Fingerprint Cufflinks (Putty Prints)


If you have more than one putty fingerprint you can choose to have a different print on each cufflink.

Cufflink 1 – Engraving on Back

Choose up to four letters/initials on the reverse.

Cufflink 2 – Engraving on Back

Choose up to four letters/initials on the reverse.


Cufflinks are a stylish finishing touch for Impressive Dads, Uncles, Godfathers and Grandads.  

Impressive Memories cuff links are a chance for the most Impressive men to shine out above the rest.  Imagine being able to wear your loved one’s fingerprint?

  • They can tell a story, mark a moment, remember a memory.
  • Will yours tell the world of your greatest achievement – becoming a Dad – and wearing your child’s prints on your cufflinks?
  • Are you celebrating an event where a loved one cannot be with you but could be proudly worn to honour their memory?

YOU can design these to show exactly what you want them to capture. Made uniquely by hand, personalised to YOUR design. 

Wearing these with pride, showing the world how proud you are.  It makes a bespoke keepsake, while capturing a unique memory of those impressive people in your life.  Capture a unique memory today.

  • Why not treat yourself or someone special?
  • Wanting to make a great impression at work?
  • Celebrate a milestone?  A Wedding? An anniversary?
  • Create them with the fingerprints of a precious loved one.
  • Create as a gift for a doting grandparent?

Fingerprints can be taken from approximately 12 months to 100 years +…mess free – easy & fun to do. *Babies prints develop at different ages, most have defined prints by 12 months, but it is not guaranteed – we are all unique!

  • Each cufflink measures approx 16-18mm.  

  • Each cufflink can have a different fingerprint.
  • The back can be engraved by hand with a date, name or word (4 digits each) space is limited but I will do my best to achieve the finish that you’d like.
  • If you already have putty prints I can use these to create your cufflinks too.
  • All Impressive Memories Cufflinks are made from sterling silver.  They do not need to be hallmarked as they weigh less than 7.78g but can be if this is something you’d like to add to your order. Just ask.

    Fingerprints are created by using a two-part putty.  These take a detailed imprint of the fingerprint. Your kit will contain a special two-part putty that when mixed together sets within minutes. All instructions are sent with your kit. 

Memories this Impressive need to be remembered!