Ceramic Painting & 2D Clay Imprints & Outprints

Ceramic Painting & 2D Clay Imprints & Outprints

Did you know that Impressive Memories also offered ceramic painting, 2D Imprints and Outprints?

Come along to Impressive Memories and enjoy a stress-free ceramic & clay experience. We will create beautiful works of art inspired by those little hands, feet, fingerprints (and paws - more about them HERE).

Visiting a busy and hectic ceramic cafe usually means you are left to paint & create alone. Not everyone has the confidence to create by themselves.

At Impressive Memories, I'll guide you throughout. There's less mess, less stress - more fun and an end result to be proud of!


Make a booking to create ceramics and let your creativity flow!

Create a selection of mugs, plates & clocks with your child's hand, feet, and fingerprints.  Choose from a selection of designs or I can create something unique for you.

Personalise it with wording, messages, dates etc.

Once you've left I will glaze and kiln fire your pieces ready for you to collect in a few days.

Ceramic Mugs

Kiln fired ceramic glazed mugs created with your children's hand, foot and fingerprints. From £15.

Ceramic Clocks

Kiln fired ceramic glazed clocks holding onto a moment in time, never to be forgotten. From £25.

Ceramic Plates

Kiln fired ceramic glazed plates capturing memories worth holding on to for a lifetime. From £20.

Clay Imprints

Make a booking to create clay imprints that really make an impression!! Choose from stand-alone clay which you can add wall hangers to, or box framed.

When you arrive all the hard work has been done for you already. The clay will all be prepared and ready to press those little hands and feet into. Personalise your piece with wording, messages, dates, etc. making it as unique as the impressions it captures.

Once you've left, your clay creation needs time to dry slowly, then it has its first kiln fire to transform it from clay to bisque. I will then paint your piece with underglaze, then glaze and kiln fire your pieces again - ready for you to collect in approx 3-4 weeks.


  • One hand or foot (under 9 months) from £25
  • Two hands or feet (under 9 months) from £40
  • Add a clock £10
  • Add a frame from £10

Clay Outprints

Outprints are raised impressions - they protrude out from the stone. These are not kiln fired but made from density stone.

Once you've left, your outprints will be completed ready for you to collect in approx 3-4 weeks. Colour choices are pink, blue, terracotta, or antique silver/bronze.


  • 5-inch square only £45
  • Add a clock £10
  • Add a frame from £10

Are you ready to make a booking?

Take a look at the online booking diary  NOW!

Which memories will YOU capture?

Have you thought about giving a Gift Voucher?

Why not give someone a gift voucher to come along and be creative at Impressive Memories? Let them choose for themselves what they'd like to create and let them touch, hold and remember their Impressive Memories.

With price starting at just £15 this makes an Impressive gift that won't cost the earth, but will give a long lasting and treasured memory.

The perfect gift idea for new parents. A gift that will last a lifetime - instead of an outfit that lasts 3 weeks!!

Head to the online shop Choose from the different financial amounts and add one or more to your basket, then checkout. Your voucher will be for the full amount and will have an online booking code to make your booking via the online booking page.

You can choose to have your gift voucher posted to you or I can send it directly to the lucky recipient.

gift voucher

Hope you're having an Impressive Day, if you have any questions please comment bellow or get in touch at [email protected]

Best Wishes

Jen x

Locks of Hair made into jewellery

Locks of Hair made into jewellery

Locks of Hair Memorabilia

Have you kept that first lock of hair from your baby?


Are you holding onto a treasured lock from a loved one that you’ve lost?

Keeping a lock of a person’s hair is not a new idea, it began back with the Victorians. Hair was seen as a precious memento, and it still is…

Why is this a problem?
Well, let’s be honest – how many of us just have it tucked away in a ‘safe’ place? hidden away and not seen and enjoyed…
Instead of leaving it to lie in a dusty old drawer, why not create something beautiful to last a lifetime?
  • What do I need to be able to do this?
    You just need a little lock of hair (or pet fur)
  • How much will it cost?
    From £45+
  • Are there time limitations for this to be feasible?
    No, so long as you have a lock of hair there is no time limit on being able to create jewellery.
  • Do I need to be able to visit your studio in person?
    No. This can all be done online and through postage. Distance is no problem – keep reading to find out how you can order yours.
  • Can this also be offered for pets?
    Yes. A lock of pet fur can be a lovely way to remember a treasured and loved pet.

Keeping a lock of hair in a locket or charm is a subtle way to hold onto a memory – take a look…

How do I order?

Ordering ONLINE

If you order online, follow the various option choices on the item you are ordering and add it to your basket.

