Pets & Making Memories


Pet Dog Nose Framed Keepsake

Treat yourself or a loved one to a truly unique gift that encapsulates the love and loyalty of our furry friends. Introducing our heart-melting Framed Dog Nose Keepsake!

This is an exact moulding of YOUR actual dog’s nose – how Impressive! A unique and personalised work of art inspired & created by your dog’s unique nose.

Order via the online shop to create your molding at home OR make a booking and bring your dog to the studio to create this!



Impressive Pets...capturing memories with our furry families

Dogs, cats, guinea pigs, hamsters, and even pygmy hedgehogs...they've all made Impressive Memories and there are many more creatures - great and small - who can create memories too! If they mean the world to you, take a look and see what we can do...

At Impressive Memories you and your Impressive Pet can create:
  • DOG Paw Casting (at the Studio in Fife, Scotland)
  • Handmade Jewellery (Online Shop &  at the studio)
  • Ceramics & Clay (at the Studio in Fife, Scotland)

Dog Paw Casting

Dog Paw casting is a fantastic way to capture a moment with your favourite furry family. I can cast any dog of any breed, however, I think it's important to explain the reasons why some dog breeds are more suitable than others.

Please get in touch and we can have a chat and advise you on what's best for you and your pooches paws.

Paw casting is done here at the studio. I do not sell kits for dog paw castings & I would never recommend attempting to cast an animals paw without prior experience. It's just not fair to do that to your pet.

My studio is based in Glenrothes, next to a large park & several woodland walks nearby. Perfect for before or after your casting experience.

How much does this cost?

  • Dog paw cast & mounted on a marble base with name plaque £90
  • One hand holding a dogs paw, cast together  – from £195
  • Two hands holding a dog paw - from £345
  • Framed dog cast from £145
  • Bespoke dog paw casting enquiries are welcome.


3d cast of dog paw
3d pet casting of dogs paw held by owners hand
paw cast finished in antique silver
3d pet casting of dogs paw
boxer dog paw cast
3d pet casting of dogs paw
lifecast of adult hands holding cast of dogs paw
3d pet casting of dogs paw

Silver Dog Noses

Did you know that your dog's nose is as unique as our fingerprints?
I can gently, quickly and easily capture your dog's nose print, for you to enjoy in sterling silver – for a lifetime.  Alternatively, I can also post a kit for you to take the prints yourself…

Make a statement piece of bespoke jewellery from your furry best friend.

All charms are fully soldered as standard. Personalised with details of your choice at no extra cost.

If you'd like a larger nose made this is easily done but will also require to be hallmarked at Edinburgh Assay Office. I am fully registered to do this. The cost for Hallmarking will be approx £40 over and above the cost of your dog nose charm.

Order your Silver Dog Nose NOW – click HERE.

*Once you have a nose impression you can also create one of our NEW ITEM - Framed Noses! See the online shop for info!


Ceramics & Clay Paw Imprints

Come along to the studio and create a kiln-fired & glazed, ceramic imprint of your pooch's paws. It's quick, easy and stress-free for both you and your furry friend.

Perfect gifts for doting 'paw'rents'…a unique and affordable impressive memory to treasure.

Choose from –

  • A single paw…£45 each
  • A double print…2 paws £65
  • Add a Box Frame from £30
  • Add a clock £12
ceramic clay single paw imprint
ceramic clay double paw imprint
double paw in clay box framed
clay paw imprint clock

Pet Inspired Jewellery

Who wouldn't want to wear bespoke jewellery designed and made for them incorporating your pet?

Paw prints, Nose Impressions, Locks of fur too...there's rings, necklaces, Pandora style beads, charms & earrings...not to mention a full range of jewellery incorporating cremation ashes too, to hold on to those precious memories forever.

Which Impressive Memory of your pet will you capture?