4 Reasons Not to Buy My Keepsake Jewellery

4 Reasons You Might NOT Buy Jewellery from Impressive Memories

Sounds a bit odd doesn’t it? Usually, a business would try to convince you that you simply HAD to buy their product…bombard you with adverts and reasons why you should BUY NOW…

And here’s me telling you 4 reasons why NOT to buy from me…

Have I gone completely nuts?

But what if you maybe shouldn’t buy keepsake jewellery from Impressive Memories?
Zig Ziglar said “Every sale has five basic obstacles
  1. No Need
  2. No Money
  3. No Hurry
  4. No Desire
  5. No Trust

Why might I not be the best fit for you?

#1 “I don’t need what you’re selling”

The jewellery I make is created for you with YOUR memory, YOUR moment in time. It captures an emotion and has way more sentimental value than monetary. The necklace I make a mum with her baby daughter’s handprint will be priceless and precious to her.

There won’t be a designer label there…If you like things with labels then my jewellery is not for you.

Maybe you need an instant purchase? I can’t do that either… I don’t have duplicate stock in lots of different shapes and sizes, and I do need time to make your piece. All my jewellery is made by hand and only made by me…I’m not Elizabeth Duke!

#2 “I can’t afford it”

There are cheaper alternatives out there. You could jump on eBay and look for something which looks quite similar – on the surface – and it will cost less…initially.

I don’t sell cheaper items because I value the item I am making for you, just as much as you do. I want your jewellery to last and I want it to bring years of memories.

Could I make my jewellery cheaper?

  • I could not have invested in a kiln – just given it a quick blast on the gas stove or a blow torch. Yup, you could make a charm that way…plenty of sellers do this (and plenty buyers don’t know this).
  • I could make you a tiny charm with much less silver.
  • I could not solder the jump ring that will hold your jewellery to your necklace. Chances are it would fall off in no time at all, and be lost forever…
  • I didn’t need to buy machinery to polish and harden your piece before you took it home, but because I did – your piece will be significantly stronger for it too.
If you’re looking for the cheapest option, not the best value option – I’m not the person to make jewellery for you.

Is there a better solution?

There are ways to make everything more affordable and jewellery is no exception.

Gift Vouchers

If you would like jewellery made but just don’t have the budget for it right now…there are alternative ways to manage this. Maybe you have a birthday soon and friends and family might like to buy you a gift voucher to put towards buying something you’d REALLY like. 

Only buy the kit just now, not the jewellery

If you would like to invest in capturing your memory but you just cannot justify the expense…right now…you could just buy the kit (for fingerprints). You can capture the moment or the memory now and keep it safe for as long as you want to. When the time is right for you, you have the memories and you can have your jewellery created.

#3 “I’m not ready to make that decision right now”

Zig Ziglar calls this is the stage that you have no hurry or desire to buy – right now.

Buying jewellery isn’t a top priority – I get it!

We’re all so busy. If you’re like me you probably know it is something you’d love to do, but day-to-day ‘stuff’ gets in the way!!

Maybe these moments don’t feel too precious right now. When you have a newborn baby you’re so enthralled to sit and watch your new little miracle that you forget this moment passes in a flash. But it’s too late once the moment has gone. Milestone after milestone your child grows and changes…will you remember just how tiny those hands and feet were in years to come?

People are not in our lives forever.

Whether we choose to forget this or don’t want to accept it…none of us are here forever and what if the day comes and you regret not holding onto a fingerprint of a loved one?

Maybe it’s too painful or emotional to face some situations? I get that…it can be very tough.

Maybe you’re worried about lifting the phone and trying to ask for help on how to capture a memory?

“What if I cry?” Chances are I will cry with you!! I always have a big box of tissues to hand…you’d be amazed how many tears I see on a daily basis. (Just to confirm…you can cry and be happy too!! I don’t just have miserable customers!!! Promise)

But if it’s easier you’re welcome to talk to me by email, or text or on social…go for it!  All the jewellery I make can be ordered online, distance is not an issue (even outwith the UK)…if you don’t fancy being here face-to-face, its no problem at all. I am more than happy to arrange everything by post.

If it doesn’t feel emotionally right for you to do this, if you’re ok letting these moments fade to memories, then you probably shouldn’t be ordering from Impressive Memories.

4.“I don’t trust you…yet”

That’s understandable – why should you? Why should you trust me with your money or your memories? Well, here are 8 things I’ve done to try and help.

  1. I’ve been in business since January 2011, and plan to be around for many more.
  2. I have about 40 five star reviews on Google added in 2018. I also have a one-star review from someone who’s never set foot in my business or had any contact with my business, but he felt the need to be nasty…hmmm I wonder why? Ah well…the others are genuine.
  3. In 2016 I was voted by my customers as ‘Fife’s Best Home Based Business’ and got through to the national finals with http://www.scotlandsbusinessawards.co.uk . In 2019 I was a finalist in the Best Memorial Company in the Scottish Funeral Awards too. 
  4. My website is built on a site that I have made as secure as I can. In the address bar, you’ll see an https address with a little green padlock – The ‘S’ at the end of HTTPS stands for ‘Secure’. It means all communications between your browser and my website are encrypted (that means your details are safe).
  5. There are a few other things I do with my website to keep it safe and secure…it doesn’t cost a huge amount more…a few hundred pounds invested in MY website each year means that YOU can feel safe making a purchase. I think it’s worth paying it.
  6. I use PayPal to process your web transactions. Most of us know and trust PayPal.
  7. My invoicing is done online through XERO and using STRIPE. Stripe is a similar company to PayPal but not quite so well known (yet).
  8. I accept all major cards for payment, I don’t ask customers to pay using cash – you’re very welcome to use cash, but if you make a card payment you have more security. All purchases on payments cards are recorded, with a paper trail. This safety feature comes in handy when you need to dispute or cease an unauthorised transaction. I would hope you would never need or want to raise a dispute, but should the need arise, you can.
If you still feel there’s a risk, then maybe Impressive Memories isn’t right for you.

Final Thoughts

Not everybody needs what I make and maybe you don’t either. I don’t want every customer to come to me…but I do want the right customers to come to me. When you leave with the item I make you I want you to be 100% happy with it, I want you to love it and tell others that you love it too.

If you think I AM a good fit for you…I’d love to help you further…

What would you like to do now? Come and visit me, buy online or maybe you’d like to have a chat?

Come and visit me…
Buy from my online shop…
Get in Touch…

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