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Life Casting Mistakes – Top 10 tips to avoid heartache

By Jennifer Morrison | Jun 13, 2016

Top 10 life casting mistakes & how YOU can avoid paying for them. Emotionally & Financially. Impressive Memories prides itself on T.H.I.S. Transparency Honesty Integrity & Skill “I am on a mission to help YOU understand the decisions you need to make, before choosing a life caster. Finding the right person to capture YOUR Impressive Memories”  THIS… Teach what you, the customer, needs to know. How to avoid paying for mistakes – it can be heartbreaking & an expensive mistake. Insight into what to look for & the questions to ask. Satisfaction & a beautiful keepsake that will last a lifetime.     Life casting is my absolute passion – some might say I’m obsessed, I’d wholeheartedly agree. I first discovered life casting back in 2003 when I had my daughter and I invested in a kit to create casts at home. The kit promised me that I’d “create 3 immaculate castings from the comfort of your own home”. The result I got? Three lumps of plaster with things that looked vaguely like toes! Two fingers on a hand One large dent in my bank account I was left disappointed I had expected to see my baby’s beautiful wrinkly toes and her tiny fingernails. I was artistic, I’d watched the instruction video (twice), I had higher expectationsRead more

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Thinking about having Jewellery made?

By Jennifer Morrison | Jan 24, 2016

Thinking about having Jewellery made? What should you consider? Investing in personalised, bespoke jewellery is exciting.  Capturing your impressive memories in a piece of jewellery is even better if you understand a little bit about what you are creating.  Getting the results you dream of, and a beautiful, hand made and precious piece of jewellery. Here are some FAQ’s ARE THERE ANY AGE RESTRICTIONS FOR FINGERPRINTS? Fingerprints develop at different ages for everyone.  Most babies under 12 months old won’t yet have defined fingerprints, you will capture their little finger imprint but it’s unlikely to have ‘traditional’ swirls.  An alternative is to take a print of a finger nail.  There is no upper age limit either…older children, adults, grandparents – we all have our very own unique fingerprint. CAN MY NEWBORN MAKE ME IMPRESSIVE JEWELLERY? Oooohh Yes!!!!! As soon your little bundle is in the world we can capture hand and foot prints. I need a print of the hands & feet and for this I use a very safe, gentle process to capture the tiniest of details, no messy ink. (These prints are beautiful to add to your baby memory books too). Any age can make mini prints. DO I HAVE TO VISIT YOU IN PERSON TO HAVE JEWELLERY MADE? You are very welcome to make a bookingRead more

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362 Days until Christmas

By Jennifer Morrison | Dec 28, 2015

  Only 362 Days until Christmas! I hope you had  fabulous festive fun and Santa was good to you all.  Is your wheelie bin bursting with wrapping paper? Does most of your house look like an explosion in an Argos Catalogue? Guess what??…only 362 days until we can do it all over again! Did you get an Impressive Memories gift this Christmas? If you did, I hope you love it.  Was it a surprise? Did your OH manage to choose the right gift for you? Did the kids spill the beans in November? Let me know!!  Why not share a pic on my Facebook page and share your gift with others? My page is HERE. I will be posting and sharing lots of pictures over the next few weeks. Gift Vouchers Did you get an Impressive Memories Gift Voucher? Ooooo what will you choose?? I love getting a gift voucher…and Impressive Memories vouchers are clearly the best you could wish for!  Not only do you get the gift but you also get to be part of the fun of creating YOUR item!! Maybe you’ll choose to have a 3D cast created? I have great new plans to unveil in 2016…keep your eyes peeled! Would you like a unique piece of jewellery made?  Your child’s fingerprint,  hand or foot print…paw print?Read more

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Christmas Shopping

By Jennifer Morrison | Nov 30, 2015

Christmas Shopping – Love it or hate it? A few weeks ago I visited Dundee…the plan was to return some boots Id bought online.  It was early November and I thought it would be a nice day out…How wrong I could be!! Driving I don’t mind driving…but I do mind being stuck behind a crocodile row of cars following a tractor, pulling a trailer, never exceeding 40mph…the 25 min journey became 45 mins+ Parking Why did it seem like everyone and their aunt decided to try to park just in front of me? Mini Me asked if people were Christmas shopping…I replied “don’t be silly…it is early November!” Shops Somewhere between parking the car and entering the shops we must have slipped through a time portal…because when we entered the shops there appeared to be a mass panic.  Was it now Christmas Eve? People in Argos were grabbing things and elbowing their way to the back of queues…all I wanted was a soda stream…I was risking life n limb for that, so we left.  There was a gentleman choosing from the “Elizabeth Duke” range of delights who had the hairiest backside I have ever seen…and 90% of it was not inside his jeans…it was not a pleasant sight!!  The image will haunt us forever… Google Maps Having decidedRead more

