Mini Print Heart Sonata


Your Silver Mini Print Heart Sonata can capture the three most important people (or paws) in your life.


3 Names For Reverse

Add the names of who the fingerprints belong to, or choose a three word message for the reverse.


Mini Print Heart Sonata

For a mum of three, the mini print Heart Sonata is an Impressive choice.

Did you know? A sonata is used to describe a piece of music, with three sections.

Are you a mum of three? Do you have three unique children who together create your family?

Triple handprint silver charm

Your Fingerprint Heart Sonata can capture the three most important people in your life.

Our hand prints are as unique as we are.  Imagine being able to wear YOUR children’s hand prints as a piece of beautiful jewellery?  Made uniquely by hand, personalised to YOUR design. Doesn’t have to be your children…I can shrink an adult hand print too…or paw print…it’s your charm, you can choose.

Wearing it wherever you go, showing the world how precious these people are to you.  It makes a bespoke keepsake while capturing a unique memory of those impressive people in your life.  Capture a unique memory today.


  • Why not treat yourself?
  • Returning to work and missing your little ones? Take a little piece of them with you, wherever you go!
  • Celebrate a milestone?  A Wedding? An anniversary?
  • Wear it close to your heart to remind you how precious they are.
  • Create as a gift for a doting grandparent?
  • Hint Heavily to Husbands!!!  Point them in the right direction…
  • Perfect from birth to 100 years +…mess free – easy & fun to do.

All Impressive Memories Charms are made from sterling silver.  All charms are completed with a fully soldered jump ring made from sterling silver.

When you place an order online I will post a mini print kit to you to capture the prints.

Alternatively, you are welcome to book an appointment with me and I will take the prints for you at my studio.

Additional information

Hand engraved names on reverse?

Yes please, No thank you


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