didn’t follow the expected path, but we can’t change that…nor would I want it to. Losing your mum is horrendous, but for a mum to lose her child is just incomprehensible – no matter what age you are, you never expect to outlive your children.  

I decided I wanted to make myself a necklace with Nana, Mum, myself and my daughter Erin. Four generations of amazing ladies, four fingerprints that bond us together. Each of us unique quietly determined and forever connected.

fingerprint teardrops

My Necklace

We each have our own teardrop with our own prints. Nana is largest and we all follow after her.

I made it within days of mum passing and I haven’t taken it off since (I’m not sure I ever will). The comfort it brings is hard to describe, but it has without a doubt helped me.

When I panic and think ‘fuck my mum’s died’  (which happens a lot by the way…in the strangest of places and at the most awkward of moments. Another joy of grief that I never knew about…) my necklace actually helps calms me down again. It reminds me that there’s always a little part of her with me, she is still here beside me, and I know she would want me to keep going.

What does all this have to do with my business – Impressive Memories?

I have a much clearer understanding now than I ever did about what happens when we lose a loved one.  I genuinely had no idea about the amount of work involved. It is physically and mentally exhausting and you’re expected to make so many important decisions.

It is easy to see why capturing a memory like a fingerprint might be forgotten or missed.

My mission now is to help as many people as possible. So many times I’ve been told that families wished they had known this was possible, but nobody told them…so, it’s time to let people know.

What I’d like to do –

  • Help raise awareness of the variety of memorial work that can be done
  • Offer the best advice to help families make the choices that are right for them now and in the future
  • Make the process as straightforward for grieving families as possible

I know grief makes your head fuzzy and just functioning feels virtually impossible…but if you can, please consider capturing all that you can. You might never need or want to use these for anything more than a memory box but it’s better to give yourself every opportunity that you can.

Don’t ever be left wishing you had. I am so glad I did.

What’s Next?

Over the coming weeks, I will be sharing ideas and suggestions of how to capture memories before and after we lose loved ones. Don’t worry…it won’t be all sad and gloomy…far from it. This is about celebrating and recognising awesome and impressive people!

As well as giving me a lifetime of memories to hold onto, my mum also gave me the strength and tenacity to always keep going…which is exactly what I’ve been doing, as best I can, since the day she left us.

Already I’ve been inspired to design a new range of memorial jewellery which I hope to launch in springtime – they’re all being road tested just now, and I look forward to sharing them in the coming weeks. If you like the teardrop necklace I designed for myself it will be available soon too in different shapes and sizes…more about that later…that’s another exciting development that’s happening in 2018!

I’d like to thank each and every person who has been patient, understanding and incredibly kind to me over the last few weeks and months.

Finally, I want to thank my mum for being the most Impressive Mum I could ever have asked for.

Love Jen x

Have you bought Impressive keepsake jewellery?

Have you bought Impressive keepsake jewellery?

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I’m a big fan of Peter Kay. Have you seen his sketch about being out for a meal in a restaurant and thinking the food is below average? I bet we’ve all experienced that –  sadly. But when the waiter asks “Is everything OK?” everyone smiles politely and says it’s great…Why do we do that? You can enjoy the clip below…

When I ask for feedback it certainly isn’t for flattery. I genuinely need to know what customers are thinking and feeling.

  • What could I improve?
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5 minutes…Honestly…CLICK THIS…

Giving birth in the car – Impressive!

Giving birth in the car – Impressive!

Mum gave birth in the car – Dad driving and three kids in the back seat…Impressive!

Back in February, I got a message from Anna. I had cast her three boys almost three years ago and it was lovely news to hear that baby number four, A GIRL! Was due at the end of April.

We started to plan her expected baby’s casts while she was just a bump.

All we needed now was a baby!  I remember jokingly suggesting it would be good if she arrived early. Little did we know then, that this little lady planned to make a fairly impressive entrance into the world!

Anna told me “It all began on Thursday 13th April 2017…It happened so suddenly & was a bit of a surprise to us ALL!”

Here’s what happened…told by Impressive mum Anna…

Baby Arianna's Impressive Arrival

I was 38 weeks & 3 days pregnant with my 4th Baby…A GIRL. At roughly 3:30 pm I had woken up from a nap (pregnancy just drains it out of you growing this wonderful human). I had woken up with slight pains, bearable but definitely felt like it was going to progress into labour at some point – just not as soon as I was planning.

My husband was at work (he is a bus driver) & his break was coming up. He called about 3:50pm while these pains were much stronger & getting closer together. I advised my husband to ask his boss if he could come home ASAP as I had a feeling I was going to go into labour in a few hours, & this was the start of things. He was due to drive to Edinburgh after his break so that wasn’t a good idea, in case he missed the birth.

It was now 4:20pm (30mins after our phone call) & my husband still was not home. By this point, I was in A LOT of pain. I ran myself a bath to see if that would help ease the discomfort. The contractions were pretty close together & getting unbearable. Whilst my bath was running I finally got a message at 4:36pm to say he was on his way home & that his boss got his shift covered for the rest of the day. So I jumped in the bath & I got my “contraction timer app” out to time my pains/contractions & they were already 2-3mins apart!!!

By this point I couldn’t move with the pain & the bath was just not helping one bit. My husband walked through the door at 4:45pm to find me in the bath in a lot of pain so he got straight on the phone to Victoria Hospital to get advice. They told us to come in straight away & that they’d have a room ready for us.

