Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2020

Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2020

What do you buy your mum on Mother’s Day?

Flowers? Always a favourite, but they are expensive and last only a few days…Chocolates? They are always welcome, but somehow just don’t feel ‘enough’. Wine is also welcomed, but it lasts even less time than the chocolates, let alone the flowers!!

Would you like a gift that is totally unique, handmade for mum, inspired by the very person (or persons) who made her a mum in the first place?

Maybe you are a mum yourself and you’d like to ‘help’ someone choose the right gift for you – share this with them and start hinting!

You’re in the right place!

Every mum is different and she deserves a present as unique as she is. Mums aren’t mass produced, and the gift that she’s given on the 22nd March 2020 shouldn’t be either.

There is something for everyone.  Well, everyone that’s Impressive enough!

1. Gifts From £15

Want to make an impression but not burst the bank?

Book an appointment to come along and get creative! Bring along some little hands and feet and create a gift for Mum, Gran, Aunty…YOURSELF.  No mess and stress of visiting a busy ceramic cafe. I’m here to help, guide, inspire you to create something that’s simply beautiful. I can give as much or as little to help as you wish.

Please book before Friday 6th of March for Clay Impressions, of Friday 14th of March for ceramic mugs/plates/clocks to guarantee your item is ready to collect in time for Mother’s Day.

2. Handmade Jewellery

Handmade jewellery can be made for Impressive Mums.  Distance is not a problem…all jewellery can be made by posting out a kit for you to take the prints for me. If you live nearby you can book an appointment and I can take them for you.

Please book an appointment before 10th March to guarantee your item is ready to collect in time for Mother’s Day.

Online/web orders must be placed prior to this, and all elements returned to me by the 10th March to guarantee your item is ready to be posted/collected in time for Mother’s Day.

Fingerprint Jewellery in Sterling Silver & Golden Moments...

Ink Print Jewellery in Sterling Silver & Golden Moments...

Rings & Earrings...

3. Golden Fingerprint Jewellery

If Mum prefers a golden charm to silver, this could be perfect!

  • Costs almost the same as silver.
  • Golden Moments are not a precious metal
  • Charms do not need Hallmarked.
  • They are a solid golden metal alloy NOT PLATED and will not wear off
  • All metals will tarnish – this will too – but a cleaning cloth and a gentle wipe will bring it back to its shining glory.
  • I’ll give you a free cleaning cloth!
  • It is a very robust and strong metal – it will not scratch or damage easily.
  • Golden Moments are better suited to more defined fingerprints – so toddlers through to adults, and pets too! Miniprints will suit better for babies.
golden inkprint fingerprint triple charm
golden fingerprint charm with necklace

Would you like to see the Impressive Jewellery Catalogue?

Browse the full range of jewellery by downloading the catalogue – then start hinting heavily!!

Personalised & unique hand made jewellery catalogue

4. Gift Vouchers

Choose a Gift Voucher and let mum be part of the creative fun!

If you’re quick you might still manage to grab an appointment as near to Mother’s Day as possible…capture a memory to treasure for a lifetime.

Vouchers can also be used for jewellery and ceramic orders. Online and at appointments too.

5. **NEW** Gift Experiences

Are you looking for more than just a gift? What about an Gift Experience? Treat someone to a day out they are sure to remember.

And don’t worry if you’re also in a bit of a hurry – These downloadable gift experiences are AVAILABLE INSTANTLY, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

With the click of a button, you can gift the recipients the opportunity to capture a lifecast to create a memorable, tangible, moment in time.

6. Miniaturised Charms of YOUR child

Are you looking for a truly Impressive gift?

These solid Sterling Silver charms are miniaturised from your child’s hand and foot!! How awesome is that?

The price might look high, but if you investigate this style of jewellery you will find that only a handful of people in the UK can offer these, and nobody (that I am aware of) is doing them for as good a price!

These charms are made entirely by myself – I have developed my own technique that is different to the rest of the UK market.

This doesn’t mean they are only limited to my local clients because I am building a network of lifecasters who will be on hand to help create the initial lifecasts. (I need the lifecast as the first stage in creating these).

