12 Weeks of Christmas

Join me in an Impressive Countdown to Christmas 2018. With 12 weeks of competitions & special offers.

12 weeks to go…

11 weeks to go…

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Coming Soon…

Hold on to your Impressive Memories forever.

We will make YOUR memories tangible. To touch, hold & treasure for a lifetime.

Life Casting

Have a professional life cast created here at the studio in Fife, Scotland.

Are you a NEW PARENT & thinking about booking a baby lifecasting appointment?

“How’s it done? Is it safe? How long will it take? Where do we come to?”

Find all the answers to the questions new parents ask me about lifecasting their babies and children.

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Create Jewellery inspired by those you love.

A full range of Memorial Services are also available.

I can help you hold on to final memories. From fingerprints to locks of hair, cremation ashes encapsulated for you to treasure forever.

Book an appointment at my studio to create a lifecast, ceramics, clay and jewellery.

Give me a call and I can answer any questions you have.

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Blogs, articles and interesting stuff to read...

Christmas Cast Competition

Would you like to win £100 towards a life cast of your choice this Christmas?

Back to School…

Is this their first day at school? This milestone needs to be remembered! It’s time to hold on to these memories.

Cremation Ash Jewellery

Have you considered jewellery made from cremation ashes? They can make beautiful and truly unique memories to wear and bring a lot of comfort too. Keep reading to find out more…

Family Hand Casting

Have you thought about creating a family hand cast? Read the story of David and his family making memories as he faced a terminal illness…