Will this fit my Pandora jewellery?

Will this fit my Pandora jewellery?

Choosing jewellery for Pandora bracelets & Necklaces

Attention Pandora jewellery lovers!

Are you looking to add a touch of unique elegance and personal charm to your collection? Look no further than Impressive Memories options that will enhance your Pandora Jewellery! Allow us to take you on a journey of enchantment and celebrate your unique style with a handmade personalised charm for your Pandora bracelet and necklace.

Capture your memories with our exquisite range of hand-finished charms capturing fingerprints, hand foot and paw prints, locks of hair, cremation ashes...all personalised to exactly the way you want your jewellery to shine. Each piece tells a story and allows you to express your individuality.

Imagine how these beautiful pieces will make you feel, from the delicate prints of loved ones to the irresistible sparkle of wearing your child's hand or footprint.

Your jewellery is designed to create desire and awaken your inner emotions.

Don't wait any longer! Take the next step and immerse yourself in the world of Impressive Memories Jewellery. Visit our website or make a booking at the NEW STUDIO. Trust us; once you try on our captivating pieces, you'll be irresistibly tempted to bring them home!

Discover the magic, the elegance, and the joy of Pandora Jewellery today. Your perfect piece awaits!

Visit our website to make a reservation or call 07837 800 353. Get ready to indulge in the beauty that is Pandora Jewellery with Impressive Memories!


CLICK the images below to find out more...if you don't see what you're looking for PLEASE ASK! The options are endless...here's just a selection to get started...

Fingerprints on a dangly fitting
Fingerprint on a sliding bead
Hands & Feet on dangly fitting
Locks of hair or fur
Hands & Feet on sliding bead
Cremation ashes
Paws too...
Barrel Style Beads
Hand writing & signatures

Paws & Fur together...
Will this fit my Pandora jewellery? 1

Ready to find out more?

Drop us a line today to start capturing YOUR Impressive Memories!

Caring for Silver Jewellery

Caring for Silver Jewellery

Silver Jewellery at Impressive Memories

Silver Jewellery made at Impressive Memories

All silver jewellery at Impressive Memories is made from Sterling Silver, this is also known as .925 silver, and is the strongest form of silver available, but silver is still a relatively soft metal. Your jewellery is kiln fired, work-hardened and professionally polished to provide the strongest metal surface possible. Your charm will only have my Edinburgh Assay Hallmark on it if legally required. 

Wearing your jewellery

Once you begin wearing jewellery different external forces will of course come into contact with the sterling silver. This will vary from one person to another. Any force harder than .925 silver has the potential to scratch or dent your jewellery surface. Chemicals and lifestyles also impact our jewellery. Our hormone levels and the food we eat all alter our skin which in turn makes us more, or less, prone to tarnishing. 

Possible causes of damage

  • Other jewellery hitting against your charm
  • Clothing/buttons
  • Zips
  • Chemicals
  • Detergents
  • Perfume
  • Makeup/lotions etc
  • Hand sanitiser
  • Wearing jewellery in the bath/shower
  • Swimming
  • Not removing jewellery at bedtime
  • Not cleaning and protecting your jewellery

Why polish silver?

Polishing your jewellery will help to maintain the shine and lustre of your impressive jewellery.

Polishing silver will remove & slow down the natural tarnishing process. Using a polishing cloth with added anti-tarnish will give your jewellery added protection. Keeping the surface metal polished & protected will also mean your jewellery stays shiny too!

The amount of polishing that silver needs will depend on the individual person and their lifestyle.  

What happens after silver is scratched, dented or damaged? 

When we damage, dent or scratch our jewellery this exposes the surface metal which exposes the unprotected silver and it will tarnish (blacken) more quickly, as it is being exposed to oxygen and doesn’t have the protection to slow down the natural process. This darkening makes the damage more noticeable.

Storing Silver 

If you are not wearing your jewellery keep it in a safe place. Tarnishing will occur during this time too - don't be alarmed if you open your jewellery and it is dark or discoloured. 

How do I remove tarnish?

I have a blog on my website to help with cleaning and caring for your silver jewellery - click the button below to find out more.

Removing the visible tarnish on your charm might help minimise any visual damage that’s already occurred and prevent/slow down further damage.

Caring for your jewellery going forward…

Avoid the suggested possible causes above, clean and polish your jewellery regularly and enjoy your Impressive Memories. 

How to order hand made lock of hair jewellery

How to order hand made lock of hair jewellery

How do I order lock of hair jewellery?

Have you decided you’d like jewellery created with a lock of hair but you’re not sure how it all happens?

At Impressive Memories, the process for making lock of hair jewellery is simple. I am always respectful of your precious lock of hair & will create unique and beautiful jewellery holding your most impressive memories.

