Drawing/Doodle on a Stainless Steel Dog Tag


This stainless steel dog tag will be engraved with a treasured drawing or doodle to create a unique keepsake.

Your drawing or doodle

Upload an image of your single line drawing or doodle here, please.

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I understand that the continual use of this product may cause the personalised detail to become less visible.


This stainless steel dog tag will be engraved with a drawing or doodle to create a unique keepsake key ring or can be worn on a chain too.

Your drawing/doodle will be engraved onto the keyring. It's your keepsake - create it your way!

  • A treasured drawing from your child or grandchild?
  • Doodle or scribble from a loved one?
  • Your very own work of art imortalised!

Just scan the image you'd like (at 600dpi) or take a good, clear photograph in good lighting. Upload your image below and that's it! Impressive!!

Your drawing or doodle must be a single line drawing with no colour or shading - just single line drawing.

After you order you'll receive a proof copy of your design within 7 working days, this needs your approval before it's engraved. If changes or adaptions need to be made these again will be done within 7 working days of receiving the request for change. Once approved your dog tag will be made/posted in 14 days.


  1. Please be aware that this keepsake is lightly engraved onto the stainless steel. Care should be taken to avoid scratching as this will damage the highly polished surface.
  2. Daily use may cause the detail to become less visible over time.
  3. Treating it carefully will preserve its lifespan!
  4. This item is not laser engraved.


Additional information

Which would you like included with your Dog Tag?

Key Ring Please, Dog Tag Chain Please


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