Covid -19 and Impressive Memories

Covid -19 and Impressive Memories

Covid -19 and Impressive Memories

Unless you’ve been living under a stone recently you will be well aware that Covid-19 is making its unwelcome presence increasingly well known amongst us.

Until such times as we know more, or have further guidelines, I would like to take this opportunity to keep customers informed as to how I am dealing with the impact of the Coronavirus here at Impressive Memories.

Due to the nature of my work which often involves contact with new & young babies/children, people with serious & terminal illness, elderly customers and pets, I already follow procedures to ensure a clean and safe environment for anyone visiting. 

Making a Booking

You are still very welcome to make a booking. If you then feel unwell and wish to amend your booking you are welcome to do this via the link in your confirmation booking up to 48 hours before. If you should develop symptoms within the 48 hours before your booking please contact me on 07837800353 and we will discuss the safest options for us all. 

Visiting the Studio

If you have a prearranged booking please arrive and enter the studio by the main studio doors (not my personal front door/doorbell). If you arrive early and other customers are still here, please wait in your car in the driveway until others leave and I have had time to wipe down surfaces and floors with appropriate cleaning materials. 

As much as I want you to enjoy your visit and for it to be a thoroughly enjoyable and memorable experience, could I please ask (in the short term) that only essential people come to the appointment. You are more than welcome to take photographs or videos to share with friends and family while you are here. Let’s also keep bags etc to a minimum. 

I have antibacterial hand wipes which we will all use on arrival. Or you can bring your own if you prefer. 

Jewellery and display items (which are cleaned regularly anyway) will still be here but (in the short term) these should not be handled.

Again, in the short term, no toilet facilities will be offered during your visit. (Please don’t pee on my daffodils either - thanks)

If you do not have a prearranged booking please do not arrive unannounced. 

Home Visits

For the foreseeable future, home-visits will not be offered. 

Memorial/Bereavement Call Outs

These are unaffected yet. I will be following the guidance of those within the medical/funeral industry. As ever, each case is decided on an individual basis and will continue that way until further guidance is offered. 

Collecting Completed Orders from Impressive Memories

We will have prearranged the date and time for you to collect your completed orders. Please be punctual and follow the same advice as above - if you arrive and others are here, please wait outside until they have left, before entering via the main studio doors.

Waving and smiling are still allowed.  

Online Orders

Element/Fingerprint kits

If you are posting fingerprints/elements back to me I trust that you have done all you can to maintain a safe and clean environment whilst capturing the prints/elements. Please consider your safety and mine, as I do the same before sending items to you.

Delivery of Completed Orders

At this stage 15.03.2020, Royal Mail has not made any changes to their Special Delivery service, but they have changed the process used to sign for your packages. As far as I am aware your postie will not ask you to digitally sign but they will do this on your behalf. This signature will still be the indicator that your parcel has been delivered successfully.

If you have any concerns about this and wish to postpone the delivery of your order please contact me asap. 

You will still receive an email the day your item is posted, with your tracking code, and it will arrive by 1pm the following day.


I’m approaching this with as much common sense as I can. It is a strange situation we find ourselves in and we can only do our best to keep the impact of the virus to a minimum. 

If you have any concerns or questions you are welcome to contact me by email [email protected]

It goes without saying that I will continue to do everything I can to help you capture your Impressive Memories. I would ask that you are honest and open with me during the coming weeks (months?) and that we work together, under the guidance of medical/professionals to ensure your safety and mine. 

Stay safe, I’m sure normality will return soon! 

Jen x

Gold Fingerprint Jewellery

Gold Fingerprint Jewellery

Gold Fingerprint Jewellery

Fingerprint jewellery is such a unique way to wear bespoke jewellery. Made just for you, it can capture a moment, milestone or a memory, for you to treasure it for a lifetime.

What is your favourite jewellery to wear? Do you like warm golds or cool whites and silvers? What about rose gold? Do you mix your jewellery up or always keep to the same precious metals?

There are so many choices, aren't there?

You may have noticed there are a lot of people offering silver fingerprint jewellery, but not as many offering gold.