Keep reading to find out what to do when you order lock of hair jewellery.

#1 Choose your jewellery

When you’ve chosen your Impressive Memories lock of hair jewellery via the website, it will ask you all the questions needed to create your keepsake.

Each piece can have several variations depending on how you’d like to create your jewellery. After you answer all the questions, then click ‘Add to Cart’.

To be able to make your jewellery I will need a small lock of hair sent to me. Find out what to do next...

#2 Postage Choices

To complete your order you can choose either 1st class postage or 2nd class postage at the checkout.

This will determine how your element kit is posted out to you, either via 1st or 2nd class via Royal Mail.

#3 Complete Your Order

Follow the payment instructions to complete your Impressive Memories order.

#4What happens next?

An element kit will be posted out to you to safely package a small amount of hair. If you are ordering more than one item using more than one set of hair, please let me know (by email) and I will send all you need.

Follow the instructions in your element kit and then return it to me in your prepaid return envelope provided.

If you wish to upgrade your postage please take your package to the Post Office and ask their advice.

(If your jewellery also includes another element you may receive more than one kit).

#5 How much hair do I send?

If possible send a lock that has a length of approx 3cm and a depth of 0.5cm. It the hair is light or white please send a little bit more. Don't risk sending all the hair you have, only send what you can. Any unused hair will be returned to you. Nothing is wasted.

If you have less hair don't worry - I can work with a single strand if that's what you have.

#6 Element Received

When your elements are returned to me you will receive an email confirming their safe arrival.

#7 Completed Jewellery

Once your jewellery is made it will be posted to you via Royal Mail Special Delivery. All unused hair will be returned to you. Absolutely no hair is wasted in the making process. 

When your jewellery is posted to you, you will receive an email with tracking information for your order.

If you still have questions, please get in touch and I'll be happy to help. Email me at [email protected] or call/text 07837800353.

Have an Impressive Day!!

Jen x

Gift Experiences:Hand Casting for two adults

Gift Experiences:Hand Casting for two adults

Gift Experiences NEW for 2020

Have you thought about gifting a Hand Cast Gift Experience for Two Adult Hands?

Impressive Memories Gift Experiences are perfect for you if:

  • Giving a gift that's truly unique important to you.
  • You'd like to give a gift that captures a moment, memory or milestone, that lets us touch, hold & remember a memory for a lifetime?
  • You can imagine creating a truly unique heirloom of the future - NOW! Just think how awesome it will be, to not just show future generations, but let them see, touch and feel them too.

You will be gifting a fun - and not forgetting an impressively memorable - experience, capturing two adults holding hands together, expertly creating their hand casting gift experience.

This downloadable gift experience is AVAILABLE INSTANTLY, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

You also have 3 different gifting options -

  1. Download and send your gift digitally - be impressively eco-friendly and not to mention instantaneously impressive! Perfect for those of us who want to give an outstanding gift, but also need it quickly.
  2. Or you can print off your gift experience certificate at home. Ideal for when you need an outstanding gift - NOW! Click - Print - Done.
  3. Choose to have your gift experience printed and posted to the recipient. I'm happy to help present your gift by printing it for you on lovely shiny paper and posting it for you too.

With the click of a button, you can gift the recipients the opportunity to capture a hand cast for two adults to create a memorable, tangible, moment in time.

Engagements, Marriage, Anniversaries, Birthdays, Celebrations, Milestones.

(Could also be a complete lifesaver if you maybe forgot to buy that important gift & time is now of the essence! No need to panic - we've got it covered!!)

The Handcast Gift Experience will take place at the Impressive Memories Lifecasting Studio in Pitcairn, Glenrothes in Fife. KY7 6ET. Within easy traveling distance from all over Fife, Dundee, Perth, Edinburgh and the Lothians.

hand casting detail
couple hand clasp
couple hand clasp
Who would gift a Handclasp?

The person who gifts a hand casting experience is someone who values the people in their life. Someone that recognises the importance of the connections within our families & friendships. Someone who treasures the moments in our lives and that makes us who we are. They treasure those that are impressive to them and want to capture memories.

Mass-produced 'off-the-shelf' gifts just aren't Impressive enough for you - you'd much rather give a fun experience, with a memorable and life long memento to touch, hold and treasure. You'd like to be remembered for gifting a bespoke present that lasts a lifetime.

Who is the ideal recipient to Gift a Handclasp Experience?

The ideal recipient for a hand cast gift experience could be an engaged couple, newlyweds, parent's celebrating a wedding anniversary (a silver cast for a silver wedding gift, a gold cast for a golden wedding), grandparents, best friends, business partners, brothers & sisters, mum and daughter, father and son...

