Handprints & Footprints

Miniprint jewellery is made by taking your child’s hand & footprint, shrinking it and imprinting it into your sterling silver charm.

Capturing a memory of whoever means the most to you, creating a bespoke piece of jewellery for you to wear & enjoy…showing the world how Impressive your Memories are.

Taking a hand and footprint is quick, mess-free and easy. Everything you need is provided in your kit which can be posted to you, or you are welcome to make a booking and come along to my studio if you’d prefer me to do this for you. It works like magic and captures the finest of details. With some more impressive magic I then shrink this down and imprint it into your pure silver charm.

Looking for a gift? Miniprint jewellery is suitable for babies from birth onwards…there are no age limits.

Why wear jewellery, when you can wear personally designed and handmade jewellery, capturing those we love the most?

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