Medium Golden INK Hand or Footprint Charm


Do you love the idea of handmade jewellery capturing the hand and footprints of your children & loved ones but you prefer to wear GOLD rather than silver? Would you like to capture, create and wear a GOLDEN MOMENT CHARM without spending £££ on hallmarked gold?


Detail on Reverse

Would you like a word or date on the reverse?

Do you already have the ink prints?

Please upload the ink prints you already have here or email them to [email protected]

(max file size 128 MB)



Do you love the idea of handmade jewellery capturing the hand and foot prints of your children & loved ones? Do you prefer to wear GOLD rather than silver? Would you like to capture, create and wear a GOLDEN MOMENT CHARM for the same price as silver?  

  • This jewellery is NOT plated
  • It is NOT rolled or filled
  • It is NOT going to wear off.
  • This is a solid metal with a beautiful golden finish – Want to know more? keep reading…

I have made silver miniprint jewellery for many years now and have often been asked if gold is available – and it is, but the price tag is high. If you have £500 to spare on a solid gold charm, then I am happy to create your piece in hallmarked gold. If, on the other hand, you would rather invest just over £70 to own a beautiful handmade charm that has the luxurious appearance of gold then GOLDEN MOMENTS are for you!

  • Golden Moments range is NOT a precious metal
  • Golden Moments cannot be Hallmarked.
  • They are a solid golden metal which cannot wear off
  • All metals will tarnish – this will too – but a cleaning cloth and a gentle wipe will bring it back to its shining glory.  I’ll give you a free cleaning cloth too!
  • It is a very robust and strong metal – it will not scratch or damage easily.
  • Paw prints also available – miniaturised imprints of your best friends paw.

The link or loop is how you attach your charm to a necklace or bracelet. Yours will have a Soldered 9ct gold link (The link will not be hallmarked due to its weight but I can guarantee it is 9ct gold)

All orders will come with a FREE polishing cloth!  How Impressive!!

If ordering and creating via online postal option, choose the ALL-INCLUSIVE ‘GOLD’ JEWELLERY POSTAL PACKAGE.

If you already have the ink prints of the hands and feet please upload the images or email them to [email protected]

If you’re local to me you’re welcome to book an appointment and I can take the prints for you.

Also available as a memorial piece – please ask about this service.

Our hand & footprints are as unique as we are.  Imagine being able to wear YOUR child’s prints as a piece of beautiful jewellery?  Made uniquely by hand, personalised to YOUR design. Perhaps you’d choose to capture a parent, a loved one, someone who means everything to you & you want to keep them close to you forever.

Wearing it wherever you go, showing the world how precious this person is to you.  It makes a bespoke keepsake while capturing a unique memory of those impressive people in your life.  Capture YOUR Impressive Memory today.

  • Why not treat yourself?
  • Returning to work and missing your little one? Take a little piece of them with you, wherever you go!
  • Celebrate a milestone?  A birth? A wedding? An anniversary?
  • Wear it close to your heart to remind you how precious they are.
  • Create as a gift for a doting grandparent?
  • Hint Heavily to Husbands!!!  Point them in the right direction…
  • Perfect from birth to 100 years +…mess free – easy & fun to do.

    Medium charms – ideal for necklaces.  Measuring approx 24mm depending on the shape. It can have two prints on the front. The back can be stamped or hand engraved with a name or word (max 6 digits).



    Let me know…ask here


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