Christmas Shopping

Christmas Shopping –

Love it or hate it?

A few weeks ago I visited Dundee…the plan was to return some boots Id bought online.  It was early November and I thought it would be a nice day out…How wrong I could be!!


I don’t mind driving…but I do mind being stuck behind a crocodile row of cars following a tractor, pulling a trailer, never exceeding 40mph…the 25 min journey became 45 mins+


Why did it seem like everyone and their aunt decided to try to park just in front of me? Mini Me asked if people were Christmas shopping…I replied “don’t be silly…it is early November!”


Somewhere between parking the car and entering the shops we must have slipped through a time portal…because when we entered the shops there appeared to be a mass panic.  Was it now Christmas Eve? People in Argos were grabbing things and elbowing their way to the back of queues…all I wanted was a soda stream…I was risking life n limb for that, so we left.  There was a gentleman choosing from the “Elizabeth Duke” range of delights who had the hairiest backside I have ever seen…and 90% of it was not inside his jeans…it was not a pleasant sight!!  The image will haunt us forever…

Google Maps

Having decided to escape the hell of the Overgate we headed for “Jushi” which was fabulous…well apart from Google Maps thinking it would be better if we walked the scenic route…IN THE RAIN…but considering the vision of the hairy mans butt…us with our fuzzy hair was still better.

Driving Home

No tractors…and once we circled roundabouts which are being rebuilt faster than you can drive round them…we were heading home!  I decided then that me and shopping are just not best friends. I dont want to listen to Slade in November (or December). I don’t want to queue in Argos for a week, or see the derrier that we saw.  Carparks are not my idea of festive fun and I can happily live without that “experience” again.  Everything in every shop looked the same…nobody even looked at what they were buying…it lacked any festiveness for me, and nobody I saw looked like they were enjoying it.

glittery 2Driving away from the madness I started to think…

  • Everything I make is unique…no two things are ever identical

  • People who come to me don’t need to queue, wait, see hairy behinds or listen to Slade

  • Parking doesn’t cost £8 a minute

  • More people need to experience Impressive shopping!!

So…if you’d like to avoid all the above STRESS and instead give a gift that is unique & hand made for you. Take a look…

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PS – I do love Christmas really! Jen  **whistles Slade