A hand cast is for people who value those they share in their life. They care more about the people, friends and their family than they do about material possessions. They can appreciate the beauty of a hand cast as it has captured an emotion and made it a tangible memory they are proud to display - showing the world what's important to them.

Why does every home need a hand cast?

A hand cast is more than just a beautiful ornament to display in your home. It is a work of art inspired by you! Seeing your hand cast should evoke memories unique to those who it captures, and spark memories for all those that recognise those who have created it. Our hands are so expressive and instantly recognisable and once your work of art is on display you are showing the world - and your visitors - that you are proud of those you share in your life.

In years to come, it can become a family heirloom to pass down through generations, a snapshot of time, reminding us of our family values, our loved ones and our impressive memories.

Available to Buy & Download NOW

Head over to the online shop now to purchase your Gift Experience NOW!

Instantly available for you to download and gift to an Impressive friend or relative. 

Sample Gift Certificate
Sample Gift Certificate
Sample Instructions
Sample Instructions

How do I purchase a Gift Experience?

To purchase a gift experience just complete the ordering process above. Add to cart and make the payment. You will then receive an email.

How do I Download my Gift Experience?

After purchasing you will be emailed with confirmation and a link to download your gift experience certificate and instructions. On your order form, you will also see an order number that starts with a #. Keep a note of this number as the person receiving your gift will need this to verify their offer. 

  • If you chose to download and send your gift digitally

On completion, you will be emailed with confirmation and a link to download your gift experience certificate and instructions. On your order form, you will also see an order number that starts with a #. Keep a note of this number as the person receiving your gift will need this to verify their offer. 

Click on the link to download your certificate and instructions. Create a new email to the lucky recipient and attach your gift to your email as an attachment. Be sure to also tell the recipient your unique order number that starts with #.

  • If you chose to print off your gift experience certificate and instructions yourself.

On completion, you will be emailed with confirmation and a link to download your gift experience certificate and instructions. On your order form, you will also see an order number that starts with a #. Keep a note of this number as the person receiving your gift will need this to verify their offer. 

Click on the link to download your certificate and instructions. You can now print your certificate and instruction sheet. You will see on the instruction sheet there is a space for you to add your order number. Please add your order number to the sheet before giving your gift.

  • If you opted to upgrade your order and paid an additional £6.99 to have it printed on glossy paper and have it posted, then I will look after everything on your behalf. Once I have posted your gift experience I will email you a Royal Mail tracking code as confirmation that it has been sent.

I Received a Gift Experience - what do I do now?

If you have received a gift experience, it is time to begin your Impressive journey to creating your hand cast.

Firstly, you should read through the information on the sheets you have been given, then pop me an email me at [email protected] with your name and order number (starting with #) Once you send the email to me I will reply with your personal online booking code. You can then go to the 'Make a Booking' page at www.impressivememories.co.uk to choose a date and time that suits you to come and create your hand cast at the studio.

Your order number and online booking code are valid for one year from the purchase date of your gift experience. Please do not let it expire - BOOK NOW!

When you complete the online booking form please use your booking code in the box that asks if you have a gift voucher. This will allow you to use the credit from your voucher to pay the deposit. Please follow the booking instructions shown on the website. That's it!! You'll be booked in!! You now just have to wait until your appointment.

Would you like to join me over on Facebook?

There's lots of examples of hand casts I've done over the years and you're welcome to comment on any of them to speak to me, or the person who it captures. You can find my business page here - look forward to seeing you there!!

Customer Testimonials

I have reviews on social media, Google (yes there are fake ones there too, unfortunately - jealousy is an ugly trait hee hee) and I collate these on my own website too. You're welcome to see what customers who've visited already have said. They're over here

Who am I?

Gift Experiences:Hand Casting for two adults 2*waves* Hi, I'm Jen. Everything you see online and offline at Impressive Memories is created by moi! All the jewellery, products, lifecasts, website, catalogs, leaflets...all me! (control freak)

I started lifecasting in 2003 when I had my daughter, and began to build my first business 'Impressive Babies'. I left my music teaching career to run my business full time in 2013 and 'Impressive Memories' has grown and flourished, as has my daughter, since.

I am passionate about capturing an emotion or memory and creating it into a tangible work of art that you can touch, hold and feel for a lifetime. I believe in using the very highest standard of raw materials, alongside consistently developing my own skills to an ever-rising level.  A perfectionist in detail (and my harshest critic) with the ethos that any item created at Impressive Memories is honouring your most Impressive Memory.

I am on a mission to make YOUR memories tangibly impressive!