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Tiny Treasures – Miniaturised 3D Casts in Silver

By Jennifer Morrison | Nov 16, 2015

They might be tiny, but they’re impact is HUGE! Tiny Treasures are miniaturised 3D silver charms, created from YOUR life casts. They are exact replicas of your casts, magically shrunk & miniaturised into hand made silver charms. These truly are Impressive and I am so excited (and delighted) to now be able to offer these to YOU! I have added lots more information on my website, and also shared the story of this precious little angel, Daisy.  Her Impressive Mummy and Grandma both now have a set of “Tiny Treasures”. Head on over and find out more… THERE’S STILL TIME TO ASK SANTA FOR THESE… TIME IS RUNNING OUT IF YOU’D LIKE THESE FOR CHRISTMAS -SO SIGN UP NOW!! then keep an eye on your inbox xxx Did I mention I had SMASHED the prices of the UK companies who currently offer these charms? Impressive huh?  Let me know what you think, Jen x PS – 38 sleeps until Christmas!!  PPS – Have you had a look at all the Christmas Memories I have this year? Something Impressive for everyone x

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Why me?

By Jennifer Morrison | Mar 16, 2015

My business is unique…and it made me wonder… Why should you come to Impressive Memories?   And that’s when I realised the answer…let me explain… Why choose me?  just one more click – promise!         I’d love to know what you think…let me know. PS – would you like to be on my newsletter list? Be the first to hear of any special offers or new products before anyone else? You can sign up HERE.  I also have a freebie coming up very soon…and only those who sign up will get it…don’t miss out, everyone loves a freebie x

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Lifecasting & Holding Hands…

By Jennifer Morrison | Sep 13, 2014

“The spaces between your fingers were created so that another’s could fill them in” This week a friend contacted me to say there was a radio program I might like to listen to… Radio 4…”Holding Hands“ It really got me thinking… There is something uniquely intimate and comforting about holding someone’s hand. Perhaps because it’s something that begins in childhood – our small hand enveloped in that of other, stronger, larger hands. We associate it with comfort, concern, care. And then, for a while, we abandon it – not holding your parents’ hands is a sign that you have grown up – only to have the joy of rediscovering new shades of meaning in the gesture. I spend a great deal of my time holding the hands of  others…it can be the tiniest hand of a newborn, sometimes only hours old, as tiny and fragile as a baby bird.  Being trusted to dip these little miracles into a gooey, pink bag to take their casts, is great…and in casting terms is one of the most tricky tasks I can be asked to do. The tiniest of details, the minute fingernails…and the terror of un-moulding these little blighters, usually late into the night long after baby has gone home, the results can come out with stunning detail or theyRead more

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By Jennifer Morrison | Sep 2, 2014

September Offer…Would you like to DOUBLE YOUR MONEY?   For a limited time only, make a booking with me for 3D Casting and I will DOUBLE YOUR MONEY! You will pay £15 to make your booking…when you come to your appointment, I will deduct £30 from your order total. Be quick!! Please read the terms and conditions before booking. DOUBLE MONEY SAVING!! CLICK HERE TO BOOK NOW!! Pay£15 booking fee,receive £30 off your total. Offer limited & can end at any time.Sept2014 only.Order must be £135 or over for 3D casting.Only 1 offer per order.No alternatives.  

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Casts fit for a King

By Jennifer Morrison | Jul 29, 2014

    Casts fit for a King When George was born last summer, he had his 3D casts taken…(reportedly costing £7k in solid silver). You may also have noticed that his Impressive Mummy is often seen wearing her personalised jewellery too… Now that George is 1, she should be thinking about having his little fingerprint taken…maybe his Daddy needs some cuff links?     Whether you are destined to be King, or not…all babies can have their casts taken and jewellery made just for them, to capture their every detail…every parent knows that THEIR child is a prince or princess…  

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