Customer Reviews of Memorial Jewellery

Memorial Jewellery: Customer Reviews

I asked a selection of customers to share their memorial jewellery experience.
  • What did you hope memorial jewellery would bring you?
  • Has your jewellery fulfilled this for you?
  • Would they recommend memorial jewellery to others?
Here’s what they said…
Made in memory of Pamela’s Mum…

“I wanted something personal of my mum I could wear and it holds a very precious print. It brings me comfort knowing I have a little piece of mum with me always”

“I always, very tactfully, recommend this when I hear someone has passed away. Jen has a lovely kind nature and she was so nice that I always recommend her”

“The full process was very easy. It was dealt with very professionally but Jen showed compassion and understanding”


Made in memory of Louise’s Nanny (also my mum)…

How does your jewellery make you feel?

“Safe, grounded, weirdly happy.”

Would you recommend memorial jewellery? What advice would you offer someone in the same situation that you were?

“Do it, you never know when you need some reassurance, or during a panic attack if you feel you need them, they can be there in a way.”

“I wear mine every day without fail, and I can’t imagine not wearing it now. It keeps me sane a lot of days and it helps more than I thought a little locket ever could ❤️”


Made in memory of Hollie…

What did you hope memorial jewellery would bring you?

“Just what it says .. memories. I feel very happy to remember my pet each time I see it

What advice would you offer someone in the same situation that you were?

“I definitely recommend. My advice… ask Jen !!!”


Made in memory of my Mum, for my sister…

How does your jewellery make you feel?

“Happy and closer to Mum”

Would you recommend memorial jewellery? What advice would you offer someone in the same situation that you were?

“To definitely have jewellery made. The comfort it brings is amazing.”


hand writing signature in silver
Made in memory of Miquela’s Dad…

“There are no words to describe how my jewellery makes me feel, all I know is when I feel down or lost I hold onto it knowing that it’s a part of my Dad. I’d say it gives me a lot of comfort on the days I struggle without him to be able to see his own handwriting with the words ‘lots of love dad’ knowing how much he did love me makes me smile xx”

“I’d definitely recommend memorial jewellery. I’d say go for it you will be surprised how much comfort one small bit jewellery can help with the grieving process of losing a loved one. And to know you can carry them with you where ever you go in life while you’re making new impressive memories they will be with you always x”

“I’d like to thank Jen for her amazing work. Without her I wouldn’t have a part of my dad with me each day I’ll be forever grateful for what you have managed to do for me thank you soooo much xx”


Made in memory of Michelle’s sister…

“I wanted to bring a lost loved one near, From start to completion, everything went fine Jen is absolutely lovely which helps”

What advice would you offer someone in the same situation that you were?

“Just go and get it done”


Which memorial jewellery is most popular?

This graph shows that fingerprint jewellery is still by far the most popular choice, followed by making jewellery to remember our pets…

Which would you choose?

Made in memory of Lara…
“I wasn’t aware that memorial jewellery for pets was a possibility until I found impressive memories.”

“I had hoped that my memorial jewellery would bring me comfort and a lasting memory of my girl. Having my memorial jewellery has brought me the comfort that I had hoped for. I now have a tangible lasting memory of my girl that I can keep forever.

“Yes, I would recommend getting memorial jewellery. I only wish that I had found out about this service before my other girl passed away. This is by far one of the best things that you could ever do to preserve your pet’s memory. I love being able to hold and touch my girl’s nose. I am now left with a beautiful lasting memory.”


Made in memory of James…

“I feel as if part of him is still with me. I would highly recommend memorial jewellery and always ask the funeral director if they have a leaflet for the service. Jen gave our funeral director leaflets just a few days before we asked.”

“I think Jen showed so much compassion and passion for her work. I felt I was with a friend, not just someone who makes jewellery. We shared tears and laughter the day I collected our pendants. As difficult as it was at the time I’m truly grateful to Jen, I spend so much time feeling my son’s actual fingerprint that I’m surprised it hasn’t worn off. It’s still as good as new though. Thanks Jen x”


memorial miniprint silver jewellery
Made in memory of Danielle’s brother’s baby, born sleeping…
“A precious keepsake – I would recommend memorial jewellery as it is a way of remembering someone and being able to carry them with you, something to always look upon”
dog memorial engraved jewellery
Made in memory of Zeus…

How does your jewellery make you feel?

“DO IT, but do it when the time is not of the essence so you have time to think about what you would like and time to make them happen too.”

“The two purchases so far have made the grieving process easier for sure. I’m fairly certain he has no clue, as I do believe once we die we are dead, but it gives me such comfort to know parts of him are still near and not only is he in my thoughts but I can ‘prove’ my enduring love by the items I own/wear. Never forgotten. Always in my head & heart.”


cancer ribbon with fingerprints
Made in memory of Jak…

How does your jewellery make you feel?

“Close to my son and daughter”

Would you recommend memorial jewellery? What advice would you offer someone in the same situation that you were?

“Yes and definitely go for it”

“Jen, you are very special to us I love my Fingerprint necklaces and charms thanku xxx”


Made in memory of Vicky’s Mum…

“It makes me feel bittersweet, it’s so personal and I feel like she’s always with me, yet I’ll never see her again. This necklace is so very precious to me and always will be”

“I absolutely would recommend memorial jewellery, it’s a unique piece of jewellery and so personal to the wearer, it’s a constant part of a lost loved one that can be taken everywhere easily and discreetly if so wanted. Many people have commented on mine and I feel privileged to have something so special”

“At such a difficult time it’s easy to get lost in all the grief and emotion, you can hear what people around you are saying but it gives you no comfort. In a heartbeat, your world has been turned upside down. I always knew I wanted something to make me feel close to my mum when she died. Jen’s work was highly recommended to me by the funeral director – and for good cause. The craftsmanship is excellent. But for me, it’s more than that. Jen took the time to find out what I wanted, was patient and caring when she took my mums fingerprints. She listened and advised, not just on the jewellery, but also what I was going through, having recently been through the same experience of losing her mum suddenly. I truly am grateful for my necklace but also to have found someone so caring like Jen has been an added bonus”


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