Choose your postage option.

I will post out an element kit for you to wrap the hair and post back to me. I will email to confirm once it’s been returned, then email again when your jewellery is made to let you know it will arrive via Royal Mail Special Delivery the following day by 1pm.

How do I order?

Ordering IN PERSON

If you’d like to order in person, make a booking to come to my studio HERE.

When you come to your appointment bring with you the lock of hair. It’s best to wrap it in a piece of tissue and keep it in a sealed envelope.

If you have an idea or a request that isn’t shown, please just ask…it may be possible to create something unique, exactly what you are looking for.
If you’d like advice on any aspect of creating jewellery with locks of hair…please ask.
Best Wishes,
Jen x


“I wanted something personal of my mum I could wear and it holds a very precious memory. It brings me comfort knowing I have a little piece of mum with me always”


“I wear mine every day without fail, and I can’t imagine not wearing it now. It keeps me sane a lot of days and it helps more than I thought a little locket ever could ❤”


Learn More

If you’d like to know more about what happens at Impressive Memories…head on over to the ‘Learning Centre’ and take a look!

Wedding Day Memories: 6 ideas to capture

Wedding Day Memories: 6 ideas to capture

Would you like to create tangible memories of your wedding?

Weddings – big or small, traditional or wacky, lavishly extravagant or cosy & intimate – it is a day to be remembered. However you choose to celebrate, your wedding day should be filled with Impressive Memories.

With months (possibly years) of planning, and an enormous amount of work and effort you think you have covered every possible idea to make your day absolutely perfect. No doubt you’ve spent evenings knee deep in Pinterest boards, dreaming of your perfect day.

Because let’s face it…none of us want our day to be bland or predictable. Nobody wants peach silk bridesmaids, do they? Everyone wants to have the wow factor and for their day to be remembered as being spectacular.

Fear not!! I can help you create 6 ideas that absolutely nobody else can replicate. Guaranteed to be as unique as the couple who are tying the knot…

Here are 6 personalised memories for you to incorporate into your wedding day celebrations.

#1 Bride & Groom Hand Cast

To have and to hold 

Why not create a completely personal work of art with a 3d hand cast incorporating those all-important wedding rings? You can organise this yourself or why not suggest that friends and family contribute to buy you this as a totally unique wedding gift?

Hand casting for couples starts from £135. A little bit more if you’d like to include ornate rings with stone settings.

This beautiful example was created by a couple who were first married in Serbia (the grooms home), then had a second wedding here in Fife (the brides home). The newlyweds visited my studio (between weddings) and the plan was for the cast to be hand delivered, by the father of the bride, on his next journey to Serbia.

#2 Wedding Cufflinks for the Groom

From this day forward

What more could a Groom ask for on his wedding day than to wear personalised cufflinks created from his very own son or daughter? 

Travis made these for his Daddy as a surprise gift on the morning of his mummy and daddy’s wedding day. It was quick, clean and simple for Travis to pop to my studio and have his prints taken, but means the absolute world to his parents to have their son at their wedding. Now his little hand and footprints are captured for a lifetime at the moment of such an impressive event.

Linzi Moffat

I decided to get my husband a gift for our wedding day, personalised cufflinks with my son’s hand and footprint, however, I had left it a bit late for timing but Jen made sure they would be ready on time! Her studio is beautiful! I almost cried each time I received my items from her. I cannot thank her enough and urge people to have a look on her site! She is amazing at what she does, I can’t wait to be back in her studio again one day!

#3 Your Wedding Dress on a Silver Pandora Charm

For better, for worse

Would you like to wear your wedding dress every day? Well, you can’t…because you’d look like an idiot. Imagine going on the school run wearing your wedding dress? Nipping around the supermarket? It’s not gonna happen is it?

But you could have a silver charm made with an impression of your wedding dress. You could wear it on your Pandora bracelet, on a pendant or maybe a ring? Then you COULD wear it everyday…impressive!

These aren’t in my online shop at the moment, drop me a message and I’ll help you order this charm today.

#4 Your Wedding Bouquet in a handmade silver charm

For richer, for poorer

Flowers make your wedding day bloom…ing lovely! I adore fresh flowers and, for me, they are a hugely important part any special occasion. Sadly though, flowers don’t last long – but jewellery can last a lifetime.

Do you have a favourite flower? My personal favourite flower is a lily, which is why I adore making silver fingerprint lilies.

Created from a love heart of silver and gently rolled into a lily, they have the fingerprint impression of a loved one tucked inside. It could be a guest who lived too far away and was unable to attend your wedding. Or a loved one no longer with us. Whoever you choose.

