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Q&A's 1

Reframing & Repairing damaged casts

Have you had casts taken but would like to change their frames, or have they been damaged? I can help…

  • Can my casts be reframed?
  • HELP! There’s been an accident…
  • How much will it cost?
Q&A's 2

DIY Life Casting Kits -The problems with life casting kits & why they are a waste of money.

Have you thought about buying a life casting kit?

  • Will I save money?
  • What problems will I have?
  • How successful are the results?
Q&A's 3

When is the BEST AGE to take a life cast?

There are no age restrictions for life casting.  Find out more here…

  • Is my baby too young?
  • Have I left it too late?
  • Can you cast adults?

How much will it cost?

Would you like to download a copy of my PRICE LIST? See at a glance all the choices and options available.

  • What will it cost?
  • How are payments split to make it more affordable?
  • Do you take Credit Cards?
mistakes front cover

Life Casting Mistakes – Top 10 tips to avoid heartache (financial & emotional)

In my blog I am giving you the information you need to know, about life casting. My aim is to help you avoid making financial mistakes that could lead to heartbreaking consequences.

You will learn –

  • The questions to ask
  • The answers you need
  • The skills to recognise & avoid potential problems

Price & Value – What is right for you?

In this article, I have talked about the differences that I think are important when making a decision, in relation to Price v’s Value.

You will learn –

  • Difference between Price & Value
  • How to SAVE MONEY 
  • Making the right decisions for you
jewellery Prices

Handmade Jewellery – What should you consider?

Deciding to have personalised, bespoke jewellery made uniquely for you is exciting! Capturing your impressive memories in a piece of jewellery is even better if you understand a little bit about what you are creating.

Does it matter? 

  • How old the child/person is who’s prints you’d like to capture
  • The methods & processes used to create your jewellery
  • Long-term effects of cutting corners (and costs)

Miniaturised Silver Casts of YOUR child!

These are entirely handmade by me, miniaturised silver charms of YOUR child’s hands & feet…how awesome is that???  Only a very small number of companies are able to make these in the UK (I think I may be the only artist in Scotland who can make these)…but my ‘Tiny Treasures’ are certainly one of my most IMPRESSIVE creations.

I NEED these! 

  • A truly LUXURIOUS item
  • How can I afford these? 
  • Why are they so much more affordable than other makers?
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