Fingerprint Lily Earrings


Sterling silver lily earrings with fingerprint tucked discreetly inside.


Silver fingerprint lily earrings

Handmade – made uniquely for you.

Capturing an Impressive fingerprint.

  • Are lilies your favourite flower? Flowers can remind you of a celebration or a special occasion.
  • Did you have Lilies in your wedding bouquet?
  • Do you have a daughter called Lily?

Beautiful gift for a Bride, the Mother of the Bride, Wedding anniversary, the birth of a child…or treat yourself…you deserve it!

Can you see the beautiful fingerprint detail inside these gorgeous, delicate, sterling silver earrings? I hand make these lilies by rolling a love heart of silver with your chosen fingerprints. They really is so pretty, and eye catching…imagine giving this as a gift to someone impressively special?
A popular choice as a memorial piece of jewellery too. The perfect way to keep someone with you, forever. I am more than happy to help you create this
Wear your heart on your sleeve if you like…but wearing loved one’s fingerprints on YOUR jewellery, is a truly impressive act of love ♥

Children’s fingerprints are not as developed as adults so there might not be as much detail, but you will still have a very cute impression of their little finger. The finished product will depend upon the quality of impression that I receive. Babies under the age of 12 months (and sometimes some older ones) will not have developed clear fingerprints, but don’t worry…a palm print is an alternative way to capture details.

When you order, I can post out your kit for you to take your fingerprint impression…all made personally, impressively for you.  Distance is no problem.


Choose from small (measures approx 14mm tall, 12 mm wide) or medium (approx 20mm tall, 15mm wide). **Measuring only the lily, not the fitting/jump ring/earring fitting.

Lily fingerprint earrings






Additional information

Which size of lily earrings would you like?

Small, Medium

What you would like inside your lilies?

Swarovski Pearl, Swarovski Clear Crystal

Do you need a free print kit?

Yes Please, No Thanks

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