splodgeYou’ve planned to visit a ceramic cafe…to watch your children happily explore their creative painting skills – while we relax, drink cappuccino’s & chat with friends… 

But what really happens…is this…

splodgeWe arrive at the busy ceramic cafe…our child has chosen the largest item on the shelf…nobody is quite sure what it is …you need a second mortgage to pay for it…by the time you’ve found a seat, an apron, a brush…oops…who spilt the water?  You turn your back for 3 seconds…only to discover your cherub has painted half the fairy in dark green…and she’s also managed to paint most of the other children, your handbag & the left sleeve of your jacket…the brush has been discarded and your bored child has vanished off to play…

All this and you still haven’t even plucked up the courage to LOOK at the menu…will the remortgaging stretch to a coffee???

Don’t worry !!! Soon you will come back to collect your “creation”…whether it’s a blue sheep, or your dark green fairy…YOUR child made it, therefore YOU will love it…(on a dark shelf, in the spare room).

coffeeBut what if it were different?

If I provided lovely fresh Tassimo coffee? Or a Machiatto? Maybe a capuccino? All free!!! 
If you enjoyed creating with a little bit of guidance and my help?
You returned and collected a beautiful little work of art? capturing YOUR childs memories?

“That sounds Impressive…tell me more…”

Here’s what’s new at Impressive Memories…

Fingerprint Mugs

Instead of constantly cleaning up those sticky little fingerprints – capture them and create an Impressive Mug…(5 mins peace to sit and drink from it – is not included – sorry).

Standard mugs £15 each or two for £25

Fancy Handle mugs £17 each or two for £29

Doggy mugs £10 each or two for £18 (painted by myself to look like your dog x)

Clay Imprints

As a 3D lifecasting specialist, I have often been asked if I can make ceramic imprints and out prints too…well now I can!  Perfect gifts for doting grandparents, aunts and uncles…a unique and affordable impressive memory to treasure.

Choose from –

A single print…a hand, foot or a paw £20 (2 for £35)

A double print…hand & foot, siblings together £35 (2 for £60)

Add a frame £10

Add a clock £10


Ceramic Plates

Whatever you fancy capturing…plates are always a beautiful way to do it!

Large Heart Plate – Definitely my favourite…lots of new ideas for these…£26 each.

Standard Plate – proving very popular…£19 each.

Add a clock – £10

12715481_1012846602105255_8127481711166080995_n12729308_1012846512105264_8746493705214492622_n12733392_1012846538771928_3284996168886304033_n12733646_1012846518771930_371252343719569541_nheart plate



 fingerprint tree

Ceramic Painting with DOGS!farrah

Yes, you read correctly!! Your dog can explore their artistic talents too!!  Here’s my cockapoo, Farrah, pondering with her paintbrush.

Ceramic MUGS painted by your DOG!

Your pooches are always welcome to come to visit me at Impressive Memories.  Who wouldn’t want a mug painted by their pet?  I designed and painted this mug, then Farrah “helped” by painting her paw prints around the mug too…I love it!!  You can decide how much “painting” your woof does, and how much you or I do.

Standard mugs £15 each or two for £25

Fancy Handle mugs £17 each or two for £29

Doggy mugs £10 each or two for £18

Why not commission a self portrait of your pooch, with the option of having their paw print on your mug too…instead of muddy ones on your furniture and carpets!!  I can incorporate any markings, and their features…perfect present for doggy daft drinkers x

You can make a booking by clicking HERE 

Visit me at my custom built Life Casting Studio in Pitcairn, Glenrothes.
Be ready to have some fun, some coffee (or tea) and capture a mess free, stress free, Impressive Memory!!
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