I recently made a pair of fingerprint lily earrings for a lovely lady. She was delighted with them and I think they will be a popular choice for everyone.

Maggie Gray

A truly professional job by a very caring lady. I can’t thank her enough for all her help during a very difficult time for me. I am absolutely delighted with my gorgeous items, they are unique and stunning. I definitely recommend entrusting Jen with your priceless memories. She will give you all the help and advice you want.

#5 Wedding Guest Fingerprint Plate

In sickness and in health

When you’re planning a wedding you also have to plan who will share your special day.

It might be that some guests are ill and don’t manage to spend the day with you as they’d planned. They could still be part of capturing a memory by having them create a fingerprint tree of family and friends.

They will love being part of your wedding family tree!

Each guest can add a leaf with their fingerprint and even leave a signature or a message for you both.

#6 Honouring a deceased loved one at your wedding

Until death do us part.

Your wedding day is a celebration surrounded by loved ones, sadly we may have relatives and friends who’ve passed away and can’t be there for your big day. That doesn’t mean they can’t still be part of your celebration – there are a few ways you can incorporate them into your special occasion.

I offer a range of jewellery that incorporates locks of hair, cremation ashes, fingerprints and handwriting and signatures. You can find out more about Memorial memories in a blog that I wrote here.


These are just 6 ideas to let you see how to make your wedding as unique as you are.

If you have a question about any of the items shown here or you’re left wondering…

Who can help bring my ideas to reality?

The answer is…

“I do”

And you don’t even need to get down on one knee to ask me.

Best Wishes

Jen x

8 Creative and Meaningful Ways to Remember Your Loved Ones

8 Creative and Meaningful Ways to Remember Your Loved Ones

8 Creative and Meaningful Ways to Remember Your Loved Ones

A memory is never more precious than when we face losing a loved one.

Bereavement, whether it’s been an expected or untimely departure, is a difficult process. One of our biggest fears might be that we forget them. What if I forget what they looked like? The sound of their voice? The smell of their clothes? Their laugh?

We have to accept that they’ve gone, but that doesn’t mean they will ever be forgotten.

Creating personalised memorabilia can help bring comfort and remember the legacy of the person they commemorate.

How Can I help?

  • Would you like to know how I can help you capture and hold on to final memories?
  • Do you want to know what can be captured?
  • Have you lost someone in the past and thought it was now too late?

If you answered ‘Yes’ to any of those questions – keep reading.

8 Creative Memorial Ideas

  1. Lifecasting
  2. Miniaturised Casts
  3. Fingerprint Jewellery
  4. Hand & Footprint Jewellery
  5. Locks of Hair Memorabilia
  6. Cremation Ash Memorabilia
  7. Signature & Handwriting Jewellery
  8. Tattoos
angel feet cast
couple hand clasp


You probably knew I did lifecasting, but you maybe didn’t know I regularly help families who have suffered a loss.

3D lifecasting is the art of moulding an exact replica of ourselves – usually our hands.  I capture and create a stunning piece of unique artwork, and let you cherish and hold onto a loved one’s hand after they have left us.

The name may suggest that life is needed but this art can still be done under certain circumstances after people pass away. Timing is vital for this to happen – early arrangements must be made to enable this option to be viable.

If circumstances allow you may be able to hold hands with your loved one or have them cast individually.

  • Can this be done prior to a person passing away? Yes.
  • How much will it cost? Approx £200+
  • Are there time limitations for this to be feasible? Yes, please speak to me before the person passes away, or within hours of them passing.
  • Are there location limitations – Yes. This requires me to meet with the deceased in person.  
  • Can this be offered for pets? Yes.
miniaturised hand and foot charm
Miniaturised Casts
miniature 3d lifecast charms

Miniaturised Casts

Once you’ve had a 3D cast created you then have the option to miniaturise this into a sterling silver piece of unique jewellery. Handmade by me. (Can also be done for pets that pass away)

  • Can this be done prior to a person passing away? Yes.
  • How much will it cost? From £300+
  • Are there time limitations for this to be feasible? No, not if the casts are already taken. Yes, if the casts still need to be taken.
  • Are there location limitations? If you need me to take the casts, yes. If you have casts made already by another lifecaster, No.
  • Can this be offered for pets? Yes.
fingerprint teardrops

Fingerprint Jewellery

When we lose a loved one, we long to keep a hold of them forever.  By creating a fingerprint charm you can keep a cherished imprint from them and wear them with you forever.

I wrote a blog recently on my own experience with capturing fingerprints after we lose a loved one, you can read it here.