Find out more about these Impressive ‘Tiny Treasures’…with split payments, they are much more affordable than you may think, and such a talking point!

Got a question?

I’m sure you have lots of questions. Here are a few I’ve been asked recently…(click on the question to see the answer). If you’d like to know anything – just ask!

I live too far away - can I order anything?

Yes, all jewellery can be made by posting out a kit for you to take the initial prints.  You may even have hand/footprints already that I can use…best to get in touch and ask.  Call me on 07837800353 or email [email protected] 

My budget is under £25 can you help?

Yes, I have lots of ceramic options for you to create in this budget.  Take a look…

I am a mum of many...can jewellery combine more than one child?

Yes, I have lots of jewellery designs that can show off your impressive children no matter how many you have!

Do you have any gift ideas for 'mum-to-be'?

Gift Vouchers are a perfect idea! Let the new parents decide what they’d like to create once their little bundle arrives.

I've left it too late - HELP?

It’s never too late!! Have you seen my NEW GIFT EXPERIENCES? They are available 24/7 and fully downloadable gift option!

Or why not order an item and have the print/impression kit ready to take the impressions on Mother’s Day – with the Impressive Mum, then have your piece made. You waited 9 months for a baby, you can wait a fortnight for your jewellery 😉

I'm a mum to an angel, can I have anything made?

If you have ink prints or hand/footprints I can turn these into jewellery for you. The originals will come to no harm.  I also make memorial keepsakes from locks of hair and cremation ashes too.

Drop me an email if you’d like me to help [email protected]  or call for a chat on 07837800353.

My mum has passed away, could I remember her on Mother's Day?

Take a look at my Memorial & Bereavement Memories Page. Also HERE is another blog with suggestions too – and see if you’d like to remember your mum with any of these ideas. Drop me an email if you’d like me to help [email protected]  or call for a chat on 07837800353.

Mother's Day - 22nd March 2020

If you’re a mum, a step-mum, a foster mum, an adopted mum…If you’ve been a mum, you’ll be a mum soon, or you had an awesome mum who’s now passed…

If you’re able to go and hug your mum and tell her how amazing she is on the 22nd of March – do it!!

And not just on this one day, because mums never stop being mums…

Be sure to make their day Impressive and filled with Memories.

Happy Mother’s Day from me,

Jen xxx

Ceramic Painting & 2D Clay Imprints & Outprints

Ceramic Painting & 2D Clay Imprints & Outprints

Did you know that Impressive Memories also offered ceramic painting, 2D Imprints and Outprints?

Come along to Impressive Memories and enjoy a stress-free ceramic & clay experience. We will create beautiful works of art inspired by those little hands, feet, fingerprints (and paws - more about them HERE).

Visiting a busy and hectic ceramic cafe usually means you are left to paint & create alone. Not everyone has the confidence to create by themselves.

At Impressive Memories, I'll guide you throughout. There's less mess, less stress - more fun and an end result to be proud of!


Make a booking to create ceramics and let your creativity flow!

Create a selection of mugs, plates & clocks with your child's hand, feet, and fingerprints.  Choose from a selection of designs or I can create something unique for you.

Personalise it with wording, messages, dates etc.

Once you've left I will glaze and kiln fire your pieces ready for you to collect in a few days.

Ceramic Mugs

Kiln fired ceramic glazed mugs created with your children's hand, foot and fingerprints. From £15.

Ceramic Clocks

Kiln fired ceramic glazed clocks holding onto a moment in time, never to be forgotten. From £25.

Ceramic Plates

Kiln fired ceramic glazed plates capturing memories worth holding on to for a lifetime. From £20.

Clay Imprints

Make a booking to create clay imprints that really make an impression!! Choose from stand-alone clay which you can add wall hangers to, or box framed.

When you arrive all the hard work has been done for you already. The clay will all be prepared and ready to press those little hands and feet into. Personalise your piece with wording, messages, dates, etc. making it as unique as the impressions it captures.

Once you've left, your clay creation needs time to dry slowly, then it has its first kiln fire to transform it from clay to bisque. I will then paint your piece with underglaze, then glaze and kiln fire your pieces again - ready for you to collect in approx 3-4 weeks.


