Rings & Earrings

Our fingerprints are as unique as we are.  Imagine being able to wear a loved ones prints on your own fingerprint ring? Taking them with you wherever you go.  A memory too impressive to not capture.

From about the age of 12 months our fingerprints are developed enough to create fingerprint jewellery.  If your baby is under 12 months it is better to choose Miniprint jewellery instead…BUT…there are alternatives.  You can capture the wrinkles from the palm of your babies hand, the sole of their foot, or a little fingernail perhaps. Please just ask if you have any questions, I’m happy to help – let’s create an Impressive Memory!

If you little person is still too tiny to have fingerprints then a miniprint is perfect. A clean wipe takes a detailed print of the hand or foot (or paw) and is then shrunk down in all its perfect glory to be made into your ring. Just as with the fingerprints…all made just how you’d like it.

Everything you need is provided in your fingerprint or miniprint kit. Myabe you already have prints of your own, or ones taken by the hospital at birth – these can be used too. I just need to scan them – the orginals will be perfectly safe.
Kits can be posted to you or you can make an appointment to visit my studio and I can take the print for you. (Once you have the prints, these can be reused for years to come…for other family members to order, or for you to make a special gift perhaps. These can be made as memorial pieces too…please ask if you need any assistance.

Why just wear jewellery, when you can wear personally designed and handmade fingerprint rings, capturing those we love the most?

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