Ceramic Painting & 2D Clay Imprints & Outprints

Did you know that Impressive Memories also offered ceramic painting, 2D Imprints and Outprints?

Come along to Impressive Memories and enjoy a stress-free ceramic & clay experience. We will create beautiful works of art inspired by those little hands, feet, fingerprints (and paws - more about them HERE).

Visiting a busy and hectic ceramic cafe usually means you are left to paint & create alone. Not everyone has the confidence to create by themselves.

At Impressive Memories, I'll guide you throughout. There's less mess, less stress - more fun and an end result to be proud of!


Make a booking to create ceramics and let your creativity flow!

Create a selection of mugs, plates & clocks with your child's hand, feet, and fingerprints.  Choose from a selection of designs or I can create something unique for you.

Personalise it with wording, messages, dates etc.

Once you've left I will glaze and kiln fire your pieces ready for you to collect in a few days.

Ceramic Mugs

Kiln fired ceramic glazed mugs created with your children's hand, foot and fingerprints. From £15.

Ceramic Clocks

Kiln fired ceramic glazed clocks holding onto a moment in time, never to be forgotten. From £25.

Ceramic Plates

Kiln fired ceramic glazed plates capturing memories worth holding on to for a lifetime. From £20.

Clay Imprints

Make a booking to create clay imprints that really make an impression!! Choose from stand-alone clay which you can add wall hangers to, or box framed.

When you arrive all the hard work has been done for you already. The clay will all be prepared and ready to press those little hands and feet into. Personalise your piece with wording, messages, dates, etc. making it as unique as the impressions it captures.

Once you've left, your clay creation needs time to dry slowly, then it has its first kiln fire to transform it from clay to bisque. I will then paint your piece with underglaze, then glaze and kiln fire your pieces again - ready for you to collect in approx 3-4 weeks.


  • One hand or foot (under 9 months) from £25
  • Two hands or feet (under 9 months) from £40
  • Add a clock £10
  • Add a frame from £10

Clay Outprints

Outprints are raised impressions - they protrude out from the stone. These are not kiln fired but made from density stone.

Once you've left, your outprints will be completed ready for you to collect in approx 3-4 weeks. Colour choices are pink, blue, terracotta, or antique silver/bronze.


  • 5-inch square only £45
  • Add a clock £10
  • Add a frame from £10

Are you ready to make a booking?

Take a look at the online booking diary  NOW!

Which memories will YOU capture?

Have you thought about giving a Gift Voucher?

Why not give someone a gift voucher to come along and be creative at Impressive Memories? Let them choose for themselves what they'd like to create and let them touch, hold and remember their Impressive Memories.

With price starting at just £15 this makes an Impressive gift that won't cost the earth, but will give a long lasting and treasured memory.

The perfect gift idea for new parents. A gift that will last a lifetime - instead of an outfit that lasts 3 weeks!!

Head to the online shop Choose from the different financial amounts and add one or more to your basket, then checkout. Your voucher will be for the full amount and will have an online booking code to make your booking via the online booking page.

You can choose to have your gift voucher posted to you or I can send it directly to the lucky recipient.

gift voucher

Hope you're having an Impressive Day, if you have any questions please comment bellow or get in touch at [email protected]

Best Wishes

Jen x

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