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Are you interested in learning the art of life casting?


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Are you interested in learning the art of life casting? Would you like to start a new hobby to capture your own family and friends, or do you have plans to venture towards a new profession or business venture?

I am Jen, owner and founder of Impressive Memories.  I began lifecasting while I was on maternity leave from my teaching career in 2003.  I now run my business full time – and I love it!

I choose the hours I want to work, I have complete control over my schedule with total flexibility to accommodate and prioritise my work/life balance.  I spend my time meeting people who share my passion for capturing the most impressive moments in our lives.  You could too!

But don’t for a minute think it is or ever was easy! I slogged away for years learning how to do this because I knew I wanted to be the very best…I didn’t want to cut corners, I didn’t expect it to be easy – and it wasn’t and still isn’t. It is constant hard work, learning and determination to succeed.

If you don’t have that – don’t go any further as this is not for you.


  • Babies & Children Casting – 2.5 hours training.
  • Clasp Casting – 2.5 hours training.
  • Pet Casting – 2.5 hours training.
  • Plaster skills – 1.5 hours training.
  • Cleaning & refining – 1.5 hours training.
  • Finishing techniques – 1.5 hours training
  • Framing – 1.5 hours training.
  • 2D imprint & outprint training. (You will also need to invest in a kiln & other machinery to do this properly)

Each skill is listed separately, but to learn correctly you need to invest in multiples of the options shown, therefore individual purchases are not accepted.


Once you’ve had the one-to-one training THAT is when your learning properly begins. You will leave knowing all the answers…but you then need to practise practise practise for months and months and months…if you want to become a reputable and trusted lifecaster.

It can’t and won’t happen overnight. You will, however, have access to ask for help as you continue to learn. I will be at the end of the phone and we will have meetings to recap what you learned. You WILL have questions…and as you progress, you will need this support.

I WILL NOT allow a person to spend a few hours being shown something and then let them walk off thinking they are ‘qualified’!!! There won’t be certificates making false claims that you are now ‘fully trained’ because that is just a ridiculous statement, and an insult to the lifecasting industry.

If you want certificates and instant gratification, I am not the teacher for you. I will only train people who understand this.


I have an 18-year career in teaching after graduating with a Bachelor of Education (with Honours) in music. Teaching is also a learned skill. It is not prescriptive and 1:1 teaching is adapted to suit YOUR learning style.

Watching a youtube video, in my opinion, is not teaching (and can also be very dangerous) – That’s just a demonstration of how a person does something THIER way…for you to succeed, you need to be taught how to do it YOUR way. 

CONTACT ME FIRST BEFORE PURCHASING PLEASE to arrange & confirm suitability & availability.

Training will take place at my studio in Pitcairn, Glenrothes.  Models to be used in training sessions must be arranged and organised by the trainee.

After your sessions, we will plan out your next steps and create a plan of what and where you would like future support.


Terms & Conditions Apply and training is subject to suitability and acceptance to partake in training with myself.

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Training Options

Babies & Children Casting, Clasp Casting, Pet Casting, Plaster Skills, Cleaning & Refining Skills, Finishing Skills, Framing Skills, 2D imprints/outprints


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