I struggled to get out the bath because of how close & painful my contractions were but I finally got out & luckily I put on a MAXI DRESS with no pants lol. I wasn’t thinking about underwear at this point! I grabbed the first thing I could find & it was a dress.

My husband got my other 3 children in the back of the car plus my hospital bag whilst I was getting my dress & shoes on.

The “plan” was to drop my other children off at my mother’s house before heading to Victoria Hospital but it didn’t quite go to plan…

Once in the car at 5:05pm we headed straight to Kirkcaldy from Methil & whilst my husband was driving on the Standing Stane Road, I couldn’t take the pain anymore & I was screaming. My poor children in the back were scared but we just reassured them that mummy was in A LOT of pain as their baby sister was on her way. I tried to keep calm as I could but it was hard especially for what was going to happen next…

Half way down the Standing Stane Road I felt the urge to PUSH!!! My Husband begged me not to, but my body wanted to. I did my first push in the car as we hit the caravan site at the roundabout. I told him to lift my dress up as I needed to PUSH AGAIN & I could feel her coming out.

I did my 2nd PUSH & her HEAD was out all I kept saying was “HER HEADS OUT, HER HEADS OUT OMG OMG OMG”.

He panicked. At the 2nd roundabout he pulled up outside the Cash & Carry/the Test Center & jumped straight out the car and phoned the Ambulance Center.

Whilst he was on the phone to them I did my 3rd & final PUSH & my baby girl came out completely & was born at 5:13pm.

Luckily my husband had already phoned the ambulance as my Baby Girl was born in her SAC & the cord was wrapped around her neck. We couldn’t get to her as she was under my bum on the seat. The ambulance arrived 2mins after my husband had made the call & they burst the rest of her AMNIOTIC SAC & got the cord off her neck and placed her under my Maxi Dress onto my chest.

After all this commotion I still managed to grab my phone & take a picture of my Princess hehe.

**You can see the image below. It is quite graphic so it is hidden – just click the tab to reveal the photo. It is remarkable, but may not be something you wish to see. If you are squeamish please DO NOT VIEW.**

During all this my 3 Boys were in the back seat of the car and witnessed their little sister enter the World in a very Dramatic and unforgettably fast entrance. My Oldest Son started crying once he heard his wee sisters first cry. My husband was in a state himself as he didn’t know what had just happened and i was just relieved to have my baby girl safe & well on my chest.

I got taken to Victoria Hospital in the Ambulance whilst my husband took the children to my mothers & he came to the hospital once he’d made sure they were all OK & fine.

Arianna weighed 8lb 10oz & was 11 days early with 40 mins from the 1st unbearable contraction to her birth!

Capturing Impressive Memories

Did you know I offer a reminder service to pregnant mums? It lets expectant mums plan ahead.  I help them know when they should start to think about making their booking, how to reschedule if baby arrives early or late, and lets you plan your casts before baby arrives. It’s one less thing to think about after baby is born and you are extremely busy (and have less time to be online, because new babies are quite time consuming!!) If you’d like to do this, just drop me a message

We were all prepared (or so we thought).

Anna fancied reframing the boy’s casts so we discussed the new frame options I now offered, and how we could update the boy’s frame, and make it match their baby sister when she arrived.

I offer several different frames but Anna was looking for something different. That wasn’t a problem. We designed and planned a bespoke frame and totally unique design for her babies.

I knew what was best for her casts and she knew what worked best for their home.

Together we planned these absolutely gorgeous frames for their casts, and this week they will head home to be adored for a lifetime.

I think we’d all agree that baby Arianna and all three of her big brothers are very Impressive – but the real hero in this story is their truly amazing mum, Anna. Giving birth is never an easy task but to manage to remain calm under these circumstances, with three young children watching, shows that this mum is quite simply outstanding! Not sure I’d have managed to do it! And I never want to find out!! Could you have done it?


Creating 3D lifecasts of new arrivals and siblings is an amazing way to capture a moment. Often children will remember the arrival of a new baby, but they might not remember what they looked like at the time.

Looking back on a family heirloom means the whole family can share, touch and feel the moment – forever.

If you’d like to learn more about lifecasting you can download my eBook HERE or click the image below.

How was YOUR experience of giving birth?

Did you give birth somewhere bizarre? Did you have a birth plan? What happened? I’d love to know…comment below and share YOUR Impressive story…

Finally, a HUGE thank you to Anna for sharing her birth story and allowing me to publish it here. You truly are a Very Impressive Mum. xxx

Feedback: How was it for you?

Feedback: How was it for you?

How am I Doing?

Would you be able to help? Have I created a 3D Cast order for you recently, or in the past?

Could you take 5 mins to complete an online feedback form?

Why am I asking for feedback?

That’s easy. I want to make YOUR experience even better! It’s not just about how I think things are going…it’s important to know what YOU think. Was there anything that could be explained better? Could my website be easier to find the answers that you need? Was my coffee crap?

What I don’t need

Asking for feedback is not about asking for flattering comments and being told I’m amazing (feel free to do that too of course). You might be a little surprised to read the questions that are in the form, but they are relevant to what I am aiming to do with my business, and the responses I get will help with this.

It should only take 5 minutes! I’m not fussy about spelling mistakes or punctuation. All questions are completely optional but the more you can tell me the more it will help. None of this will be shared without your permission, and most of it is purely for my own research and development.

If you can give me 5 minutes of your time, I’d be Impressively grateful.

Click HERE to complete the Feedback Form.

One of my favourite clips from 'The Office'...