How to take a Doggy Nose Impression

HELP! How do I take an impression of my dogs nose?

It is easier than you think to capture an impression of your dogs nose.  When your kit arrives please read through your instructions, watch this video…then have fun!


  1. Mix your putty well…make sure there are no streaks

  2. If you press it onto your dog’s nose but you’re not happy with the impression…reform the blob quickly and try again!

  3. While the putty sets, you can manipulate it a bit in the palm of your hand. Do not touch the impression itself, but try to get a good, straight finish to your mould.

How to take a Doggy Nose Impression 1

How did you get on?

If you’ve ordered already – I look forward to getting your prints back!

If you’d like to order a silver dog nose – click HERE!!

Did you read my article on 3D casting with Dogs? Read it HERE.

Have an Impressive Day,

Best wishes

Jen & Farrah x

2 thoughts on “How to take a Doggy Nose Impression

  • April 25, 2017 at 8:53 pm

    Hi, I’m looking at having a silver dog nose impression for my husbands 50th in August. When I order, will I receive the putty in the post to make the impression?
    I was looking for a key ring for it but you don’t do them?
    Roughly how long from ordering would it take to do?

    • April 26, 2017 at 7:44 pm

      Hi, yes a kit is posted out to you if you order online. If you are local you can book an appointment with me.
      I have keyrings I can add too.
      When you order your kit is posted out 24 later and once the prints are returned to me I need 10-14 days to complete your order. It is posted back to you via Special Next Day Delivery with Royal Mail.


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