  • One hand or foot (under 9 months) from £25
  • Two hands or feet (under 9 months) from £40
  • Add a clock £10
  • Add a frame from £10

Clay Outprints

Outprints are raised impressions - they protrude out from the stone. These are not kiln fired but made from density stone.

Once you've left, your outprints will be completed ready for you to collect in approx 3-4 weeks. Colour choices are pink, blue, terracotta, or antique silver/bronze.


  • 5-inch square only £45
  • Add a clock £10
  • Add a frame from £10

Are you ready to make a booking?

Take a look at the online booking diary  NOW!

Which memories will YOU capture?

Have you thought about giving a Gift Voucher?

Why not give someone a gift voucher to come along and be creative at Impressive Memories? Let them choose for themselves what they'd like to create and let them touch, hold and remember their Impressive Memories.

With price starting at just £15 this makes an Impressive gift that won't cost the earth, but will give a long lasting and treasured memory.

The perfect gift idea for new parents. A gift that will last a lifetime - instead of an outfit that lasts 3 weeks!!

Head to the online shop Choose from the different financial amounts and add one or more to your basket, then checkout. Your voucher will be for the full amount and will have an online booking code to make your booking via the online booking page.

You can choose to have your gift voucher posted to you or I can send it directly to the lucky recipient.

gift voucher

Hope you're having an Impressive Day, if you have any questions please comment bellow or get in touch at [email protected]

Best Wishes

Jen x

Back to School…

Back to School…

Back to School…

Waaaaay back in July the daunting prospect of entertaining, feeding, motivating, reasoning, refereeing and CONSTANTLY tidying up began…yup, once again it was “THE SUMMER HOLIDAYS”.

daughter & horseWeek One began full of anticipation of spending quality time with my daughter – this was not to be. I am not a horse, therefore I have very little appeal to my daughter. Day one began idyllically as she headed off on her favourite activity…involving…horses. Day one also included an eventful air ambulance and a trip to Ninewells – another joy of horse riding. Thankfully my sproglet was not injured, only witnessed the fall of another not so lucky rider.  Here’s hoping week two is a little less eventful.

Week two went by fairly calmly if I remember.  I spent most of my time juggling work and chauffeuring the jodhpur legged one, to various locations…different day…different dirt track.  Returning several hours later to collect the muddier, hungrier version than I dropped off.

Week three – the midway point – hump week…wakening to the mantra “Hang in there…you can do this…after this week, there are less weeks to go then we’ve had…stay strong”.  In between driving on the dirt tracks and washing the jodhpurs, that little mind monkey reared its head…whispering loudly -” It’s time to be buying the new school uniform…don’t leave it to the last minute…you’ll regret it…DO IT NOW…good mums will have done it already…you are a failure to motherhood…” I asked the preteen what she would be requiring, but only got a shrug and a grunt…If I had suggested a visit to Jack Wills, I might have got a better reaction than my choice of Asda or Matalan! Silly me!

Week four – I don’t remember a great deal about week four – I had toothache.  painkillersNever have I swallowed so many painkillers and tried to keep functioning, hoping that if I didn’t acknowledge it, it wasn’t actually happening. Delighted to say the codeine addiction is now under control and the tooth (which has already had root canal treatment followed by a crown) has survived. Who knew that teeth that have gone through all that can STILL fester into pain that is comparable to child birth without the epidural OR maternity leave? Thank you codeine for being there for me in my time of need.

