Sterling Silver Fingernail Necklace


Your child or baby’s fingernail impression, captured in sterling silver.

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An alternative idea to a fingerprint charm is to capture a little fingernail print from your baby or child.

Perfect for newborns who’ve not yet developed fingerprints. It’s quick, easy and mess-free to capture a little impression of a tiny fingernail.

A beautiful and Impressive piece of keepsake jewellery, your Fingernail Necklace is created using a putty impression of your baby’s fingernail!

Putty impressions of their perfect little fingernail are then directly pressed into your sterling silver jewellery. This gives a direct imprint of their fingernail – no digital manipulations and machines needed – just jewellery ‘touched’ by those that mean everything to you.

Taking the print couldn’t be easier with a Putty Print Kit sent to you free when you order, or I can use a putty print that you may already have, or maybe I already have your prints stored safely here at the studio.

Putty Kit -What happened when you choose…

  • Yes Please – I will send you a kit with enough putty to take 4 fingerprint impressions.
  • No Thanks – Just a return pack please – I will send you a prepaid return pack with all relevant packaging etc
  • No Thanks – You have these stored – After ordering please email me with your new order number and explain which prints I have on record here for you and how you’d like your jewellery made.


Size of Heart

A small heart will measure approx 18mm at the widest point and can have 6 digits written on the reverse.

A medium heart will measure approx 22mm at the widest point and can have 9 digits written on the reverse.

A large heart will measure 26mm at the widest point and can have 12 digits written on the reverse.


The front of the charm: The front of the charm will be ‘touched’ with the putty fingernail that you supply us.

The reverse side of the charm: The reverse side can be engraved with a name, date or message.


Necklace Style Choice

Sterling Silver Fingernail Necklace 1

















Material: Sterling Silver
Charm Size: Approx 18mm- 26mm see above
Chain: 16-24″ Choice of chain styles
Packaging: Luxury Impressive Memories Jewellery Gift Box and voile bag


All charms are completed with a fully soldered jump ring made from sterling silver.

Fingerprints are created by using a two part putty.  These take a detailed imprint of the fingerprint. Your kit will contain a special two part putty that when mixed together sets within minutes. All instructions are sent with your kit and there is enough putty to make 3 or 4 impressions.

Memories this Impressive need to be remembered!


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