Gift Voucher


You can add more than one voucher to your basket to make up the total value you’d like to give.

(If you’d prefer your voucher to be for a specific item, rather than a monetary value, I can do that too – just let me know)



Looking for a unique and impressive gift?  A gift voucher is a perfect answer!

When you buy a gift voucher you allow the recipient to chose their own impressive memory to create…whether they’d like 3D casting, bespoke jewellery, ceramics…the choice is theirs.

Add the varying amounts available to one basket to create the total for one single voucher.

Your voucher can be sent to you or directly to the lucky recipient. Choose which you prefer at the checkout using the Billing address (your details) & Shipping address (where you’d like it sent) options.

If you would like to purchase multiple vouchers for different quantities please do this by telephone during office hours to 07837800353.

Your voucher will arrive with a unique code which will allow the recipient to make a booking to visit the studio in person.

If the recipient would prefer to use their voucher in the online shop, they are welcome to do so. The recipient just needs to get in touch by email and I can amend their code to use in the shop, instead of them visiting in person.

  • Vouchers are valid for 12 months from purchase.
  • Vouchers can only be used once for the full value.

Gift Voucher 1

gift voucher