Gift Experiences:Hand Casting for two adults 3

  1. What is the cast made from? A high density, top quality stone powder.
  2. How long does it take to make the hand cast? You only need to be in the casting material for approx 5 mins. It will take approx 8 weeks to complete your work of art.
  3. Why does it take so long? Due to the fine and highly dense construction it takes a long time for the cast to dry naturally. To speed it up would have a detrimental effect on your cast in the long run...it would be fine for a few years but then it would begin to deteriorate and could even disintegrate.
  4. I've seen a cheaper option elsewhere - why should I come to Impressive Memories? It's important that you choose a lifecaster that you know, like and trust to create your hand cast. It's always a good idea to explore all your options. A cheaper product might be created using cheap materials or a cheap moulding compound, maybe it's been artificially dried and compromised for a quick turnaround, it might not have been finished to the high standard I work to (look for lumps and bumps and a poor finish around fingernails etc.) It's also worth checking the time a lifecaster has been working and selling their work to the public. Some issues don't rear their ugly head for 5 years+ Mould, for example, takes a long time to appear and destroy your casting. Chances are that the person who cut corners and sold you a damp cast has moved on to another 'business venture' and won't care or know how to rectify your issue.
  5. Should I buy a kit and do it myself? This depends on the end goal you want to achieve. A kit can be good fun but the result is uncertain and not guaranteed. You won't have the skills, ability, machinery, techniques or knowledge to create to the standard of an experienced life caster, and if you want to have fun and waste £80 then have a bash. Buying a camera won't make you a photographer,  owning a screwdriver doesn't make you a joiner, dancing in your bedroom singing into a hairbrush won't make you a pop star...(sorry to shatter your dreams). If you want to have fun and possibly end up with a dodgy looking cast that looks great inside a dark cupboard - then buy a kit. If you want a high-quality work of art that you're proud of for decades to come - you're in the right place.
  6. What if I give this as a gift and they don't want it? Don't panic. If the recipient would rather choose a different casting or jewellery or ceramics, that's no problem at all. They can transfer their voucher monetary value to any item at Impressive Memories.
  7. Can I wear jewellery? Yes, rings can be worn. Wedding bands are inclusive of a standard casting but to include ornate rings with stone settings there's a small additional cost. Jewellery can make your cast even more unique and recognisable as being YOUR hands. If you've been gifted a casting without jewellery you are welcome to upgrade your cast and include them yourself for just £20 per ring.

If you have any questions or queries please do not hesitate to get in touch. I am more than happy to have a chat and answer anything you'd like to know more about. Give me a call on 07837 800 353, email me [email protected], visit me over on Facebook or Instagram

Available to Buy & Download NOW

Head over to the online shop now to purchase your Gift Experience NOW!

Instantly available for you to download and gift to an Impressive friend or relative. 

Online Shop: What’s changed and why?

Online Shop: What’s changed and why?

Online Shop: What's changed and why?

I’ve been having a spring clean! I’d had so many people asking where to find this, that and the other and my answer was ‘that’s in my online shop’… the only problem was…finding it!

I have spent this week dusting and hoovering all the categories, polishing the photos and making everything much brighter, cheerier and easier to use – I hope you agree.

Here’s a quick video to show you what I’ve been up to…

I’ve now arranged the items into categories that are customer friendly…

  • Fingerprint Jewellery
  • Hand & Footprint Jewellery
  • Memorial Jewellery
  • Pet Inspired Jewellery

These are the four most visited categories.

Then I’ve added new sections for ‘Locks of Hair‘ jewellery and Gift Ideas for mums and one for dads too.

If you’d like a necklace or bracelet to go with your impressive jewellery they’re all there, as well as spare kits and gift vouchers too.

What if you don’t know what you’re looking for?

Maybe you need some inspiration to find a gift, or just enjoy browsing lots of new ideas? You can do that too…all the items are listed as well as being in their categories…

How do I get back to the main shop page?

The easiest method is to go back to the original ‘Online Shop’ button at the top of the page.

What’s New?

I’ve added two new locket designs – one encapsulates your elements on the outside and the other has then tucked safely inside. A new engraving option has also been added.

There’s a new range of pendant charms. More sizes will be added soon but this dinky charm is so easy to wear. Very impressive.

A new item for the Dads is the tie pin. Great for special occasions where maybe a lost one can’t be with you on a special day, but their memory can.

All can hold locks of hair, cremation ashes or a maybe a piece of pet fur.

Signature & Handwritten Charms

Finally added my Signature and Handwriting charms online too. These charms are a great choice to capture a memory of a loved one…their very own message written just for you.

Coming Soon!

There’s more to come…Keep an eye out for two new earring designs…I can’t wait to add these to the shop too…so pretty.

fingerprint lily

Would you like to know more about ordering jewellery?

