Tiny Treasures Miniaturised 3D Silver Casts – TWO CHARMS



Tiny Treasures – miniaturised Silver Casts

I believe I am the FIRST and ONLY BUSINESS in Scotland to offer ‘Tiny Treasure’ miniaturised silver casts, Impressive!!

  • Who is making these?
  • Tiny Treasures are entirely hand made by me, Jen, at Impressive Memories.
  • Are they really my child’s hand and foot?
  • Yes!!  They are exact 3D replicas of  YOUR LIFE CASTS.
  • What are they made from?
  • Tiny Treasures are hand crafted in solid, luxurious, sterling silver.
Luxury usually comes at a price…but at Impressive Memories I pride myself in not only pioneering a new technique to create Tiny Treasures…I have also SMASHED the tiny market of UK competitors prices!!!!

“I have fused together cutting edge technology with my extensive life casting skills & the ability to make bespoke silver jewellery”.

What that really means is I’ve worked my socks off and made something really beautiful that EVERY mum would adore to wear…


Wow…These are IMPRESSIVE!!

How can YOU be the proud owner of luxurious Tiny Treasure miniaturised charms?

Own a SET of TWO luxurious Tiny Treasures and a necklace…



Order and Create YOURS Now!

Order your Tiny Treasures NOW and be one of the elite owners of these amazing miniature works of art. This offer is available to all impressive customers…As soon as you purchase this we will arrange a casting session at my studio, I will work my magic and you will be the proud owner of a beautiful set of TWO TINY TREASURES on a necklace.

Perfect for those of us who don’t like waiting!

HELP – I’d love these, but I can’t afford them right now.

Would splitting the cost over time be helpful? You are welcome to do this…find out how by visiting HERE.



Would you like another £50 discount?

Once your casts are taken to make your jewellery, you can also have these created into finished pieces too – framed to your specifications, or just created as stand alone casts to compare to your miniatures. If you wish to have this done you are welcome to take full advantage of a discounted rate of any of my 3D casting products, with £50 deducted.


BUT I’m TOO far away from you – what can I do?

No Problem!!  I have a network of lifecasting friends and connections all over the UK and beyond.  I work in partnership with them to offer you the opportunity to own Tiny Treasures. If you are ordering via one of my Impressive Partners they will be able to explain the process, or you are welcome to contact me directly and I will be happy to help arrange this for you too. Contact me HERE.

This is a big decision – You are creating an heirloom! Lots more information HERE and you are welcome to get in touch if you have any questions.


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