Fingerprint jewellery is a subtle and unique way to remember a person that we’ve lost. It can be done after a person dies, it is a non-invasive, gentle and quick process. The prints can be used now and repeatedly in the future with my methods of capturing them.

There is more information here if you’d like to create fingerprint jewellery. (Can also be done for pets that pass away – a paw pad or nose impression can be done)

  • Can this be done prior to a person passing away? Yes.
  • How much will it cost? From £45+
  • Are there time limitations for this to be feasible? Possibly. Each case is unique but most people (and pets) are able to have impressions taken prior to the funeral.
  • Are there location limitations? No. A kit can be posted with all you need to capture the fingerprint impression.
  • Can this be offered for pets? An impression of the nose can be taken.
miniprint rings
Silver plated standard key ring
heart bead multi 5

Hand & Footprint Jewellery (Paws too)

This style of jewellery lets you take a print from the hand or foot and shrink it down in size and imprint it onto jewellery. It can be done using a simple ink pad and paper but this is messy and leaves the hands and feet stained. There are much better options available that give a high definition print of the person you’re remembering which are clean and easy to do.

Having these images lets you create a range of jewellery ideas, imprinting into the silver or engraving metals.(Can also be done for pets that pass away)

  • Can this be done prior to a person passing away? Yes.
  • How much will it cost? From £55+
  • Are there time limitations for this to be feasible? Possibly. Each case is unique but most people (and pets) are able to have prints taken prior to the funeral.
  • Are there location limitations? No. A kit can be posted with all you need to capture the hand/foot/paw print.
  • Can this be offered for pets? Yes.
lock of hair pandora bead
locket of hair
lock of hair tiepin

Locks of Hair Memorabilia

Hair collecting is not a new idea, it began with the Victorians. Hair was a symbol of femininity and seen as a precious memento. It was popular before photography was widely available and more intimate than a memento of handwriting, a lock of hair was the ultimate connection with its owner.

Keeping a lock of hair in a locket or charm is a subtle way to hold onto a memory. I will be updating my website very soon with many new ideas – watch this space!

  • Can this be done prior to a person passing away? Yes.
  • How much will it cost? From £45+
  • Are there time limitations for this to be feasible? No, so long as you have a lock of hair.
  • Are there location limitations? No.
  • Can this be offered for pets? Yes.
cremation ash in locket
cremation ash ring
cremation ash locket

Cremation Ash Memorabilia

Incorporating cremation ashes into charms is becoming a popular jewellery option. It can create a beautiful lasting tribute after we’ve lost a loved one. The ashes can be encapsulated within glass or resin to create a unique piece of jewellery.

As with hair I offer a varied range of items and will also be adding these to my website shop too.

  • Can this be done prior to a person passing away? No.
  • How much will it cost? From £45+
  • Are there time limitations for this to be feasible? No, so long as you have the ashes.
  • Are there location limitations? No.
  • Can this be offered for pets? Yes.

Did you know YOU could become a Diamond?

Hair and cremation ash can also be used to create a manmade diamond…this isn’t something I can do, but it is possible…this video shows you how. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6aQPIK4sE58

hand writing signature in silver
signature for charm

Signature and Handwriting Jewellery (Drawings too)

Sometimes circumstances just don’t allow for any of the previous options to be created. Did you know I can take a persons signature or handwriting and create you a charm with their writing?

It’s like wearing a message from the person, for a lifetime. A handwritten letter, birthday card or note. This can also be done with drawings or doodles. The original won’t be damaged in any way. Such a lovely way to add a personal touch to a charm.

  • Can this be done prior to a person passing away? Yes.
  • How much will it cost? From £55+
  • Are there time limitations for this to be feasible? No.
  • Are there location limitations? No.
  • Can this be offered for pets? If your dog can sign his name…Yes!


No, before you ask, I am not a tattooist! But I can help you create the image you need to take to a tattooist if this is something you’d like to do. The process is the same as I use for creating the hand/foot/paw prints for jewellery, and I’m happy to help you capture these. (Please note these images are not mine. To find the image source/artist/photographer please click the image)

  • Can this be done prior to a person passing away? Yes.
  • How much will it cost? The kit costs £10
  • Are there time limitations for this to be feasible? Possibly. Each case is unique but most people (and pets) are able to have prints taken prior to the funeral.
  • Are there location limitations? No.
  • Can this be offered for pets? Yes.


Memories don’t have to fade and they don’t need to live in dusty boxes of old photographs stuffed in a cupboard. Losing a loved one certainly doesn’t mean we forget about them…on the contrary.

