Silver Ring (hand/foot/paw/finger ink prints)


Estimated Delivery Date: 14-21 days (after returning prints/elements)

1. Ring Size

What size of ring would you like?

2. Shape *

What shape of ring would you like?

3. What style of band would you like for your ring? *

There are three options to choose from.

4. Engraved Detail

If you chose option 3(c) above (Broader Band – 4mm x 0.84mm With Engraved Details) please type up to ten letters or numbers that you’d like engraved inside your ring band.

Do you already have the ink prints?

If you already have the prints you’d like me to use please upload a scanned (600DPI)image here.

(max file size 128 MB)


Remeber’ring’ an Impressive Memory…

Impressive sterling silver ink print rings are a perfect keepsake for mums, girlfriends, wives, daughters and grandmothers. They make a unique and very personal gift. Capturing a miniaturised print of a hand and foot. A secret message or names can also be engraved inside the ring, making it as uniquely impressive as the recipient ♥

Here is your chance to create a one of a kind special ink print ring – sterling silver, handmade FOR your loved one, FROM your loved one’s hand or footprints, fingerprint or even a paw print.  Wear your heart on your sleeve if you like…but wearing someone’s ink prints on YOUR fingers, is a truly impressive act of love ♥

Children and babies of any age can create this for you – adults too if you wish, not to mention paws. Also if you have an ink fingerprint this is the option to choose.

Choice of bands for your ring

  • (a) ‘D’ shaped Band – 2.3mm x 1.5mm – This eco silver option is 100% recycled silver for the ethically conscious who still want beautiful sterling silver. 
  • (b) Broader Band – 4mm x 0.84mm plain, smooth silver (not patterned as illustrated) – A broader, flat band in Standard Sterling Silver.
  • (c) Broader Band – 4mm x 0.84mm as for option (b) with the addition of engraved details (up to 10 letters/numbers) inside your ring band.

When you order, I can post out your kit for you to take your hand or footprint, fingerprint or paw print! or you may already have these and can upload them to me.

Shapes available…traditional heart, curvy heart (shown in pic)…ask if you have an idea…it might be possible.