Double Sided Silver Handprint & Footprint Charm


Create a DOUBLE SIDED memory of handprints and/or footprints to wear on your handmade sterling silver charm. Perfect size for bracelets.

Would you like to add writing?

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Do you need a Pandora style fitting?

To wear your charm on a Pandora bracelet, you will need this additional fitting (shown in the description).

SIDE ONE – Upload your own ink print here.

If you already have the ink prints for your jewellery, please upload it here for SIDE ONE.

(max file size 256 MB)

SIDE TWO – Upload your own ink print here.

If you already have the ink prints for your jewellery, please upload it here for SIDE TWO.

(max file size 256 MB)


Why only have one print when you can have two?

  • Capture YOUR child’s hand AND footprint to wear as a bespoke piece of beautiful jewellery? (or two hands/two feet – you choose!)
  • Do you have 2 children? Have a print from each child, on either side of your jewellery
  • Are you a mum of  Twins? Perfect!
  • Parents or grandparents handprints – no age limitations.
  • Husband & Wife
  • Made uniquely by hand, personalised to YOUR design.

Choose to have one print on SIDE ONE and a different print on SIDE TWO.

Need to capture the hand and footprints? No problem – Choose to have an ink print kit posted out to you to capture the hand and footprints quickly, easily and with NO MESS! I will send you 2 sheets of A4 magic paper and a special wipe. Just wipe the hand & foot and press onto the paper – watch the magic happen!! (You can then post these back to me, or send them digitally if you prefer by email).

If you already have prints you can upload them below (no print kit will be posted out as you don’t need it). Please send good quality images or I might not be able to use them. 

Make your jewellery even more personalised by adding a word or name or initials of your choice too. 

Double Sided Silver Handprint & Footprint Charm 1

The option to add a fitting to wear your charm on a Pandora bracelet is offered too.

Double Sided Silver Handprint & Footprint Charm 2

Wearing it wherever you go, showing the world how proud you are of YOUR impressive memories.  You are making a bespoke keepsake while capturing a unique memory.  

  • Why not treat yourself?
  • Returning to work and missing your little one? Take a little piece of them with you, wherever you go!
  • Celebrate a milestone? An anniversary?
  • Wear it close to your heart to remind you how precious they are.
  • Create as a gift for a doting grandparent?
  • Send as a gift to a new parent…(they’ll be delighted to have a gift that lasts a lifetime instead of an outfit that lasts a week!!!)
  • Hint Heavily to Husbands!!!  Point them in the right direction…I’ll help them all the way!!! 
  • Perfect from birth onwards…mess-free – easy & fun to do.

    Small charms – ideal for bracelets & necklaces.  Measuring approx 18mm at the widest point it is best to have one print of a hand or foot. Each side can be engraved by hand with a date or a name or any word of your choice. Please remember it will be quite tiny! 

    All Impressive Memories Charms are made from sterling silver.  All charms are completed with a fully soldered jump ring made from sterling silver.


Ink Prints are created by using inkless wipes.  These take a detailed image of the handprint and footprint or paw print, they are non-toxic, mess-free and easy to use. Your kit will contain a special inkless baby wipe and a sheet of sensitised paper, just wipe the hand or foot and press it down – it’s that simple! The wipes are used by hospitals to take children’s hands and footprints and are not toxic or harmful in any way.

Once I have your images I work a little magic and shrink YOUR perfect prints into your solid sterling silver charm.

Memories this Impressive need to be remembered!