Taking a Putty Fingerprint Impression

Please watch this video before you begin...

This video demonstration will show the process of how to take a putty fingerprint impression with your Impressive Memories kit – please watch this before you attempt to take impressions.  


If you’ve decided to create Impressive Memories PUTTY Fingerprint Jewellery then I need an impression of the fingerprint. Jewellery can also be made from ink prints of the fingerprint but this blog explains the process of capturing a PUTTY PRINT – a three-dimensional exact impression of the fingerprint. This is then pressed directly into the precious metal as if your loved one's finger has directly pressed this, to create your jewellery.

There are 4 ways you can go about doing this with Impressive Memories:

  1. Book a Studio appointment I will take the impressions for you. We can discuss your jewellery and once it is ready, you come back to collect it (or have it posted to you if you prefer).
  2. Order from my website All fingerprint jewellery includes a FREE FINGERPRINT KIT.  Kits can be posted anywhere in the UK (Next day delivery is available). When you return the impressions to me I will make your jewellery.
  3. Buy just the kit  If you would like to capture a fingerprint impression, but you’re not ready to order just yet…This option lets you capture an Impressive Memory now, and the prints can be safely kept for many years until you decide that you would like to order jewellery.
  4. Memorial Prints - I offer a call-out service at many local funeral homes where I can take prints of your loved one if they've passed away. Get in touch as soon as possible if this is something you are interested in knowing more about.

How difficult is it to take a fingerprint impression?

It’s not difficult at all.  It is quick, clean and easy to do.

  • Remember you only need one good print to make as many jewellery items as you wish, now and for years to come.

Start by reading through all the instructions in the leaflet provided first, then watch this video to show what’s involved.  If you have any questions, please just ask BEFORE you start! You can contact me HERE or call 07837800353.

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