This handy ebook will help you understand what’s best for you and what to avoid when buying handmade, personalised keepsake jewellery.


Online Shop: What's changed and why? 8

Do You Use Online Shopping?

  • Do you like to buy online or do you prefer to buy from a shop?
  • What worries you most about online shopping?
  • Who do you trust? The BIG online companies or the small independent businesses?

Drop a comment below and let me know.

Have an Impressive week,

Best Wishes

Jen x

Losing My Mum

Losing My Mum

Losing My Mum

At the end of July, my life changed, and not for the better…I lost my mum very suddenly.

No warnings. No health scares. No hospitals. Just gone – leaving behind a lifetime of memories.

Today is day 171. Some days it still feels like yesterday, I’ll tell someone “I just lost my mum”, the next minute it feels like an eternity since I could lift the phone and ask her a simple question. Grief is hard. It’s suddenly becoming part of a club you never asked to join. Similar to giving birth – nobody ever tells you the real truth about that either, and grief is very similar. At least when you give birth they offer drugs, and when the pain goes you have a beautiful baby. There’s nothing very beautiful about grief.

Losing My Mum 9


My passion (obsession) is capturing memories. Recognising the tiniest of moments and holding on to an emotion and memory…it’s my tagline after all – I make memories tangible! I see people celebrate the happiest moments and I also capture some of their saddest. Now it was my turn. I’ve no idea why I hadn’t even contemplated the thought of losing a parent, but I hadn’t. Having spent many years helping families capture their final memories, now it was time to switch roles…the teacher just became the student.

Losing My Mum 10

Every snowflake that has ever fallen and ever will is unique, one of a kind and our fingerprints are too. They form while we’re in the womb and are one of the few parts of ourselves that never change throughout our lives. Some people believe your fingerprints can even reveal your personality. Impressive right?


But these weren’t just fingerprints. These hands had held me since I was born, picked me up when I fell, gripped me tightly to cross over roads. They’d waved me off to school, and hugged me when I got home. They’d taught me to bake, sew, knit, decorate, draw, cook and write. I’m sure they were clenched as I drove off in my first car, and I recollect them skelping me for being cheeky once in a while too. They’d clapped for me as I graduated, and they always pushed me forward in whatever I chose to do. Without those hands, I couldn’t and wouldn’t be the mum I am today. Those same hands that taught me, were there for my daughter too, every step of the way. All too suddenly our snowflake was gone.

I didn’t want it to feel like work…

I worried that I would treat this like work, and I didn’t want this to feel like I was ‘working’…this was my mum. These were MY memories. I knew exactly what I needed to do. I’d done it many times before for others, but now it was time to do this for me.

What Would I Make?

I knew I wanted to make myself fingerprint jewellery. I’ve made fingerprint memorial jewellery for many people over the years and they always told me it brought them comfort…I sure as hell needed some of that! I have lots of favourite pieces I make, but I wanted this to be different.

I am very lucky to still have my Nana. My mums mum, now 96 (very nearly 97) and an absolute inspiration and gem of a human being. It does feel totally wrong that nature didn’t follow the expected path, but we can’t change that…nor would I want it to. Losing your mum is horrendous, but for a mum to lose her child is just incomprehensible – no matter what age you are, you never expect to outlive your children.  

I decided I wanted to make myself a necklace with Nana, Mum, myself and my daughter Erin. Four generations of amazing ladies, four fingerprints that bond us together. Each of us unique quietly determined and forever connected.

fingerprint teardrops

My Necklace

We each have our own teardrop with our own prints. Nana is largest and we all follow after her.

I made it within days of mum passing and I haven’t taken it off since (I’m not sure I ever will). The comfort it brings is hard to describe, but it has without a doubt helped me.

When I panic and think ‘fuck my mum’s died’  (which happens a lot by the way…in the strangest of places and at the most awkward of moments. Another joy of grief that I never knew about…) my necklace actually helps calms me down again. It reminds me that there’s always a little part of her with me, she is still here beside me, and I know she would want me to keep going.

What does all this have to do with my business – Impressive Memories?

I have a much clearer understanding now than I ever did about what happens when we lose a loved one.  I genuinely had no idea about the amount of work involved. It is physically and mentally exhausting and you’re expected to make so many important decisions.

It is easy to see why capturing a memory like a fingerprint might be forgotten or missed.

My mission now is to help as many people as possible. So many times I’ve been told that families wished they had known this was possible, but nobody told them…so, it’s time to let people know.

What I’d like to do –

  • Help raise awareness of the variety of memorial work that can be done
  • Offer the best advice to help families make the choices that are right for them now and in the future
  • Make the process as straightforward for grieving families as possible

I know grief makes your head fuzzy and just functioning feels virtually impossible…but if you can, please consider capturing all that you can. You might never need or want to use these for anything more than a memory box but it’s better to give yourself every opportunity that you can.

