Fingerprint Jewellery

This section of fingerprint jewellery is made from a silicone impression of the fingerprint which is pressed in to sterling silver. Every fingerprint is as unique as we are and your jewellery will give an exact impression of your loved one’s fingerprint.

(Fingerprint jewellery can also be made from ink prints. Please see the ink print jewellery section to find out more.)

From about the age of 12 months, our fingerprints are developed enough to create fingerprint jewellery.  If your baby is under 12 months it might be better to choose ink print jewellery instead…BUT…there are alternatives.  You can capture the wrinkles from the palm of your babies hand, the sole of their foot, or a little fingernail perhaps. Please just ask if you have any questions, I’m happy to help you create an Impressive Memory!

Everything you need is provided in your fingerprint impression kit when you buy a piece of jewellery. The kit can be posted to you or you can make an appointment to visit my studio and I can take the print for you. (Once you have the prints, these can be reused for years to come…for other family members to order, or for you to make a special gift perhaps.

Why just wear jewellery, when you can wear personally designed and handmade jewellery, capturing those we love the most?

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