Have you bought Impressive keepsake jewellery?

Can you help?

Have you ordered keepsake jewellery from me? Possibly a fingerprint charm or a miniprint necklace? Could I borrow you for five minutes?

Feedback Form

Asking for feedback is important but it can also feel a little bit scary. The purpose of it, for me, is to listen. I am constantly improving and changing how I run my business…or at least I’m trying to! But unless I ask the right questions to the right people…HOW CAN I IMPROVE? This is where you can help…

I’m a big fan of Peter Kay. Have you seen his sketch about being out for a meal in a restaurant and thinking the food is below average? I bet we’ve all experienced that –  sadly. But when the waiter asks “Is everything OK?” everyone smiles politely and says it’s great…Why do we do that? You can enjoy the clip below…

When I ask for feedback it certainly isn’t for flattery. I genuinely need to know what customers are thinking and feeling.

  • What could I improve?
  • How can I make it easier & more customer friendly?
  • What could be better?
  • Who are my customers?

It’s important for me to know more about my customers. If you’re able to help I’d be really grateful – I might even say it’d be IMPRESSIVE…

You can complete the feedback form HERE…

Don’t worry about spelling or punctuation (I’m not a teacher anymore (phew), this isn’t a test!!) I know you’re busy…most of it is ticky boxes…and no questions are compulsory to answer…I will be extremely grateful for any help you can give.

So, put your feet up…make a coffee…relax…yeah right, like that will happen!! Realistically? Juggle your phone in one hand…type one handed whilst opening a packet of crisps between your teeth and picking up lego with your toes. Remember the dishwasher needs to be emptied, tomorrow is gym day and the dog needs to be at the vet’s before tea…you have organised tea…haven’t you?

5 minutes…Honestly…CLICK THIS…

Have you bought Impressive keepsake jewellery? 1

3 thoughts on “Have you bought Impressive keepsake jewellery?

  • January 8, 2018 at 10:20 pm

    Beautiful castings perfection at its best . Can truly vouch for the quality of this lady’s work . First class work thank you

  • January 8, 2018 at 10:21 pm

    Best quality work we have seen and purchased in these cast8ngs perfection at its best x


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