Don’t ever be left wishing you had. I am so glad I did.

What’s Next?

Over the coming weeks, I will be sharing ideas and suggestions of how to capture memories before and after we lose loved ones. Don’t worry…it won’t be all sad and gloomy…far from it. This is about celebrating and recognising awesome and impressive people!

As well as giving me a lifetime of memories to hold onto, my mum also gave me the strength and tenacity to always keep going…which is exactly what I’ve been doing, as best I can, since the day she left us.

Already I’ve been inspired to design a new range of memorial jewellery which I hope to launch in springtime – they’re all being road tested just now, and I look forward to sharing them in the coming weeks. If you like the teardrop necklace I designed for myself it will be available soon too in different shapes and sizes…more about that later…that’s another exciting development that’s happening in 2018!

I’d like to thank each and every person who has been patient, understanding and incredibly kind to me over the last few weeks and months.

Finally, I want to thank my mum for being the most Impressive Mum I could ever have asked for.

Love Jen x

Remembering Jak Trueman

Remembering Jak Trueman

Remembering Jak Trueman…

Today I am looking forward to spending the day amongst friends. Some I have known for a long time, some I haven’t seen for a while, and others that I consider friends yet I have never met them face-to-face – until today. So where am I heading off to?

Ladies Afternoon Tea & Fashion Show

Balgeddie House Hotel – Sunday 7th May, 2017.

Remembering Jak Trueman 13Following the hugely successful event at Dalmahoy Hotel & Country Club in November, this is the first event hosted here in Fife.
We will be enjoying an Afternoon Tea with a glass of prosecco and Fashion Show hosted by the lovely Zara Janjua from STV Grampian & Edinburgh.

Without Jak the event today would not be happening, but sadly it is the very fact that Jak is not with us that brings us together. Today we are recognising and celebrating a young lad who is no longer amongst us, but will very much be at the heart of today.

Jak’s Story

(Extract taken from here)

Remembering Jak Trueman 14Jak’s Journey was set up by my beautiful son Jak Trueman in September 2014 after he awoke from a medically induced coma after taking very unwell with what was diagnosed as Gama Delta T-Cell Lymphoma-a rare and aggressive form of cancer.
Sadly after an amazing fight and show of strength courage and determination beyond his years and unending thought for others, Jak lost his battle on 2nd February 2015.
Jak’s passing will not be in vain though as he set out clear requests to help others through Jak’s Den.
Jaks Journey page will continue keeping everyone up to date with all Jak’s plans and how his family and friends and new Charity Trustees being set up are making Jak’s wishes a reality.
In the 3 weeks since he was given the terminal diagnosis, Jak raised more than £57,000 for Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research and we will continue to support this Charity whilst realising Jak’s wishes. To find out more about Jak’s Den and how you can get involved please go to-

Jak’s passing will not be in vain. I’d still have my boy over any of this in a whisper but there is a higher purpose in all of this to touch many lives in so many ways because of my boy and we will make sure many many other children teens and adults are helped because of Jak.
Simply The Best xxx – Allison Barr

Jak’s Impressive Memories

Remembering Jak Trueman 15I first knew of Jak’s journey when friends started to share his fundraising work in 2015. A friend, Teresa (who I’d met when we both waddled into antenatal classes together and then spent 5 years with our little ones at nursery) asked me about making a fingerprint charm for her friend Allison, mum of Jak.

When we first started to arrange this we hadn’t realised how quickly Jak’s health would decline, and sadly Jak passed away. But this didn’t stop us! Taking impressions after someone has passed was something I offered and Allison was still able to capture Jak’s prints.

Fingerprint jewellery is such a subtle and discreet way to hold onto a memory. Our fingerprints are as unique as we are and being able to capture, keep and cherish Jak’s prints has brought comfort to many of his family.

Photo credit – Allison Barr.

At the event…

We shared funny moments about handbag contents and watched the amazing achievements so far that have been done at Jak’s request. Allison makes it look so easy as she stands and shares their journey.

Watching the progress of Jak’s Den opening, families being supported, funds being raised, music therapy sessions helping young warriors and their families. But it doesn’t stop there…

There are plans now to open more Dens, one here in Glenrothes and another in Aberdeen, to support more families across Scotland. An online facility for those who can’t meet in person is also in the pipelines. This family don’t do things by half!

As we drank coffee and enjoyed a sandwich we were entertained by a fashion show or we could browse the local business stalls – Bodyshop, Cherished by Lynsey, Impressive Memories, Robyn Rocks, Scentsy, Crystals and jewellery.

