Partnership Offer

Are you a life caster? Could we work in partnership to create Tiny Treasures?

miniaturised 3d casts silver

Would you like to…

  • Offer YOUR customers a LUXURIOUS product?

  • Attract more IDEAL CLIENTS to your business? 

  • Increase YOUR life casting product range?

  • Earn extra MONEY & INCREASE YOUR SALES £££ ?

What are Tiny Treasures?

‘Tiny Treasures’ are miniaturised 3D casts made from solid sterling silver. They are entirely hand made, by me – Jen.  I am business owner and general dogsbody of Impressive Memories.  I combined my 13 years of life casting skills with my ability to make jewellery, and created my own methodology to make these bespoke charms.

Read on to find out how we can work together...


This could bring YOU a LOT of new customers AND business...can you handle that?

If you can answer YES to the following...we can work together!

  • I am a life caster
  • I can cope with more happy customers
  • I would also be willing to make money – easily!

How will we do this?

I think these charms are amazing and I want to be able to share them with as many people as possible.  I want them to bring smiles to new parents.  I want to create heirlooms of the future, now.  To comfort a mum who’s baby was born sleeping. To be worn on a proud Dad’s cufflinks. For doting grandparents who are impossible to buy gifts for.

To do this…I need your help…

Technology helps me a tiny bit in making these, but I still entirely rely on LIFE CASTERS to create the initial casts.  That’s why I need your help.

Together we can –

  • share & promote good life casting skills
  • make luxury items more accessible to more people
  • help each other’s businesses grow and thrive

How much could you earn?

Miniaturised sterling silver casts are seen as an elite item, that usually come at a high price. I believe my ‘Tiny Treasures’ are a luxury product with an affordable price tag.

I currently offer a set of TWO Tiny Treasure charms (on a sterling silver chain) to my customers for £539, or a single charm (with a sterling silver chain) for £297. This price includes clients coming to my studio to have the initial cast taken. This works well with local customers who can visit me…but it limits who I can offer the charms to.

This is where you come in…

Instead of me taking the first cast…YOU DO!  You control how much you charge your customer to do this for them…but you also get paid be me too!

I will pay you 10% of the price of jewellery that YOUR customer purchases from MY site.  Each client that you help towards owning a set of  two ‘Tiny Treasures’ will earn you £53.90 ON TOP OF ANY COST THAT YOU CHOOSE TO CHARGE.

You might offer to do provide this service for FREE to your customers IF they also commit to buying framed and finished casts too.  Once they come to your studio, see your work, know what is available to them…who knows what else they might purchase? BUT, you know that you WILL receive £53.90 from me when YOUR customer completes a sale with me, purchasing a set of ‘Tiny Treasures’.

*I offer payment plans…if your client chooses to split the costs when purchasing from me, your payments will also be split.

How Will This Happen?

miniaturised 3d casts silver
casting baby foot appointment
cleaning a cast appointment

Step 1

You will share your new Impressive product offering to your customers. Explain how collaboratively they can proudly own ‘Tiny Treasures’.


Step 2

You will arrange to take 3D casts for them. YOU decide the price, YOU keep 100% of this sale…AND also get paid by my for doing this!

I can return your casts for completion & FURTHER INCREASE YOUR SALES.

Step 3

Casts need virtually no cleaning up!! Just remove any large lumps or bumps, let them dry & strengthen for a short time.

Quick turn around time. Minimal work. Maximum ROI.

Step 4

Post the casts to Impressive Memories.  You can do this for your customer, or you can let them do this part themselves – you decide.



Who makes these?

Jen – Owner of Impressive Memories.

How is this done?

I combined my life casting skills with my love of technology and created my own method to create miniaturised 3D casts.  I then added my jewellery making skills – sprinkled some magic – Tiny Treasures were born!!

Are they Hallmarked?

They can be, but they are under the legal weight requirement so it is not legally necessary.

Can they be gold?

Only sterling silver…at the moment 😉

Do casts get returned?

Yes, the casts can be returned and finished, cleaned properly and completed.

Oops-I painted them...

Sorry, only raw plaster casts. No paint, varnish or finish on them.

Let's Do This!!!

Pop your email address below and I will be in touch.  I’m sure you will have questions – but I’d like to get to know you better too!  

psst – don’t worry about spam…I hate it too…your details will never go anywhere else.

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