Week five – no time for complacency, DO NOT let down your guard!  This is the week you reach out to other mothers and join forces…you form teams and find safety in numbers – Let the sleep overs commence!  If you look after someone else’s child, a beautiful thing happens – THEY LOOK AFTER YOURS!!!  Just when your purse and fuel tank are almost as empty as each other – a guardian angel offers to temporarily home your child. **High Five** The word sleepover used to fill me with dread – sleepless nights, homesick children, peanut allergy fears, dying slightly inside when child X tells you they can’t sleep unless the bedroom is 17 degrees and her bed is facing the moon. But this year was different…they came, they stayed, they fed themselves, washed beds themselves and remained reclusive in the confines of the bedroom 90% of the time (when they weren’t out riding). Maybe preteens aren’t so bad after all? (Remember the week 5 warning – do not become complacent!)

school-bag-1275044_960_720Week six – The uniform is ordered and the chauffeur is more than willing to drive anywhere now, because she treated herself to a lovely new car. Much to the disapproval of the preteen who cannot see the need for a new car when she does not have a new horse, but full approval of the fact that the new car talks to her iPhone (which coincidently was dropped in one of the many horse fields and needed its own air ambulance to the iPhone repair shop to repair it – another unexpected financial hit for mum’s purse with the promise of “I’ll pay you back”).

Erin on Day 1

Normal service shall resume on Wednesday…

So, Impressive Mummies…what does Wednesday mean for you?

  • Relieved to wave them off back to wonderful school life?
  • Looking forward to a moment of peace and not hearing “MUUUUM” repeatedly?
  • Have you started threatening that bedtime will be becoming earlier yet?
  • Will the car drive itself to soft play automatically, as it’s become your second home?
  • Does the prospect of going food shopping alone actually sound quite appealing?

Who's Starting Primary One?

Waaaaahhh…The moment feared by many! The BIG day arrives – STARTING SCHOOL!

You feel excited and proud that they are growing up, but sad to watch them becoming more independent and not needing us so much.  Realising how precious those first few years are and wanting them to slow down!!

  • Will your little person be skipping off down the school path, beginning their journey into education?
  • Have you been reminiscing and wondering where the heck the last 4 years have gone to?
  • Have you ironed name labels onto every piece of fabric? (Did you see the hack to use your hair straighteners instead of the iron? I’d rather break the iron than my GHD’s…)

Are you lying awake at 3am overthinking?

  • What if he doesn’t make friends?
  • What if she gets bullied?
  • What if they can’t manage the work?
  • What if they cry when I go?


Be impressively proud that you have created independent little sponges who are ready to soak up all the new learning and experiences that school will bring them.  Capture this milestone, remember with satisfaction that YOU created this fabulous little human who is now stepping up, and stepping out into their journey.  What better reward could you ask for than knowing you helped them begin their expedition?

Mums know how hard it is to let go of that little hand, and teachers do too. That little hand that you’ve nurtured and watch grow. You held it tight and kept them safe, and now it’s time to let it go…just a tiny bit…

handsSo DO NOT WORRY about them, because they will be absolutely, perfectly happy…they will have a coat hook AND a tray…with THEIR name on it.  Your little sponge will be safe, cared for, looked after, guided, nurtured and ready to flourishWhy? Because YOU gave them everything they needed – go you!!

Celebrate the impressive memories of this special day.

Starting school is one of life’s very Impressive Memories.

Letting go of that little hand at the school gate. Trusting your most precious possession to skip off along the path, on their new adventure.

That little hand that you’ve held so tightly, has grown, and keeps on growing. Where do the years go??? Your Impressive little person has reached ANOTHER milestone – time to capture the moment.

Keep them close to you forever.

Wearing it wherever you go, showing the world how precious this little person is to you.  It makes a bespoke keepsake while capturing a unique memory of those Impressive Memories in your life.  Capture yours today.

**Impressive Offer for all NEW PRIMARY ONE PUPILS - In Aug 2016**

**ORDER a featured CHARM and MAKE A FREE Handprint MUG too!**

Keep a little piece of them with you forever x

Come and Paint a Memory!

Make an impressive memory of that little hand on a beautiful ceramic mug. Treasure the moment and remember how much this little hand has grown, and how much more growing it has ahead of it! A great way to remember this milestone moment.


All new primary one pupils can come and make a handprint mug for just £9. Monday – Friday between 1-3pm until August 23rd, 2016.

Message me, comment or call to find out more…why not make one for an Impressive Granny too?

Have your cameras poised with stiff new uniforms (with growing room) and a whiff of new gym shoes in the air. Safe in the knowledge that there's...

Only 38 school days until the October Holidays! YAY!!