Fingerprint Stainless Steel Dog Tag


This stainless steel dog tag will be engraved with the fingerprint of a loved one to create a unique keepsake.


Fingerprint Kit *

Would you like a kit posted to you (with prepaid return pack) to capture the fingerprint for your Dog Tag?

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If you already have the ink fingerprint to be engraved on your dog tag please upload the image here.

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Written Detail

Type the words/message you’d like ABOVE and BELOW your fingerprint.


I understand that the continual use of this product may cause the personalised detail to become less visible.

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This stainless steel dog tag will be engraved with the fingerprint of a loved one to create a unique keepsake key ring or can be worn on a chain too.

Your fingerprint will be engraved onto the keyring. You can choose text above & below your print with a name, date or message - it's your keepsake - create it your way!

  • If you already have an ink fingerprint you can attach a good photo or scanned image of the print. It needs to be a good clear, detailed print, please. Smudged prints cannot be engraved.
  • If you don't yet have the fingerprint you can choose to have a kit posted out to you to capture the fingerprint. Your kit will also have a prepaid return envelope to send back your prints.

  1. Please be aware that this keepsake is lightly engraved onto the stainless steel. Care should be taken to avoid scratching as this will damage the highly polished surface.
  2. Daily use may cause the detail to become less visible over time.
  3. Treating it carefully will preserve its lifespan!


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