Thank you

Well done and thank you to Allison and Team Jak for a lovely afternoon.

How to take a Doggy Nose Impression

How to take a Doggy Nose Impression

HELP! How do I take an impression of my dogs nose?

It is easier than you think to capture an impression of your dogs nose.  When your kit arrives please read through your instructions, watch this video…then have fun!


  1. Mix your putty well…make sure there are no streaks

  2. If you press it onto your dog’s nose but you’re not happy with the impression…reform the blob quickly and try again!

  3. While the putty sets, you can manipulate it a bit in the palm of your hand. Do not touch the impression itself, but try to get a good, straight finish to your mould.

How to take a Doggy Nose Impression 16

How did you get on?

If you’ve ordered already – I look forward to getting your prints back!

If you’d like to order a silver dog nose – click HERE!!

Did you read my article on 3D casting with Dogs? Read it HERE.

Have an Impressive Day,

Best wishes

Jen & Farrah x

Memorial Fingerprint Jewellery

Memorial Fingerprint Jewellery

Memories are never more precious than when we lose someone we love

I have had the honour of helping many families capture these final memorial memories. Creating a tangible memory they can treasure and hold onto forever.

Capturing a Fingerprint to Create Jewellery

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What Options Do I Have to Make Jewellery?

1. Ask your funeral director or celebrant if they already work with Impressive Memories.

I work with several Funeral Directors and may already have a system in place for you. If not, no problem…read on.

2. Arrange for me to capture prints for you.

Contact me HERE or call 07837800353 and we can see if it is possible for me to capture the prints for you.  I have a standard call out charge, plus additional mileage (for 15 miles and over).

3. Buy a fingerprint kit and capture the prints yourself.

Not sure if you want to order jewellery yet, but worried you may regret not taking prints while you still can?

Buy a kit HERE. Once you have the prints they are viable for years and years to come – no obligation to buy jewellery, just peace of mind that you have given yourself the option to do so if you wish.

4. Already know which memorial jewellery you'd like made?

When you order a fingerprint charm from Impressive Memories you can take advantage of a FREE fingerprint kit. Postage offers are available on my website, or you can arrange collection – whichever you prefer.

See some designs HERE.

Taking a Fingerprint Impression

It is very easy, quick and gentle to take a fingerprint impression.  It is not complicated and I will give you all the information you need for it to be successful.

Taking only minutes to do, it gives you the opportunity to hold onto a memory for a lifetime.

What Next?

Once the prints are taken you can keep them for as long as you wish, or you can go ahead and order a piece of jewellery.

If you have jewellery made, the prints can still be reused in the future if you’d like more pieces made.

Most orders will be made within 10-14 days of me having the prints. All my work is handmade by me, kiln fired for strength and I solder all my work.

After losing my husband very suddenly I found sleeping impossible.  The first time I wore my necklace, I found it such a comfort, I fell asleep holding it.

Why Make Fingerprint Jewellery?

Every fingerprint is as unique as we are. Capturing your loved one’s prints and wearing them in pure silver. Why just wear jewellery, when you can wear personally designed and handmade jewellery, capturing those we love the most?

When we lose a loved one, we long to keep a hold of them forever.  By creating a fingerprint charm you can keep a cherished imprint from them and wear them with you forever.

Capturing a fingerprint takes only minutes, is simple and gentle. One print can be used to make as many charms as you wish, and will be reusable for many years to come.
If you are unsure whether you would like to have jewellery made, by having the prints, you are giving yourself the option and possibility to create memorial jewellery for a lifetime.  Capture the opportunity.

I haven’t had my bracelet off since I got the charms – they are so very special and mean so much and I feel like I have a little bit of Jak with me if that makes sense”

Please do not hesitate to contact me.

If you would prefer to have your funeral director, a family member or a friend contact me on your behalf, that’s no problem.  Time becomes precious and the sooner you can contact me the more options we will have.  I appreciate it is a very difficult time, but I need only very basic details and then will be able to provide you with all the information you will need.

I can liaise with funeral directors, and make all relevant arrangements, keeping you fully informed throughout, or work directly with yourself. Whichever you prefer.

Impressive Pets, Paws and Pooches

Impressive Pets, Paws and Pooches

Pampered Pets, Paws and Pooches

All are welcome at Impressive Memories.

With an estimated 60 million pets in the UK, most households share their day to day living with a furry friend. Dogs are still top favourite…

Some of my earliest and happiest memories involve the pets I grew up with. I couldn’t imagine life without them – I am definitely a fan of dogs – if you are too, then read on!

For me, dogs are a huge part of day to day life and they have been a big part of my most Impressive Memories over the years.  I would encourage all pet owners to consider capturing a memory of their pet.  I am happy to help explain what can and can’t be done with your four-legged friend.

