Cremation Ashes Bead Charm


Hold on to precious cremation ashes to treasure for a lifetime. These handmade sterling silver beads are a beautiful addition to wear on your bracelet. Alongside the cremation ashes, you can add more ashes, or a lock of hair or maybe you’d prefer a fingerprint or hand/footprint of a loved one too?

Making this jewellery as unique as the Impressive Memories held within your charm.


Side 1 *

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Stamped Letters

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Cremation Ashes Bead Charm 1

Cremation Ashes Bead Charm 2

Example of a circular style bead charm


Hold onto precious cremation ashes and wear them close to you on your bracelet, for a lifetime. These handmade sterling silver beads can be heart shaped or circular. Choose a colour to enhance your piece and make it as unique as the person it is made for.

You can have cremation ashes on both sides of your charm, or on just one. Alternatives for the reverse can be a hand engraved name or up to 3 initials stamped. Could also have a fingerprint (from impression putty or an ink print), a lock of hair, or miniaturised hand or foot print too! How Impressive!

This hand made bead is created in sterling silver. Due to the encapsulation of hair it is not suitable to allow this charm to become wet.


Drop me a message or call me on 07837 800353 if you have any questions, happy to help x



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