Fingerprint Charm with Sliding Fitting (Putty Prints)


Looking to wear your most impressive loved one’s fingerprint on your Pandora bracelet or necklace? This is perfect…

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Fingerprint Charm with Sliding style fitting (fits Pandora bracelets & chains)

Personalise your favourite bracelet or necklace with this Impressive piece of keepsake jewellery. Your Fingerprint Charm is created using a putty impression of your loved one’s true fingerprint.

Putty impressions are directly pressed into your sterling silver jewellery. This gives a direct imprint of your loved one’s print – no digital manipulations and machines needed – just jewellery ‘touched’ by those that mean everything to you.

Taking the print couldn’t be easier with a Putty Print Kit sent to you free when you order, or I can use a putty print that you may already have, or maybe I already have your prints stored safely here at the studio.

  • SMALL CHARM – charm approx 16mm  (up to 4 characters on reverse)
  • MEDIUM CHARM – charm approx 22mm  (up to 8 characters on reverse)
  • LARGE CHARM – charm approx 26mm  (up to 12 characters on reverse)

Putty Kit -What happened when you choose…

  • Yes Please – I will send you a kit with enough putty to take 4 fingerprint impressions.
  • No Thanks – Just a return pack please – I will send you a prepaid return pack with all relevant packaging etc
  • No Thanks – You have these stored – After ordering please email me with your new order number and explain which prints I have on record here for you and how you’d like your jewellery made.

The front of the charm: The front of the charm will be ‘touched’ with the putty fingerprint that you supply us.

The reverse side of the charm: The reverse side can be engraved with a word or initials


Material: Sterling Silver
Charm Size: Approx 16mm
Packaging: Luxury Impressive Memories Jewellery Gift Box and voile bag

Notes about fingerprints: Children develop fingerprints at different ages. We recommend fingerprint jewellery for children over the age of 12 months, older children and adults. For children under 12 months, you might prefer the hand and footprint range. Or take a print from the palm or sole of the foot to capture more detail.

All charms are completed with a soldered jump ring & carrier bead made from sterling silver.

Fingerprint Charm with Sliding Fitting (Putty Prints) 1

Optional Pandora Fitting







Fingerprints are created by using a two-part putty.  These take a detailed imprint of the fingerprint. Your kit will contain a special two-part putty that when mixed together sets within minutes. All instructions are sent with your kit.

Memories this Impressive need to be remembered!

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