Mini Print Silver Cuff Links





Mini Print Cuff links – Created with miniaturised hand and foot prints of YOUR child.

Cuff links are a stylish finishing touch for Impressive Dads, Uncles, Godfathers and Granddads.  Impressive Memories personalised, sterling silver cuff links, are a chance for the most Impressive men to shine out above the rest.  Imagine being able to wear YOUR child’s hand and foot print, magically shrunk down to fit your cuff links? Proudly telling the world of your greatest achievement. They can tell a story, mark a moment, remember a memory.  YOU can design these to show exactly what you want them to capture. Made uniquely by hand, personalised to YOUR design. 

Wearing these with pride, showing the world how proud you are.  It makes a bespoke keepsake, while capturing a unique memory of those impressive little people in your life.  Capture a unique memory today.

  • Why not treat yourself?
  • Wanting to make a great impression at work?
  • Celebrate a milestone?  A Wedding? An anniversary?
  • Create as a gift for a doting grandparent?
  • Mini prints can be taken from approximately birth to 100 years +…mess free – easy & fun to do.
  • We are all unique!

  • Measuring approx 1.8cm.  Each cuff link can have a one or two mini prints, with or without a name, date or word, stamped or hand engraved.  The back can be engraved by hand with a date, name or word (approx 6 digits each).

    All Impressive Memories Charms are made from sterling silver.  All charms are completed with hallmarked sterling silver backings.

    Upon ordering you will be sent your free mini print kit. A simple, quick and mess free way to capture all the detail of hand and foot prints.

Memories this Impressive need to be remembered!