Celtic Ring (Wide Shoulder) with Lock of Hair or Fur in Sterling Silver


Our Celtic wide shoulder ring will let you wear YOUR most impressive memories. Made as uniquely as the memories held inside.

Which element will be encapsulated in your jewellery?

How much of your elements would you like added to your jewellery?

If you are unsure of your ring size it is safer to request our ring sizer be sent to you. Rings cannot be adjusted once they are made.


Celtic Ring (Wide Shoulder) with Lock of Hair or Fur in Sterling Silver

Hold on to a precious lock of hair or fur in this elegant Celtic sterling silver ring.

This Celtic Wider Shoulder ring is a beautiful way to wear your memories wherever you go! Captured discretely inside you can hold onto:

  • A lock of hair from babies first curl
  • A precious lock of hair from a lost loved one
  • Fur from your adored pet could also be held safely and beautifully within your Celtic ring

Your Celtic sterling silver ring will be handmade to your specifications, sized to fit you, and individually created.

I only need a small amount of hair (please don’t ever send 100% of what you have). A lock of approx 4cm is a perfect amount, but get in touch, and we can have a chat if you’re not sure.

Upon purchasing, I will send you an element kit with everything you need to collect and return a small amount of hair or fur.  All charms are encapsulated individually and any unused hair or fur will be returned to you with your completed jewellery. Only a small amount is needed and is always treated with the utmost care and respect.


Colour Choices

With 40 impressive colours to choose from, there are no limits to the individuality of your jewellery.

  • If you would like the hair or fur to be visible – 

When encapsulating light/blonde/grey/white hair it can become a little more translucent. It is better to choose a lighter background colour to enhance the elements & a minimum of 60% (otherwise it may be more difficult to see).

  • For a subtle effect –

If you would like your elements to be more discreet and subtle, then choose to add less elements and a darker background shade.

  • You also have the option to alter any of the 40 colours below by combining them with white to create a lighter shade than shown below. 

eg for a pale pink first choose ‘Pink’ then select that you would like it to MAKE COLOUR CHOICE LIGHTER SHADE.

20% will give a subtle effect, just a few strands of hair. Discreet & delicate.

60% will show the hair more visibly with an equal balance of background colour and encapsulation. Lighter hair will always be more subtle than darker.

80% will predominantly show the elements encapsulated. The background colour will be less prominent.

Finally, add our Iridescent Shimmering Rainbow Sparkle Top Coat is also available to catch the light and make your jewellery sparkle subtly.


Celtic Ring (Wide Shoulder) with Lock of Hair or Fur in Sterling Silver 1




The Celtic range offers a beautiful way to encapsulate a precious lock of hair, fur, or cherished cremation ashes.  Safely and discreetly encased in high-quality resin, these unique, statement pieces of sterling silver jewellery let you carry a memory with you, whilst wearing a stunning Celtic design.

  • Capture your child’s first curl of hair
  • A lock of memorial hair
  • Lock of pet fur

The area filled with your elements on your pendant measures 8 x 6 mm.

This sterling silver Celtic ring is a beautiful way to encapsulate a precious lock of hair, fur or cherished cremation ashes.  Safely and discreetly encased in high-quality resin, these unique, sterling silver let you carry a memory with you.

You must care for resin jewellery otherwise it can become damaged or dull. Resin should be kept clean and dry, away from moisture, makeup, perfumes and chemicals etc. Avoid prolonged sunlight too. Treat your resin jewellery as you would an opal – a soft stone that needs a more gentle life.

Your jewellery will be as unique as the Impressive Memories held within it.

All jewellery will look very different & are unpredictable due to the unique and individual nature of the jewellery and its content. Results will vary depending on each encapsulation and the final appearance cannot be based on a previous photograph shown. If you have a specific look or appearance that you would like, please message me and make your wishes clearly known. I am happy to advise and try to make it to your specific wishes but your piece is bespoke and unique to you and no refund, replacement or substitution can, or will, be offered if it does not look as you expect it to.

What’s my ring size?

If you aren’t sure of your ring size please request the ring sizer to be sent to you, then confirm the ring size you’d like when you return your elements (and the ring sizer) in your prepaid pack. It’s important to know your ring size is correct, as your ring cannot be re-sized or altered once it has been made.


Order Process

  1. I will send out an element kit with everything you need to package your elements. Please see our Ts& Cs for more accurate postage times.
  2. You will return your precious lock of hair/cremation ashes to me in your prepaid return pack that is supplied.
  3. When it arrives back at Impressive Memories Ltd you will receive an email. This will also have an estimated completion & possible delivery date.
  4. When your jewellery is completed it will be posted to you FULLY INSURED via Royal Mail Special Delivery. You will receive a tracking code the day before it is due to arrive (by 1pm)

If you order more than one item – the delivery price doesn’t change…NOW THAT’S IMPRESSIVE!

Drop me a message or call me on 07837 800353 if you have any questions, we’re happy to help x

Additional information

Colour Choice

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