Impressive Pets, Paws and Pooches

Pampered Pets, Paws and Pooches

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With an estimated 60 million pets in the UK, most households share their day to day living with a furry friend. Dogs are still top favourite…

Some of my earliest and happiest memories involve the pets I grew up with. I couldn’t imagine life without them – I am definitely a fan of dogs – if you are too, then read on!

For me, dogs are a huge part of day to day life and they have been a big part of my most Impressive Memories over the years.  I would encourage all pet owners to consider capturing a memory of their pet.  I am happy to help explain what can and can’t be done with your four-legged friend.

I think it is also very important when you choose someone to work with your pet that they are relaxed and happy to be around dogs and that they have enough experience to keep your pet safe, relaxed and enjoying the whole experience too!

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Raffles – 1979 I was just 5 when we got Raffies, he was a Yorkshire Terrier

Ziggy – 1992 West Highland Terrier

Eilidh – 1997 West Highland Terrier

Arthur – 2009  Arthur is our beardie – with his one blue eye and one brown, he is quite a character.

Farrah – 2014  I decided I wanted a cockapoo!!  Farrah is a lively little lady who drives us mad with her nonsense!

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3D Paw Casting

I absolutely LOVE casting paws.  The detail in them is so amazing and paws are so unique…just like our hands are…so combining the two is such a fab memory to capture.

I have cast enormous Rottweiler paws, down to tiny little terrier paws…each paw I’ve cast has had its own story to tell. Some happy, some sad but all impressive.  The bond between a dog and their owner is so special and seeing the dogs trust their owner, and me, letting me dip them in sticky gloop is magical.

Impressive Tales, about Impressive Tails...

Digit was a very impressive Rottweiler.  I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t petrified when he arrived! He was a very VERY large dog who had been through a lot of treatment and had every right to not trust me…but he was an absolute gentleman. (He did terrify me by growling in my left ear as my jugular was within eating distance, but of course he didn’t…he much preferred his tub of fresh strawberries! No sausages for this beautiful boy).

We knew when casting him that his time left was shortened, but nobody realised that by the time his cast was finished and competed (approx. 5-6 weeks) he would no longer be with us.  It made the cast even more impressive for his owners who were very glad to have captured and held onto a memory of Digit.

Guide dogs are truly impressive and I was genuinely in awe of the bond this chap had with his long serving owner.  Man and dog relied on each other.  They communicated in their own language and in their own way.  It was a heart breaking situation as both man and dog now needed different levels of care which meant staying together was just no longer possible.

Thier friend arranged for me to cast the loyal duo.

Nothing was going to stop the pain of separating them, but having a tactile memory of his best friend, we hoped may bring comfort and reminders of happy times. This guide dog deserved a long and happy retirement by the sea…which is what he got.

Not all castings are sad occasions.  Most are done for fabulous four legged furballs who are just as much part of the family as the human ones are.  Do you know a dog owner who might like to have a cast created?


Can all breeds of dog be cast?

Yes, and no. Some are much more suitable than others but potentially all can have a cast taken. It’s the final end result that is important and that is why I prefer to have a chat to owners first to explain some of the problems which might make your dog more or less suitable to have a paw cast taken.

Is it only for dogs?

No, I have cast cats too, again…best to get in touch if this is something you’d like to do.

My pet has passed away, am I too late?

I am able to help after your pet has passed away, but timing is absolutely essential. Every minute that passes makes it less likely to be achievable so please, I know it is a horrendously difficult time, but if this is something you’d be interested in – contact me.

Do I need to travel to you with my dog?

Yes, I need to meet your dog in ‘person’ to create a 3D life cast. I live beside a reservoir and woodland area which is a fantastic walkies for after your work of art is created. I can sometimes arrange a home visit. Again, just ask.

What other Impressive Memories can I have made?

2D Imprints & Outprints

I offer a range of 2D paw imprints and outprints. These are perfect for dogs that are less suited to 3D casting.  They are quick, fairly mess free and still give lots of in depth detail.  You can create plaques, framed pieces, hanging decorations, Christmas decorations…all sorts.

Ceramic Painting

Yes, I mean ceramic painting for dogs…why not? Have you seen the mess a toddler makes with a paintbrush? Well trust me…dogs can be just as creative!!!  Proud parents love to see their child’s hand prints painted on mugs…why shouldn’t we celebrate those paw prints too?


One of my absolute faves…solid pure silver dog nose, but not just any dogs nose…YOUR dogs nose.  Those noses are as unique as our fingerprints.  On a necklace it can look stunningly abstract and certainly a talking point.

Paw prints can be shrunk onto charms just as hands and feet prints can.

Distance is no problem for all jewellery items. All pieces can be bought online and created by posting a kit to capture the details that I need to make your impressive memories.

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Thanks for reading and taking a ‘paws’ out of you busy day.  If I can ‘lead’ you to any more information, just ‘howl’ and I will em’bark’ on helping you.

Is it time to go walkies now?

Have an Impressive Day, Jen x

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