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Remeber’ring’ an Impressive Memory…

Impressive solid sterling silver fingerprint rings are a perfect keepsake for mums, girlfriends, wives, daughters and grandmothers and make a unique and very personal gift.

Capturing our fingerprints it can also make a beautiful memorial to loved ones. A secret message or names can also be stamped inside the ring band, making it as uniquely impressive as the recipient ♥

Here is your chance to create a one of a kind special fingerprint rings – sterling silver handmade FOR your loved one, FROM your loved one’s fingerprints.  Wear your heart on your sleeve if you like…but wearing someone’s fingerprints on YOUR fingers, is a truly impressive act of love ♥

Children fingerprints under 12 months are not as developed as adults. Alternatively you can capture the wrinkles from the palm of their hand or foot to show more detail on your jewellery. For this item, I’d recommend using the palm wrinkle for children under the age of 3 years. 

Sterling Silver Fingerprint Ring bands are approx. 3.5mm wide. I can also add a name, word, date or short message inside the band.

When you order, I will post out your kit for you to take your fingerprint impression. You may already have a fingerprint impression that you’d like me to use, you are more than welcome to do this. 

If you have an ink print of a fingerprint please order from here.

*can be stamped on inside with up to 10 letters/numbers, including spaces.

  • Fingerprint putty will capture the fingerprints from babies approximately 12 months old to over 100 years +…it’s mess free – easy & fun to do. *Babies prints develop at different ages, most have defined prints by 12 months, but it is not guaranteed – we are all unique!

    Fingerprints are created by using a two part putty.  These take a detailed imprint of the fingerprint. Your kit will contain a special two part putty that when mixed together sets within approx 4 minutes. All instructions are sent with your kit.

    For young babies an alternative to capturing a fingerprint is to take an impression from the wrinkles on the baby foot or palm of hand, or perhaps a little finger nail impression.