These 8 ideas are to inspire you to hold on to what is so Impressive about those that mean the most to us. To remember them, keep them near to us in our thoughts and touch & hold on to our memories today, and every day.

If you’d like to get in touch I’m happy to chat through any questions or queries you might have. My contact details are at the bottom of my website.

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Rosy Golden Moments: Fingerprint Jewellery

Rosy Golden Moments: Fingerprint Jewellery
ROSY GOLD FIngerprint jewellery

NEW Rosy Golden Moments

First, there was pure silver, then there was sterling silver. I was asked for gold and along came Golden Moments…so what was I asked for next?

“Can you make Rose Gold fingerprint jewellery?”

Yes! I can now make you Rosy Golden Moments!

Fingerprint and miniprint jewellery in a pretty rosy golden finish.

What do you think? Are you a fan of rose gold? I love it. From iPhones, trainers, makeup, jewellery and not forgetting wine…I am a bit of a fan of rose gold…so I was pretty excited to start trying to make rose gold fingerprint and miniprint jewellery.

rose gold

All that glitters is not necessarily gold.

If you read my blog on my Golden Moments you’ll know that I now do a full range of jewellery in a beautiful golden finish without the high costs of hallmarked gold. Perfect if you’d rather spend £50 than £500. You can read about them here and find a small selection in my online shop.

Fingerprint & Miniprint Jewellery in Rose Gold finish

I am delighted to say that Rosy Golden Moments will now be available at Impressive Memories too.

Just like my popular Golden Moments range, these are made from a gorgeous new metal at a fraction of the cost of gold, but all the beauty and shine.

Impressive Customer Story…

December 2016, a customer who has been to me many times, rang me. We’ve captured her three children’s little hands and feet in jewellery and ceramics over the years, but this time the call wasn’t about them.

She was facing losing a very precious friend and fellow young mum. We chatted through a few different options and made a plan.

December is a busy month for all of us, and workwise for me, I am usually exhausted but when she called again to say time was limited and she was flying down to share New Year with her friend, we knew it was time to take the fingerprints.

It was the eve of Hogmanay. We arranged to collect a fingerprint kit that she would take on her flight to spend time with a brave, courageous and much-loved friend. I talked her through all she needed to do, and the best way to do it. And off she went…

In February it had been on my mind that I hadn’t asked how the print taking had gone – I dropped her a quick message. She was back down south for what would be a final visit.

This courageous mum’s battle ended on the 17th of February. Having defeated cancer once, her second chance at life – that everyone had hoped for – was not to be. A young mum with everything to live for had had it cruelly taken away.

Just two hours after her passing, I got a message to tell me. And yes, my eyes filled with tears reading her message. I hadn’t met this brave lady, but I’d been allowed to be part of capturing a memory for two very impressive friends. I also don’t think there is a mum amongst us that wouldn’t ache, imagining the horror of coming to terms with the inevitable fate she was dealt.

At Impressive Memories, I deal with lots of emotional situations. Celebrations and happy events, but also some very harrowing ones too. There is something very touching when a person feels able to share difficult times with you too.

So here we are now in April and I’d like to share the beautiful memories we’ve made.

Lisa liked the way my logo had two interlocked fingerprints and asked for their charm to be made this way too. Best friends, their prints side by side – a pinky promise x

The reverse is hand engraved.

Hayley wore her children’s charms on her necklace, (I made both her son’s charms) but she decided on a birthday treat and a new Pandora style of bracelet. Alongside her new charm, it made a beautiful new piece of jewellery.

As I was making this for Hayley I was also experimenting with my new Rosy Gold and decided to try and make an extra gift. I had no idea if it would be successful, but if it was, I would then need to ask Hayley if she wouldn’t mind being ‘An Impressive Tester’!! This involves being gifted a new trial piece to wear and see if it stands up to the rigours of life – I won’t sell anything unless I know it will bring happiness – not heartache.

Each side of this heart bead has a fingerprint of each of these best friends. Beads have a central core through them to allow them to spin around the bracelet. The hint of pink amongst the silver bracelet looked so pretty.

When Hayley came to collect her order she was happy to test run her new, surprise addition too. Thank you, Hayley!!

I’ll let you know when Rosy Golden Moments will be available to buy. In the meantime, if you’d like to start planning YOUR Impressive Memories jewellery you might find this eBook helpful.

Thinking about ordering Jewellery from Impressive Memories?

Now you’ve learned all that interesting background stuff – it’s time for the fun! What jewellery will YOU choose to have made? Lots more answers here to help you decide which design is best for you.

Can my baby make fingerprint jewellery? How long will it take? Will it fit my Pandora bracelet? Can it be Gold?

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