Putty Fingerprint Jewellery

Every one of our fingerprints is totally unique. Think about it: just like no two snowflakes are alike, your fingerprints are truly one-of-a-kind!

As you have now captured these Impressive Memories of your loved one, you are now able to carry that personal touch with you wherever you go!

Our fingerprint jewellery allows you to do just that, bringing you comfort and the ability to touch and hold your most cherished memories.

Isn't it incredible how something so small can hold so much sentimental value?

The prints captured for you by Impressive Memories are PUTTY prints.

*There are TWO types of fingerprint jewellery - Fingerprint jewellery can be made from a PUTTY print or a DIGITAL/INK print.
You may also have ink/digital prints which we can help you create many more memorial memories with too.

What's the difference?

  • PUTTY prints are a three-dimensional, direct 'copy' of the fingerprint. This is directly pressed into the precious metal and creates jewellery that looks and feels as though your loved one has 'touched' the jewellery directly, giving a concave imprint.
  • DIGITAL/INK prints are originally two-dimensional (flat). They create a black-and-white 'image' of the fingerprint detail. This is then digitally enhanced/enlarged etc. It is still imprinted (not engraved) into the precious metal.

All handmade pieces created by Impressive memories are made from STERLING SILVER (Hallmarked if legally required).

Here is a small selection of necklaces, Pandora style beads, cufflinks, keyrings and bracelets...

When you order via the website you'll select the option that says you have 'Prints stored at Impressive Memories'. After you select this option you'll be emailed a form to complete to identify the correct prints that belong to you.

If you prefer the warmer tones you will love our GOLDEN MOMENT range...

How to order Jewellery...


You can order NOW from the comfort of your favourite armchair. Visit the online shop - it's there for you 24 hours a day. Choose how you'd like to personalise your jewellery then have it posted to you when it's ready. IMPRESSIVE


Come and see us at our studio in Glenrothes. Make a booking via the online diary, come along, and order your jewellery in person. (Your order deposit is deducted from your order total at your appointment). You can theen pop back to collect your jewellery when it's ready, or have it posted to you if that's easier.

What else do we offer?

Take a look at our other memorial items we offer by visiting our 'Memorial & Bereavement' page.

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