Hand Casting – Family Hand Casting

Our hands are instantly recognisable and define us - they are as unique as we are.

Hand Castings are created at the Impressive Memories studio which is Glenrothes in Fife. Easily accessible to Kirkcaldy (10 mins), Dunfermline (20 mins), Dundee (40 mins), Edinburgh (45 mins).

Hand casts can be created with -
  • Individual single hands
  • 2 adults
  • Adult and child
  • 3 -5 hands clasped (size dependent)
  • Up to 4 hands/arms linked
Great for capturing -
  • Wedding couples
  • Family groups
  • Holding our pets paw
  • I also offer a memorial service for bereaved families too.

Capturing a hand cast lets you hold onto a memory of an event -

  • An engagement, wedding or anniversary.
  • It can commemorate a birthday or a family milestone
  • It can represent a pastime or hobby - ballet dancers or sports perhaps.
  • Pets can have their paws cast with you.
  • Find out more about my memorial work here.

How Much Does This Cost?

  • 1 Individual adult hand from £120
  • 1 Child's hand (age 2-12) £90
  • 1 Child's foot (age 2-4max) £75
  • 2 Children Holding hands (both over 4 years and under 12) from £185
  • Adult and Child (under 12) from £195
  • 2 Adults Clasped from £205
  • 3 Hands Clasped from £395
  • 4 Hands Clasped from £495
  • Hand Holding Dog Paw from £195
  • Framing from £50

Can I wear my rings?

Yes! Plain wedding bands can be worn at no extra cost.

If you'd like to wear ornate rings (detailed or stone set) in your cast, you're welcome to do this.

Each ornate ring worn costs an additional £20 to be included in your casting.

Would you like to split the costs?

You're welcome to split the costs of your casting into 3 payments.

  1. Online Booking Deposit (deducted from your cast price)
  2. Pay 50% on the day of your casting via bank transfer
  3. Approx 12 weeks until the final balance is due.

For Example - An adult hand clasp costing £205 -

  1. Online Booking Deposit of  £40 this prepaid deposit is deducted on the day of your casting
  2. On the day pay £82.50 by bank transfer or cash
  3. 12 weeks later pay the balance of £82.50 by bank transfer or card payment or cash


mum and daughter cropped

“Holding hands is a promise to one another that, for just a moment, the two of you don’t have to face the world alone.”

hand casting detail
couple hand clasp

Ready to make a booking?

Choose a date and time to create YOUR hand cast!

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Give someone a GIFT EXPERIENCE to capture their Impressive Memories

Family Hand Casting - Arms Linked

Ideal if you're looking to capture a hand casting of 3 or more hands.

The casting is done at the studio which is based in Glenrothes. Easily accessible to Kirkcaldy (10 mins), Dunfermline (20 mins), Dundee (40 mins), Edinburgh (45 mins).

This casting is better suited for adults and older children. It takes longer to cast and requires more patience, cooperation, and understanding.

More Hands to Include in Your Casting?


A popular choice to create a family memory, a future heirloom - a work of art created by those who are priceless to you.

Capturing a moment in time - Your LINKED HAND CASTING can include children (aged 4 and over who can follow instructions), parents and grandparents alike.

  • 3 arms linked from £495
  • 4 arms linked from £595

More than 5 people? Please get in touch and we can have a chat about the options you have.

family arms linking

Handshake Casting

This very impressive casting is a stunning heirloom. With it's suspended mounting you have a full 365 degree casting.

This casting starts at £395.

Whose hand would you be shaking?

  • Father & Son
  • Business Partners
  • Brothers
adult 3D handshake dad
hand casting
hand shake casting
hand shake cast

Holding Paws with Your Dog?

If you'd like to capture an Impressive Memory with your pet, you can find out more about pet casting and paw casting HERE

3d pet casting of dogs paw

Got a Question to Ask?

Get in touch and we can have a chat. I am more than happy to answer any questions, concerns or ideas you might have.

Where is this done?

Impressive Memories studio is based in Cadham Business Centre, Glenrothes, in Fife, Scotland. With parking and disabled access, you are very welcome to make a booking and come along to capture YOUR impressive memories. Pets are welcome too and with a surrounding of woodland walks, they can enjoy their memorable day too!

Impressive Memories is approximately 40 mins drive north of the Forth Bridge & 30 mins south from the Tay Bridge - making me accessible from Edinburgh, Dundee, Perth & Kinross.

Do I need to travel to you?


How long will the booking take?

Your appointment will last approximately 45 mins to an hour for a 2-hand clasp casting, and a little bit longer for 3 or more hands clasped.

Wreath castings and handshake castings take longer. Approx 2 hours.

When will it be ready to collect?

2 hand clasp casting needs approx 12 weeks to complete.

3 hand clasp casting needs approx 14 weeks to complete.

Wreath castings & bespoke orders need approx 18 weeks to complete.

I'd LOVE to do this!!

Choose a date and time to create YOUR hand cast!

Join me over on Facebook to see more examples of handcasts and read the comments from those who created them, and their family and friends here.