I get asked a lot for gold fingerprint jewellery, especially rose gold, but the issue has always been the price.

The problem is that gold is a very expensive precious metal.

What if there was an alternative solution?

  • Are you considering investing in gold fingerprint jewellery?
  • Do you love the idea of fingerprint jewellery but usually find it’s made in silver, which you don’t wear?
  • Have you looked online and found that gold fingerprint jewellery is possible, but the price tag is way over your budget?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of those questions – keep reading…

Golden Moments by Impressive Memories

medium golden ink print fingerprint charm

This charm is made from an INK FINGERPRINT.

triple teardrop

These stacked charms are created from PUTTY FINGERPRINT IMPRESSIONS.

How have I solved the problem and made gold fingerprint jewellery as affordable as silver?

At Impressive Memories, my aim is to create beautiful, high-quality products. I pride myself on using the best materials and creating work of a very high standard.

At the same time, I also appreciate that the budget is important.

A solid gold hallmarked, fingerprint charm will cost approximately £500 to make. There are many jewelers who can do this for you.

My solution gives you a golden charm with all the beauty of gold but will cost you much less, almost a tenth of the price – Golden Moments charms start at just over £60.

I've made gold fingerprint jewellery affordable: How?

  • Hallmarked gold is a precious metal made in 9ct, 18ct & 21ct depending on the amount of 'pure' gold mixed into an alloy of metals. My Golden Moments range is an alloyed metal but does not contain traditional gold. 
  • My Charms do not need Hallmarked. Traditional gold over 1g in weight is required by law to be assayed and hallmarked by an Assay Office. I am registered with the Edinburgh Assay Office. This allows me to have my work hallmarked if I need to.
  • My Golden Moments are a solid golden metal alloy, not plated, the ‘gold’ will not wear off. Gold plating another metal to give a 'coating' of gold is a temporary solution to wanting a gold finish.
  • All metals will tarnish – this will too – but a cleaning cloth and a gentle wipe will bring it back to its shining glory (I’ll give you a free cleaning cloth). 
  • Golden Moments are very robust and strong – they will not scratch or damage easily.
golden inkprint fingerprint triple charm

These stacked hearts are created from INK FINGERPRINTS

A handmade golden charm with an imprint of a childs hand or foot.

HAND & FOOT prints, PAW prints too, can be worn on your golden jewellery.

What do I need to create Golden Moment Fingerprint Jewellery?

  1. An INK PRINT of the fingerprint, hand, foot or paw print. I have the kit you need to do this cleanly and easily.
  2. A FINGERPRINT IMPRESSION in putty. I have the kit you need to do this cleanly and easily.

3 Reasons why Gold is different to Silver

  1. can make you a charm in genuine gold using a similar technique to silver, but it would cost more than £500 for me to make.
  2. Alternatively, fingerprint charms can be made in gold using a much older technique. The process of ‘lost wax’ is thousands of years old…a beautifully skilled method. Again, the cost for a gold charm is usually upwards of £500. If you have that budget then there are many excellent jewellers who can make you a gold, fingerprint charm.
  3. Hallmarking is another cost implication. Any gold jewellery over 1g in weight must legally be hallmarked (the legal weight for silver is higher at 7.78g).  The Edinburgh Assay website can answer all those questions.
Untitled design

Are Golden Moments right for me?

Perfect for you if –

  • You’d rather spend £60 than £500
  • You wear gold jewelry not silver
  • You have a fingerprint in mind that you’d like to be wearing
  • I already have your fingerprints from a previous order
  • You need strong, hardwearing jewellery that goes where you go – in the shower, swimming, chewed by your todder…yup, they ALL do it!
  • You deserve a touch of luxury in your life, without bustin’ the bank balance

NOT Perfect for you if –

  • You’d rather spend £500 on a hallmarked solid gold charm.
gold personalised jewellery

Are you ready to start creating YOUR golden jewellery today?

From the comfort of your home, you can order your Golden Moments charm today.

I will post out a kit for you to capture the prints that I need, so distance is not a problem.

Or you’re more than welcome to make a booking and come and visit me, and I can take the prints for you.