Signature & Hand Writing Charm with Fingerprint: Medium



Engraving Back


Are you looking to add an Impressively unique charm to your jewellery collection?

You’ve decided to make a fingerprint charm of a very impressive loved one…great! Now imagine being able to add a personally written message – from that person – on your jewellery too? Impressive!!

Ok, first of all, to do this we need a fingerprint AND you need is a good clear scanned image of the handwriting, from your original source.

(The fingerprint is taken using the kit I provide you)

Please drop me a message to make sure your written signature will be suitable before purchasing. Contact me here.

The example shows how the signature from a birthday card was transferred onto a charm. A medium charm can fit one word, as the example shows.

It’s best to ask first…I’m happy to help.

The reverse of your charm can have a hand engraved writing (max three words), written by me.


Medium charms – ideal for necklaces.  Measuring approx 22mm (depending on the shape) – it will have one fingerprint, and one word on the front.  The back can be engraved by hand with a date, date and name or a max of three words (approx 6 digits each).

All Impressive Memories Charms are made from sterling silver.  All charms are completed with a fully soldered jump ring made from sterling silver, and the Pandora style fitting is also sterling silver.

Memories this Impressive need to be remembered!

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