I think it is also very important when you choose someone to work with your pet that they are relaxed and happy to be around dogs and that they have enough experience to keep your pet safe, relaxed and enjoying the whole experience too!

Impressive Pets, Paws and Pooches 22


Raffles – 1979 I was just 5 when we got Raffies, he was a Yorkshire Terrier

Ziggy – 1992 West Highland Terrier

Eilidh – 1997 West Highland Terrier

Arthur – 2009  Arthur is our beardie – with his one blue eye and one brown, he is quite a character.

Farrah – 2014  I decided I wanted a cockapoo!!  Farrah is a lively little lady who drives us mad with her nonsense!

Impressive Pets, Paws and Pooches 23

3D Paw Casting

I absolutely LOVE casting paws.  The detail in them is so amazing and paws are so unique…just like our hands are…so combining the two is such a fab memory to capture.

I have cast enormous Rottweiler paws, down to tiny little terrier paws…each paw I’ve cast has had its own story to tell. Some happy, some sad but all impressive.  The bond between a dog and their owner is so special and seeing the dogs trust their owner, and me, letting me dip them in sticky gloop is magical.

Impressive Tales, about Impressive Tails...

Digit was a very impressive Rottweiler.  I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t petrified when he arrived! He was a very VERY large dog who had been through a lot of treatment and had every right to not trust me…but he was an absolute gentleman. (He did terrify me by growling in my left ear as my jugular was within eating distance, but of course he didn’t…he much preferred his tub of fresh strawberries! No sausages for this beautiful boy).

We knew when casting him that his time left was shortened, but nobody realised that by the time his cast was finished and competed (approx. 5-6 weeks) he would no longer be with us.  It made the cast even more impressive for his owners who were very glad to have captured and held onto a memory of Digit.

Guide dogs are truly impressive and I was genuinely in awe of the bond this chap had with his long serving owner.  Man and dog relied on each other.  They communicated in their own language and in their own way.  It was a heart breaking situation as both man and dog now needed different levels of care which meant staying together was just no longer possible.

Thier friend arranged for me to cast the loyal duo.

Nothing was going to stop the pain of separating them, but having a tactile memory of his best friend, we hoped may bring comfort and reminders of happy times. This guide dog deserved a long and happy retirement by the sea…which is what he got.

Not all castings are sad occasions.  Most are done for fabulous four legged furballs who are just as much part of the family as the human ones are.  Do you know a dog owner who might like to have a cast created?


Can all breeds of dog be cast?

Yes, and no. Some are much more suitable than others but potentially all can have a cast taken. It’s the final end result that is important and that is why I prefer to have a chat to owners first to explain some of the problems which might make your dog more or less suitable to have a paw cast taken.

Is it only for dogs?

No, I have cast cats too, again…best to get in touch if this is something you’d like to do.

My pet has passed away, am I too late?

I am able to help after your pet has passed away, but timing is absolutely essential. Every minute that passes makes it less likely to be achievable so please, I know it is a horrendously difficult time, but if this is something you’d be interested in – contact me.

Do I need to travel to you with my dog?

Yes, I need to meet your dog in ‘person’ to create a 3D life cast. I live beside a reservoir and woodland area which is a fantastic walkies for after your work of art is created. I can sometimes arrange a home visit. Again, just ask.

What other Impressive Memories can I have made?

2D Imprints & Outprints

I offer a range of 2D paw imprints and outprints. These are perfect for dogs that are less suited to 3D casting.  They are quick, fairly mess free and still give lots of in depth detail.  You can create plaques, framed pieces, hanging decorations, Christmas decorations…all sorts.

Ceramic Painting

Yes, I mean ceramic painting for dogs…why not? Have you seen the mess a toddler makes with a paintbrush? Well trust me…dogs can be just as creative!!!  Proud parents love to see their child’s hand prints painted on mugs…why shouldn’t we celebrate those paw prints too?


One of my absolute faves…solid pure silver dog nose, but not just any dogs nose…YOUR dogs nose.  Those noses are as unique as our fingerprints.  On a necklace it can look stunningly abstract and certainly a talking point.

Paw prints can be shrunk onto charms just as hands and feet prints can.

Distance is no problem for all jewellery items. All pieces can be bought online and created by posting a kit to capture the details that I need to make your impressive memories.

Impressive Pets, Paws and Pooches 36
Impressive Pets, Paws and Pooches 37

Thanks for reading and taking a ‘paws’ out of you busy day.  If I can ‘lead’ you to any more information, just ‘howl’ and I will em’bark’ on helping you.

Is it time to go walkies now?

Have an Impressive Day, Jen x

Impressive Pets, Paws and Pooches 44