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Wedding Day Memories: 6 ideas to capture

By Jennifer Morrison | Feb 28, 2018

I can help you create these 6 ideas that absolutely nobody else can replicate, because they are made from YOUR memories. Guaranteed to be as unique as the couple who are tying the knot.

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Reframing Baby Hand & Foot Casts

By Jennifer Morrison | Feb 20, 2018

Why not give your baby casts a new lease of life by reframing them? Maybe you fancy a change or your original frame has become accidentally damaged? Has your decor changed? Did baby no.2 arrive and you’d like them to match? Or you just fancy a change? Take a look here at all the options you have…

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Online Shop: What’s changed and why?

By Jennifer Morrison | Feb 15, 2018

A quick video guide to the changes Iv made to my online shop. A well overdue spring clean!

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Mothers Day: Gift Guide

By Jennifer Morrison | Feb 6, 2018

Are you looking for a gift that’s as unique and impressive as your mum? Take a look here at my Mother’s Day Gift Guide…

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Customer Reviews of Memorial Jewellery

By Jennifer Morrison | Jan 31, 2018

How do families feel about their memorial jewellery made at Impressive Memories? Find out here…

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8 Creative and Meaningful Ways to Remember Your Loved Ones

By Jennifer Morrison | Jan 24, 2018

8 Creative Ideas to capture and hold on to final memories. Could memorial jewellery, memorabilia and personalised keepsakes bring you comfort at a time of loss?

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Losing My Mum

By Jennifer Morrison | Jan 15, 2018

A personal blog about losing my mum and how my business helps me, and others, to cope better with bereavement.

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Have you bought Impressive keepsake jewellery?

By Jennifer Morrison | Jun 4, 2017

Have you ordered impressive jewellery? Could you spare five minutes to help me become even more impressive?

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Giving birth in the car – Impressive!

By Jennifer Morrison | May 21, 2017

Giving birth – In the car! Find out how baby Arianna made a dramatic entrance into the world!

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