Life Casting Training

Impressive Life Casting Training

Are you interested in learning the art of life casting? Would you like to start a new hobby to capture your own family and friends, or do you have plans to venture towards a new profession or business venture?

I am Jen, owner and founder of Impressive Memories.  I began lifecasting while I was on maternity leave from my teaching career in 2003.  I now run my business full time – and I love it!  

I choose the hours I want to work, I have complete control over my schedule with total flexibility to accommodate and prioritise my work/life balance.  I spend my time meeting people who share my passion for capturing the most impressive moments in our lives.  You could too!

Being able to lifecast is not always enough to pass on this skill to others. I know that, with 18 years of teaching in primary and secondary education, I can do both!

What I can’t do…

I can’t put in the work for you! I can show you and I can teach you…BUT…lifecasting is an art, not just a skill. It takes a loooooong time to master and there are no quick fixes. If you are looking for a ‘get rich quick’ idea…lifecasting is not for you! If you are willing to invest time, money, more time, some more time and possibly…time…I’d love to help you begin your journey.


Babies & Children Life Casting

Learn how to safely & successfully cast babies hands and feet from birth, upwards through childhood. Become confident with using alginate, different casting techniques and materials.

With my one-to-one training, tailored to your needs, you will be given the foundations to master the art of casting babies and children. Fast track your skills, avoid the pitfalls and start your career with confidence, knowledge and impressive skills!

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Hand Clasps Life Casting

A hugely popular form of life casting – hand clasps.

Invest in yourself and learn how to create stunning detailed results that will add to your ability to offer a variety of life casting in your business.  Couples, weddings, anniversaries, milestones, family moments…the only limitation is your imagination.

Fast track your skills & avoid the pitfalls. Learn how to cast hand clasps the impressive way!

hand clasp


Pet Life Casting

“Never work with children and animals” unless you want a superbly entertaining and enjoyable life casting career.

Life casting with pets will teach you the specific skills you need to make the process fun, safe and successful for you and for the pets you work with.

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Plaster & Pouring Techniques

Once you’ve mastered the art of taking a cast, you then need the vital skills to achieve the best results.

Knowing the correct and appropriate plasters and skills to pour and cast your work will set you ahead of the rest.  You will prevent expensive mistakes and know you are offering a superior quality product, built to last, with impressive results.

Do not underestimate the importance of this aspect of your training – this is key to your success.



Cleaning & Refining Techniques

Your ability to finish your work is undeniably important to your success as a life caster.

Learning the correct techniques will boost your work to an impressive level. Knowing what tools and machinery to use will fast track you towards beautiful results, preventing expensive errors and  elevating your skills and workmanship.

cleaning a cast appointment


Finishing Techniques

Once you’ve mastered the art of life casting, you’ve used your skills and knowledge to create a beautiful result – the finishing touches are the icing on the cake.

Proudly display the end results of your hard work by knowing the best techniques and different ways to finish your work. Show off the fine detail and impressive work of art created by you.

Save your time and money by finding out the products and techniques you need.

potter feet 1


Framing & Display

Framing and displaying your work is the final step before returning your life casting to your customer.

Avoid the pitfalls, know the correct techniques to successfully, safely and beautifully present your life casts.

Luxury Silver single


2D Imprint & Outprints

An impressive addition to offer in your business.

I have developed techniques and methods that will boost your skills and your income – you can learn them too.

Great for Dogs...


Support Package

Take part in any training work with me and enjoy ongoing support, help and encouragement.

  • 2 x 45 minute follow up calls
  • 2 months membership to online support group

All learning takes time and is an ongoing process.  We will continue to work together and I will be on hand to support and help as you need it.

Are you ready to start your Impressive Training?


Build Your Own Training Package

Create the package that suits your needs.  One-to-one learning is designed to give you exactly what you need to become an impressively successful life caster.

I have the skills as a successful life caster combined with over 18 years of teaching experience to bring out the best results in you.

Are you ready to become Impressively Trained?

Learn More - Pay Less

Impressive Training Pack A

Choose One...

2.5 hour session up to


Combine One...

1.5 hour session


Add this too...

2 months online support


Spend your Impressive Training day with me, learning one-to-one.  You will go home bursting with information and skills to practice & continue learning at your own pace, still with my support and guidance with your support package.

Save over £300


Impressive Training Pack B

Choose Two...

2 x 2.5 hour sessions

up to £2494

Combine Two...

2 x 1.5 hour sessions


Add this too...

4 months of support


Spend TWO Impressive Training Days with me, learning one-to-one.  You will go home bursting with information and comprehensive skills to practice & continue learning at your own pace.

With a further FOUR MONTHS of support – you will be impressively ready to launch your new skills.

Save over £600



  • Misleading information can be dangerous
  • Learning without instruction takes a lot longer
  • Mistakes can be costly
  • With correct support and teaching, you will be up and running quicker
  • The sooner you are confident to work, the sooner you can begin earning
  • A higher quality of work is expected by high-quality customers – you want to work with both!
  • Ongoing support is vital to develop your ability
  • Lifecasting is an art
  • Creativity and developing your style will take you time
  • Fast track the technical learning aspect and you will reach your goals quicker and more successfully.

If you are serious about providing a high-quality product and service, and you are ready to make an Impressive investment in yourself and your business…I can help you…Let’s Do It!!