Small Golden Fingerprint Charm (Putty)



Would you like your very own piece of handmade jewellery? A charm that captures the fingerprints of your most impressive loved ones? Do you prefer to wear gold rather than silver?  I would love to make you a GOLDEN MOMENT FINGERPRINT CHARM. Whose prints will you choose? 

Detail on Reverse

Choose a word or date for the back of your charm


GOLDEN MOMENTS FINGERPRINT CHARMS (created from putty impressions)

Do you love the idea of handmade jewellery capturing the fingerprints of your most impressive loved ones? Do you prefer to wear GOLD rather than silver? Would you like to capture, create and wear a GOLDEN MOMENT FINGERPRINT CHARM?  This jewellery is NOT plated, it is NOT rolled or filled and it is NOT going to wear off. This is solid metal with a beautiful golden finish – Want to know more? keep reading…

I have made silver fingerprint jewellery for many years now and have often been asked if gold is available – and it is, but the price tag is high. If you have £500 to spare on a solid gold fingerprint charm, then I am happy to create your piece in hallmarked gold. If, on the other hand, you would rather invest just £70 to own a beautifully hand made charm that has the luxurious appearance of gold then GOLDEN MOMENTS are for you!

  • Golden Moments range is NOT a precious metal
  • Golden Moments cannot be Hallmarked.
  • They are a solid golden metal which cannot wear off
  • All metals will tarnish – this will too – but a cleaning cloth and a gentle wipe will bring it back to its shining glory.  I’ll give you a free cleaning kit too!
  • It is a very robust and strong metal – it will not scratch or damage easily.
  • The nature of the metal is better suited to more defined fingerprints – so older children through to adults, and pets too! (approx age 3 upwards – but we are all unique – get in touch and ask if you have a question).
  • Hand/foot prints also available – miniaturised imprints of hands feet and paws…perfect for younger babies & fur families.

gold fingerprint***DOG TAG ALSO AVAILABLE***

The ring (or loop) attached to the golden range is Soldered closed for additional safety & peace of mind.

All orders will come with a FREE polishing cloth!  How Impressive!!

Also available as a memorial piece – please ask about this service.

Our fingerprints are as unique as we are.  Imagine being able to wear YOUR child’s fingerprint as a piece of beautiful jewellery?  Made uniquely by hand, personalised to YOUR design. Perhaps you’d choose to capture your parent’s prints, a loved one, someone who means everything to you & you want to keep them close to you forever.

Wearing it wherever you go, showing the world how precious this person is to you.  It makes a bespoke keepsake while capturing a unique memory of those impressive people in your life.  Capture YOUR Impressive Memory today.

  • Why not treat yourself?
  • Returning to work and missing your little one? Take a little piece of them with you, wherever you go!
  • Celebrate a milestone?  A Wedding? An anniversary?
  • Wear it close to your heart to remind you how precious they are.
  • Create as a gift for a doting grandparent?
  • Hint Heavily to Husbands!!!  Point them in the right direction…
  • Perfect from approximately 3 year to 100 years +…mess free – easy & fun to do. *Babies prints develop at different ages, most have defined prints by 12 months, but it is not guaranteed – we are all unique! For this product I would recommend a child aged 3 years and over will give a more defined fingerprint. Why not take a look at the Golden charms with hand and footprints?

    Small charms – ideal for necklaces & bracelets.  Measuring approx 18mm depending on the shape. It can have one print on the front. 



    Let me know…ask here

Fingerprints are created by using a two part putty.  These take a detailed imprint of the fingerprint. Your kit will contain a special two-part putty that when mixed together sets within minutes. All instructions are sent with your FREE FINGERPRINT KIT, or book an appointment with me and I can do it all for you. 

Memories this Impressive need to be remembered!


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